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  1. So I started off 2015 wonderfully. Recently engaged to the woman that me and my kids absolutely love, making positive life changes and actually sticking with them even with life trying to pry its way in. Then things just got chaotic. Increased problems with my ex, family court(it's already been several years into the struggle for what is best for my children), work, the end of the year's first challenge..... A lot of things going on at once. It became too much to kep up with everything, including my new lifestyle. I wanted so badly to keep going, but time was limited(or what I thought then w
  2. Hey there guys, I know I haven't gotten involved this challenge like i was psyched to do, but I've had some family issues come up that i've been dealing with. I'll certainly try to pop in from time to time and try to keep with the same goals I was working on last challenge just to keep some kind of momentum going. I'm rooting for everybody in their challenges! Good luck all!
  3. I thought week 3 and 4 were struggles in keeping motivated..... week 5 has proved to be tougher still!
  4. Week 5!!! (Almost there) Day 29: Monday Back to work after a 3 day weekend! Ick! Breakfast - Yogurt Lunch - Canned vegetable soup Dinner - Ground Turkey taco meat and cheese Had the kids tonight for cub scouts. I didnt get to do much with them as I got home from work late. No workout or rolls. Day 30: Tuesday Breakfast - Buttered Hard Roll Lunch - Leftover turkey taco meat on corn chips Snacks- Carrot sticks, Habanero BBQ flavored almonds, fresh raspberries Dinner - Skipped Had the kids tonight. They had some homework to do. their 100th day of school is tomorrow and they needed t
  5. Shadoric

    L1 Juice Bar

    While I was a week late to the challenge and I will be finishing up just as the next one starts, I think the idea of a one week challenge like Ruric and Companion said. It was hard enough to get momentum and keep going in the first 6 weeks, to take a week "off" and start again after just seems silly! I would still totally go for a challenge that week on top of my last week! Who else is up for something like that? I think a week to do 100 burpees is too small. Maybe 1000. Or 500 pushups and situps each. What say you all?
  6. I've been sick and offline for a few days, but here's something to drive home that motivational spirit for this week!
  7. Shadoric

    Campus Tours

    was from the beginning all about the assassins. Their ideals are exactly why I decided to start my quest to level up my life. I wanted what they embodied, and I figured if others can do it, so can I! But, after my first challenge, of which I still have 2 weeks to finish because I was a week late, I am reevaluating myself and my next 6WC position. I have found it to be very difficult to practice the most necessary parkour move, the roll, due to weather and lack of practice space. The next 6 weeks will take us through March which still has the possibility to have snow and freezing temperatur
  8. Week 6: Choosing your major At the end of this week. this challenge will be coming to an end. If you have started with us before the end of Week 2, then you will have also completed your first challenge (regardless of your outcome) and you then qualify to "graduate" into a guild for the next challenge. What are guilds? Guilds are groups that focus on specific types of exercises/specialities/skills. At the end of this 6WC we will require that you feed into one of the guilds for your next challenge. The awesome thing about the guilds is that you don't have to stay in that guild for the rest of
  9. Shadoric

    Campus Tours

    Now I know I haven't been in this thread much at all, but I've been trying to keep up with reading everyone's posts as much as possible! But here it goes! A favorite recipe!! Linguini and Clams in a White sauce! This was a childhood favorite that my father liked to make. Minor alterations like subbing spaghetti squash for the pasta would work to make it more paleo friendly although I haven't tried it. I started off by adding some olive oil in a pan on the stove and starting to brown up a tablespoon or two of minced garlic. As it starts to get some color, add in either chopped, minced
  10. Onto the next Mini Challenge! Week 5: The Cafeteria You've made it so far, and levelled up and allocated points (or not). So now we're going to sit down and have a meal together. Your quest for this week is to share your favourite recipe for whichever eating plan your following. You can either copy and paste the whole recipe or you can just add a link. If you don't have one yet, why not check out the recipe boards on NF for some ideas. You will earn +1 CON on completion of this task. A favorite recipe!! Linguini and Clams in a White sauce! This was a childhood favorite tha
  11. Week 4: Checking your starting credits Well done, you've made it to the end of week 3, so now you get to level up to Level 1 and you get to allocate 10 stat points to your challenge. We use 6 attributes in NF Real Life Roleplaying:Strength (STR) - physical strengthDexterity (DEX) - agility and speedStamina (STA) - Endurance and EnergyConstitution (CON) - ability to resist damage and disease (also related to diet)Wisdom (WIS) - intuition and sense of things around himself (any learning that you've done is also included)Charisma (CHA) - force of personality and physical attractiveness (sociabl
  12. If the image is from another webpage, you should just be able to copy paste it right from the other page. If it give you troubles about file extentions not being supported, then I believe that you have to upload through the gallery. I'm still new to forums, but that's all I've done so far.
  13. Week 4!! Day 22: Monday No workout this morning. I MUST do my roll practice and BW circuit. Unfortunately I had to come into work early, which means that I leave with everyone else. I'll have to use my break time for BW circuit, but rolls will cause too much ruckus. I will just have to find a way to practice at home tonight! Breakfast - Apple and Greek Yogurt Chicken noodle soup with veggies (sadly store bought ) Dinner - Don't remember Played around with rolls and some BW exercises got done! Got the kids tonight. Played some Xbox 360 with them. WOW What a rest of the week.......
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