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  1. I'm still on my way through F1 but a brief list of skills are as follows: Crow/Crane Handstand Cartwheel Front/Back Scale Forward Backward rolls Many squat variations And a bunch of other stuff I cant remember right now. Well worth it in my opinion.
  2. Right then. My subscription to amazon prime tv is about to run out and rather than re-investing in the many wasted hours of last year I am going to use the time more wisely. The aim of this challenge is to have SIX active days a week. Activities may include: Skill - Kitesurfing - As often as it's windy. Goal- 3 per Week Strength - GMB's Floor 1- When not kitesurfing. - 3 per Week Strength/Skill - Handle Pass Training - As often as possible. - 6 per Week Daily Goals. Fitness/Cardio - 5k Run - 6 per Week Wellbeing - Mobility Wod (12mins) - 6 per Week Diet - No Alcohol - 7 per Week (I don't really want to give this up but beer = cigarettes and I definitely have had enough of smoking) OK, so loads to get on with. I can see myself either succeeding 100% or failing miserably on day two. Only time will tell. Fingers Crossed.
  3. Righty so, super late for this challenge, but better late than never! Here's whats going down. Diet. I still have a beer belly. Fitness. My hips a bit wonky, not feeling 100% My cardio sucks. The Challenge. DIET. 1) No drinking booze in the house. i love to have a beer after work time to cut this out. 2) No sugar in coffee I drink loads of coffee, so cutting this out will help 3) No eating chips at work. I EAT ALL THE CHIPS FITNESS. 4) Rehab or stretch every day. 5) Go for a run once a week. Ok lets do this.
  4. Hi all.So I'm mega late for this challenge but hey better late than never right? OK real quick. Diet. A couple of things are ruining me dreams of having no belly. 1) I drink after work whilst watching TV, not much but it adds up. 2) I constantly pick at the chips at work. 3) I drink tonnes of Milky sugary coffee Wellbeing. I've got a bit of a dodgy hip and some mega tight calf muscles. And my cardio sucks. So challenge. No drinking in the house except if it's a social occasion. No picking at chips at work. No sugar in coffee. Stretch or rehab every day. Run once a week. Oilers do this. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  5. Awesome, great to hear :-) how did you find the hands backward press ups. I can't even do one from the knees. Do you have any easier progressions? Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  6. Hey did you ever end up getting F1? I'm curious to see if anything came of it as I'm about to get involved :-) Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  7. OK so last challenge was a scratch, or rather, I kept working out but didn't really do any of my other goals, so: Here we go challenge three. I have come to believe that there are four pillars to a well rounded person. Physical Mental Health Wealth So i'm going to divvy my challenge up into four sections. Physical. I'm following GMB fitness P1 and Vitamin. Vitamin id a daily movement and mobility course which will keep me busy mon-sun P1 - i'm currently on the skill stage which is about four weeks long, however I find the 3 workouts a week a bit intense so i'm cutting it down to 2, so it will take me exactly 6 weeks to complete. I am also adding in pulling movements in the form of australian pull-ups. My routine will look like this. Mon - Sun: Vitamin Mon + Wed: P1 Fri: Aussie Pull Ups Mental. Lists. Keeping to do lists and actually doing the things on this list. Every day I will make a "today list" from the larger lists of "To Do" and aim to get these things done. Health. Food diary and no alcohol. I'm giving up drinking again, this time for 6 months, but in order to keep morale up i'm telling myself just until the beginning of the next challenge (this will be in the next challenge too ) Keeping a solid food diary, then each monday sitting down and working out how many of each thing I have had in the week, e.g 6 beers, 29 biscuits etc. Then making sure that my numbers for bad things come in lower during the next week. Wealth. I have not figured this one out yet, but will let you know as soon as I do.
  8. Yeah I went for the p1 program. Fingers crossed I get a fair bit stronger.
  9. Hey bud how are your p-bars treating you?
  10. Quick Update. P-Bars. Getting stronger, bit by bit. I've mainly noticed that I can Kite surf for about twice as long which is awesome. All workouts done. Dirty Rice. This is still REALLY HARD, but i'm convinced it's doing good. All workouts done. Waking Up. Ok not going so well, I will keep trying but i'm not going to set my alarm any earlier until I actually get up at 7:15. Gut. Things are massively improved here although still a little unstable. I'm going to try cutting out caffiene this week and see if that has any effect.
  11. P-Bars. Knee Push Up Side to Sides 10/10/10 Assisted Shoulder Stand 10/10/10 Jump Throughs 8/8/8 Assisted Inverted Presses 10/8/8 Swing Sets 10/10/10 Need to work on better form on Assisted Shoulder Stands, and Inverted Presses. Also cant get my feet through backwards on the swing sets which is frustrating, hopefully be better next time. Also aiming for 3 sets of 10 for all exercises next time.
  12. How did you find P1? Are you following the bonus leg module as well?
  13. Legs Today! 3 Rounds of: 5xSquats 5x Lunges (Each Side) 5x Split Squats (Each Side) 5x Chinese Squats 5x Squat Rolls Found it much easier than last time (happy days) will increase this work out to 5 rounds next time.
  14. Thanks! Mini Update: I did my 3rd paralette workout yesterday it was far easier that the first time I tried. I would put the difficulty at 7 rather than 9 for that one.
  15. Yep. Thanks, I find that the cat is good incentive to keep good from, if I stat to wobble it digs its claws in Quick round-up of this week. P-Bars. and Legs. Did 2 p-bar work outs this week. Both extremely hard. I have kept a small journal on how difficult the routines are. At the moment I would rate the exertion at about 9 out of 10. It will be interesting to come back to this number at the end of the challenge and see where I am. 1 legs work out which I also graded at around 7 out of 10. Dirty Rice. I did two dirty rice work outs this week. Both times going for 20 seconds on 20 seconds rest, rinse and repeat through the 8 or so exercises. My arms were definitely feeling it at the end but the second time was definitely easier than the first. So next week i'm aiming for 25on 20 off. Waking up. After a rough start on the first two days I managed to get into the swing of things and was up by 7:30 every day after that (except today which is my rest/lie in day) So will be setting the alarm for 7:15 next week. Gut. On an elimination diet which is basically fish, fruit and veg. Feeling better but not fixed. Will keep going but will encounter some issues next week as it's my birthday and I will be eating my cake and drinking my beer!
  16. Urrgh don't you just hate those idiots who accidentally double post.
  17. hoxton

    [Yuen] XI

    Fair Play! I will get there one day
  18. Thanks I'm doing the dips with my feet on the floor, but my torso lifted as much as possible. Something like this. Please excuse my terrible sketching.
  19. hoxton

    I am Jaex: Witcher

    Congratulations bro, that's a good effort.
  20. Awesome. Subbed and possibly going to get P1 for my next challenge.
  21. hoxton

    [Yuen] XI

    Brutal. I'm just getting over medial epicondylitis in both arms and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, it's been about 8 months so, that fact that yo managed to recover three times in the course of two years is pretty insane!
  22. Yeahh, loving this challenge sounds like a banger. Paralettes One should be awesome, I was looking at it for a challenge but I have a feeling it may take me more than six weeks to complete! Anyway can't wait to see your porgress.
  23. Concentrated on legs today. 3 Rounds of: 5xSquats 5xForward Lunge (Both Sides) 5xSplit squats 5xChinese squats (Both Sides) 5xRolling Two Leg Squat Rest 60sec after each round. The rolling two leg squats were HARD also I have a severe lack of mobility, trying to get full room on the normal squat was difficult. Yah my first workout on the P-Bars was NOT easy
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