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  1. Feeling good today! I managed to get into bridge again, took a photo. It felt like my head was much further away from the floor than this! also managed to hold the Advanced Hollow Body form for over 60 seconds! which means it's time to start adding in the Arch Hold
  2. Hhaha, that's what I keep telling myself. ** whilst suffering crippling two day hangover ** "This is the Last tome I ever drink" Two days later, "hmm I quite fancy a pint" anyhoo how are you all getting on? i've managed to stay off during the week but tonight will be the real test!
  3. Good luck with the trigger point work. Im doing a similar kind of thing telly time is trigger time.
  4. Ohh Cool, I will definitely check that out, thanks.
  5. I love all sorts. Went to see a psychedelia prog band the other day. Was awesome, got very drunk after. The hangover was not so awesome.
  6. Got into full bridge today, only managed to hold it for a second before lowering slowly out of it. Still working on the advanced hollow body form which is a killer, held for 58 seconds. Just 2 shy of the mark! Next time...
  7. Just had a trip to the physio, good news, tedonitis is getting better. Better news, I got the green light to start strength training! (in moderation) F$%K Yeah. In light of this I will be adding Aussie Pull-ups, Resistance band pull downs, Push Ups and Resistance band pull ups to my training. My aim for this is to do 1 more rep each time. I'll get some starting reps up next week.
  8. I'll join! I'm the same way, it's not exactly in my goals but definately something I have been struggling with. My habits include drinking beer after work. Drinking beer at gigs and drinking beer when 'm thirsty So i'm definately up for cutting it out all together for six weeks and see how I go.
  9. Woot, finished "Self Myofascial Release" Turns out it was only 48 pages long, one of the wonders of ebooks is that they don't have a thickness. It didn't really cover much more than I already knew, offering only the brief dip into triggerpoints. Anyhoo, 1 Point to me. I've ordered a copy of the "Trigger Point Work Book" which is a slightly more hefty tome (300 or so pages) and will probably take me a fair bit longer to conquer. Hopefully there will be some useful information in there. Must have knoledge
  10. Hey so I am starting this six week challenge with a lose my beer belly goal. I'm going on the dukan diet which is essesntially a high protein no booze diet. I know that my weak point will beer, so I know i'm going to need some encouragement. You can find my challenge here Anyone else fancy cutting out the booze for six weeks? Join the team! let us destroy beer bellys together!
  11. Ok today was a Back Yoga Day plus a Hollow Body in final form, held it for 58 seconds, so close! Managed to get pretty comfortably in and out of Camel Pose with my heels flat, which is nice and a serious improvement from last week, looking forward to attempting bridge! I also found that doing this pose: I was a lot tighter on my left side, so I will add this to the end of all my routines in the hope to balance this out. Also, my wrist does not like the constant planking, shifting from down dog to plank, so i'm going to swap down dog to dolphin and and plank to forearm plank.
  12. Hey, nice goals, I struggle with getting up, what helped me was putting my alarm clock down stairs and turning it up loud enough and setting the length of the alarm to infinity. I tried to sleep through it for the first week with no success and by the time I had got down stairs to turn it off I was already wide awake. It took me about two weeks to break the cycle and get up when the alarm went off immediately. My neighbours hate me, but I am now a relatively early riser.
  13. Okay guys this is my Second challenge, my first one being hugely successful in everything except the goals that I set. I learnt that in trying to do everything at once you actually get nothing done. That not having clear and concise goals to aim for you get lost along the way. And that having a day off is important. At the moment I am dealing with some tendonitis in both of my elbows and my left wrist so my strength training is taking a back seat this challenge in the hope that things will be a little better at the end of it. So here go, challenge No:2 Hoxton Does Less Goal 1: Spend 30 minutes training to be awesome. In the mornings I usually spend half an hour thinking about good reasons why I should stay in bed and NOT get into my freezing cold bathroom. This challenge I am going to use this 30mins to Stretch, Strength Train and Massage. My Sub-Goals are: 1)To gain better flexibility in my lower back 3) To gain better flexibility in my hamstrings 4) To get a stronger core 5) Hold a deep squat for time 6) To work out the many knots in my arms, shoulders and upper back. 7) Improve pushing and pulling strength. Here’s How: Flexibility. Last challenge I followed Erin Motz’s 30 Day yoga Challenge in order to find my tight spots. I am going to use her 15 min sessions to work out these tight spots. Most important is the lower back. So the first routine I will follow is: Mon - Random Erin Motz Routine (Decided by a throw of a D30) Tue - Back (Day 8) Wed - Random Thur - Back (Day 8) Fri - Random Sat - Back Sun - Rest After I can get into a full wheel pose without too much difficulty I will switch my attention to my hamstrings. The second routine is: Mon - Random Tue - Hamstrings (Day 16) Wed - Random Thur - Hamstrings (Day 16) Fri - Back (Day 8) Sat - Hamstrings (Day 16) Sun - Rest Strength. After completing my 15mins of yoga I am then going to either practise the Hollow Body Hold or Deep Squats. I will do this on alternating Days. So: Mon - Hollow, Tue - Squat, Wed - Hollow, Thurs - Squat Friday - Hollow, Sat - Squat Test Sunday - Rest For the Hollow Body hold I will aim to hold for a minute, then i will add a fish hold and after that a forearm plank. For the Squats I will do 10 on Tuesday and Thursday and on Saturday I will do as many as I can, aiming for 3 Sets of 50 Goal 2: Lose my beer belly. Abs are made in the kitchen apparently, so i’m going to put this to the test. I’m going to go onto the Dukan Diet and get myself down to the lowest safe BMI I can. I’ve no idea how long this is going to take but I imagine at least 12 weeks. Anyway here is an outline of what I’m going to do. Week 1: Planning Phase. + No Alcohol Do the research, purge my house of any dangerous foods, create a meal plan for the whole week, stock up, record my starting weight and BMI. Week 2: Attack Phase. + No Alcohol This is a Protein Based phase which is pretty gnarly. I will need some resolve and planning to survive this (hence Week 1) Week 3 to Week 6: Cruise Phase + No Alcohol Alternating Protein days and Veggie days, until I reach the BMI i’m looking for, or I can see my abs. My BMI currently is: 24 A healthy BMI is between 18 and 25 for someone of my build and age. Goal 3: Pee More. I have been told that drinking water is good for you, i’m not convinced, but i’m willing to give it a shot. I have downloaded an app which buzzes me and encourages me to drink water, I will follow it’s instructions for this challenge and see if I feel any better for it. Goal 4: TV time is Re-hab time. In order to help my elbows and wrist heal up Im going to do two things. Read books on massage. I have set myself the goal of reading “Self Myofascial Release†it’s basically a manual on getting tight muscles to relax. Massage my arms and do the re-hab movements whilst I watch tv. Hopefully this will help me in my massaging endevours to be a totally relaxed type of guy. Scoring is going to be incredibly simple each thing is worth 1 point. If at the end of this challenge I can: get into a full bridge, 1Point touch my toes, 1Point get into a full squat and hold it for 20 seconds, 1Point hold the follow body1min, 1Point and fish hold 1min, 1Point and plank 1min, 1Point have visible abs, 1Point eliminate dry mouth when waking up, 1Point have eliminated the majority of knots in my upper back, shoulders and arms 1Point have read a book on massage. 1point and eliminated my wrist pain 100,000,000,000 points. Top score is 100,000,000,010 here we go!
  14. Personally I wouldn't bother with Windsurfing, but it's all down to personal taste and depends what you want to do. A great comparison is Skiing and Snowboarding Skiing is easy to learn and almost impossible to perfect - Windsurfing Snowboarding is harder to learn, but once you get the basics advanced moves come quickly. - Kitesurfing
  15. Hey, yeah the hollow is pretty difficult, but it gets easier every time The KItesurfing is a lot of fun, I started about a year and a half ago, the best way to learn is to get some professional lessons, which can be expensive, but, the instructor will save you hours of frustration and probable broken bones! Erin is awesome, im on day 20 at the moment, I started late and had a hiatus when my parents came to visit, i'm really looking forward to using some of her videos again in the next challenge. FYI I just search on youtube for the challenge, I never signed up for anything, so you should have no trouble at all
  16. I went Kitesurfing on Wednesday, this is the highlights/lowlights
  17. Here's a quick update on my hollow body quest.
  18. That is SO awesome, I will put that on my list of things to do while watching TV, thank you.
  19. So i'm splitting my stretching into three catagories. The ability to bend backwards. The Shoulder Disolcate The Bridge/Wheel Pose GMB Shoulder Things Up-Dog The ability to bend forwards. um, im going to try and touch my toes. Splittinesss! The Cossack! Not that, this.... Although that jumping pistol squat at 20 seconds in, I WANT TO DO THAT! Going in my epic quest. Squat and Twistiness! The Windmill Als Twist I need a bit of help here, anyone got any good stretches (some static, some dynamic) that could help me with the last three goals? I would like to have 3/4 stretches for each thing, Thank you.
  20. Does anyone else keep changing/modifying their challenge? The goals that I have now, whilst similar are almost unrecognisable from the start of my challenge! I have absolutley no way of recording my progress week by week as I keep modifying what i'm doing to be more realistic and achievable. Anyhoo forging forward. I have made some decent strength gains but am now going to drop push ups and pull ups from my routine as my elbows are starting to ache, I'm recovering from tendonitis and somehow forgot that I am meant to be re-habbing not pushing myself to my limits. I have figured out some proper flexibility goals. Doing the Erin Motz 30 day yoga challenge really showed up my weak points. I am also adding in some new wrist mobility drills and static strength drills to keep me getting stronger without using pulling or pushing motions. Also I finally got permission to start my KIte Surfing School (F%^K YEAH) on the condition that I become a fully trained life guard, so I am jacking up the swimming sessions to 3 times a week in replacement of the Convict Conditioning strength drills that were causing my elbows issues. On top of that I have found that recording progress for flexibility using numerics is virtually impossible so I'm going for a photo diary. Whew, glad I got that out. I will update all goals etc, tomorrow.
  21. I've started doing these and I have to say my wrists are better for it
  22. Today: Wrist Mobility Drills and Yoga. MUST TOUCH TOES. But if i'm honest it's still a long way off! Day 14 was awesome. Every time I do one of these videos I get annoyed that i'm so in-fexible, then by the end i'm stoked that I got a little closer to my goals. The GMB Routine i'm following.
  23. Today: Convict Conditioning Step 3: Bent Knee Leg Raises (Goal 3x30) S1: 15 S2: 15 S3: 12 Just in case anyone is curious it looks like this: Step 2 - Horizontal Pull-Ups (Goal 3x30) S1: 9 S2: 6 They look like this:
  24. Right just a quick update, my parents came to stay which meant I had absolutey no time to work out and I ended up drinking the wine they brought with them, oh well, time to get back on track. ** Picks himself up, dusts himself off, readies himself for round 2 **
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