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  1. I have a friend pregnant with her 2nd as well (she's due in August, so quite far a long) and she showed suuuuper early! After going through it once the body is more conditioned for it, apparently. I've heard some women just "pop" early (around 9 weeks), and eventually the baby just fills the space up.
  2. I'll be at the color run this year. Talked my dad into it... though we'll be walking it
  3. I think we're all various levels of late to this post I'm 15 weeks. So yay, just past the 1st trimester hurdle! Same as above - wasn't trying but wasn't not trying. And surprise! I was working out about 5 days a week prior to finding out I was pregnant, but quit in the first trimester, due to some spotting when I worked out (had 2 m/c prior, so it was all or nothing for the baby), and I was just plain ol' exhausted/nauseous. I'm currently walking my dog 3 or 4 times a week, about 2 km - don't want to push it with this temperature right now. Also weekends now consist of gardening, so
  4. So far am. Just fatigued like no one's business. Its hard to just get up and go for a walk with the dog. At this point I'm just listening to my body. The plan is that in the 2nd trimester I will get back to exercise and minor weight lifting as my energy returns - but right now, the only marathons I am doing are on netflix.
  5. Today, my boss has perfected pissing me off. Grr rar

  6. K prepare for a kind of depressing, woe is me, slightly TMI, Eeyore post: So my world has drastically changed. On Thursday (after a week of nausea and generally feeling icky) I discovered that I'm pregnant (2-3 weeks on the prego test, which equals 4-5 weeks in the real world [it tests your last ovulation date... don't ask me, these dates still confuse me]). For most this is a super happy thing - for me, I have had 2 miscarriages, my mom had 5 - i tend to view it as happy, but with a giant BUT caveat. So my workouts stopped. My healthy eating mostly stopped. Well fack. I've had my firs
  7. Woo. Last week was (as mentioned above) a great success. Added to it my husband took me to Calgary for the weekend. So we had lots of walking (despite an 8 hour drive, I still got over 16k in steps) and sightseeing! Ate fairly healthy, found an amazing diner that had the best eggs benedict i have ever had! No joke. Those eggs were the highlight of an awesome weekend. And it was Gluten Free! Its so nice being in a large city for that aspect - awesome restaurants, but also way more gluten free meal options. However on the way back home, we stopped in Edmonton to visit my husband's cousins -
  8. Had to share! I am proud of myself (and sore) today.. or rather yesterday. Not only did I add 20 lbs (what a jump!) to my squats, but I doubled the weight for my ab/aductor exercises. It was a noisy workout - with lots of grunting, but I busted em out! Also followed by 45 minutes on the pole - and I now have a short slow mo video of me getting a move I've had a bit of a struggle in letting myself do (it's like a trust fall... but you have to catch yourself!). Yay me! Also I'm just super proud to be on my 4th consecutive week of completing all intended workouts and my classes, and just ext
  9. I noticed last night (cause I've had a week of cramps, no period. thanks body!) that while I was exercising (yesterday was legs n abs, plus I practiced a bit of pole dancing - so thats got core all over it!) that my cramps completely went away... however about an hour after I stopped they came back with a vengeance! Like;
  10. Internet Warriors can really be such a pain. Especially first thing in the AM.

    1. kaelvan


      That's why you crush their spirit

    2. Deirdredawne


      I wanted to, so bad. But there's always the odd one thats too stupid to get anything - and that was the species I was dealing with today. But I tattled and they got banned. so that was fun.

  11. I'm needing this for pole fit classes - as grip strength is HUGE. Found a lot was to try and squeeze a tennis ball for 30 seconds, multiple times a day. And to do the reverse is to grab a hair tie, put it over your fingers & thumb, and try to open your hand - same time and amount as tennis balls. Also, just hang from a pull up bar. You can add a towel around the pole too, that adds some width and apparently uses different hand muscles with the different circumference - or so I've read. I agree with the shopping basket idea too! Never thought of it that way!
  12. I find when I exercise regularly my cramps are less - maybe because those inner muscles are some how working already with my exercises? I don't know. But I'm also more exhausted when I have my period and am exercising. Pre-workout becomes necessary to just get me going, because I could just nap. all. day. long. I do remember reading in a Cosmo mag when I was 13 or so, that working out on your period is more effective. Like you burn 3x more calories or something. Don't know how true it is, but the thought of it gets me to my gym some days.
  13. Way to go! Such an inspiration to read. you are lucky in your in laws!
  14. Got a pole last night! Husband installed. Super excited to be able to practice the moves from Pole fit class now!

    1. ValkyrieGrace


      Awesome, have fun! Hope it's secure!

    2. Deirdredawne


      Yep! We tested it! Occasionally need to tighten the tension as we spin the opposite rotation, but its good! My roomie took a slo-mo video of me! Its hilarious!

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