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  1. Welcome, Jayden. It's good to be pursing goals again, isn't it? What kind of information and advice are you looking for?
  2. I've very interested! Thanks for writing. I appreciate the detail in your post, and I admire your goals and your dedication. I think we could get along famously. I felt very knowledgeable 18 months ago. And I felt hopelessly lost two weeks ago. But as I've been brushing up on my research, a lot of things have been coming back to me. I would be very happy to share what I know and to help educate you in any areas I have more knowledge than you. But there are many schools of thought, and I want to make space for the areas in which your approach may be different than mine. Education is a marvelous thing, but as you said, you've been reading and researching for months now. I'm sure there are areas you could educate me. But overall, I think communication and accountability is the most important thing, even more important than education and exactly aligned goals. On a separate page, I'm in a group with three other people. But the most recent any of them reported in was five days ago... Maybe they gave up, maybe they forgot the online portion, or maybe they're just busy. Are you more interested in joining that group or communicating with me privately one-on-one?
  3. Oh! I almost forgot my progress graphs! Weight loss is proceeding well. The bump in the middle was challenging, but I pushed through it to set a new low. As of this morning, I'm down just over 10 lbs. It looks like six of those pounds are from fat, and four from muscle. Burning any muscle is unfortunate. But I also know there is a margin for error with my scale measuring my body fat. For what it's worth, my chest and my arms feel firmer than when I began. I'm doing okay with the diet, but I'm behind with the exercising. I got a late start, and I took a long weekend off of exercising. I can definitely increase the number of days I do cardio, but I'm worried about doing weights two or three days back-to-back. If I choose to do that, I'll have to avoid working out the same muscles twice. I spent three full days putting together my home office, but it's still not there. Two or three days to go, I think. But I'll finish it before the end of the challenge, certainly. I think I mentioned I got my diet figured out, calories and macros. I have not yet done sufficient research on workout programs. A few of you have helpfully offered me suggestions, and I plan to follow them up. Thanks for everyone commenting and encouraging me! I really appreciate it!
  4. Wow, time for an update. My cheat meal finally happened on Monday. We went out for sushi, and I wet the swab with a pair of cocktails. I left full, but not stuffed as I so enjoy to be. Curiously, my weight stayed the same Tuesday morning, but went up Wednesday morning. It wasn't until Thursday morning that it finally passed below Monday. Enjoyable though the meal was, I'm wondering if cheat meals are a good decision if each sets me back three days. Otherwise, my diet has been super good, staying under calorie, and meeting my macros almost exactly. Getting enough protein is always a challenge, though: So I've been hitting the protein shakes pretty hard. Usually two servings in the morning and two at night. But if my diet gets a little wonky because I'm trying to squeeze in something high fat and high carb, I have to take even more. As for exercising, I've been sort of creating my own program at the gym. Out of laziness to research a real program. But even though I don't have a power cage, I believe in the rationale behind StrongLifts, so I'm lifting heavy for 5 sets of 5 reps. Compound if possible, isolation if not. Weights every other day. I was sore for five days after exercising abs in longer than I can remember. I've largely been ignoring legs for now. I want to do squats and deadlifts for those. I might be able to work out deadlifts robbing the bench of its bar, though. But for now, I'm tempted to skip leg day until they re-do the gym at my apartment complex (3-4 months, they said). I hate cardio. But I do want to burn some extra calories between lifting days, and to help my muscles recover faster. Part of my challenge is 20 minutes 3x a week. I'm just dying on the treadmill compared to what I used to be able to do (not that I was ever great). I'm not sure how much is my current lack of fitness and how much is due to living about a mile further above sea level than I used to. I'm doing my best to push through it. I'll keep working. Gotta keep working. My fiance and have conversations like this more than I want to admit:
  5. It's been awfully quiet around here lately. I trust you three are well? I do hope to read a zealously written report from each of you noting how you've been industriously sticking to your goals.
  6. I inherited Santa's surveillance system when he retired: Congratulations on your veggie progress. That's a mighty goal I haven't been willing to take on.
  7. Group questions! 1) What do you want, and how are you going to get it? 2) What's your nerd-fix? 3) Are you interested in this group's accountability for creative pursuits as well? 4) What makes you feel motivated and energized to change? 5) What's one thing you've already learned since the challenge has begun? Go! - - - - - 1) What do you want, and how are you going to get it? I'm not going to lie, vanity is a big part of it. I want to look attractive. I want to feel I look good in most clothes. I want the confidence I've briefly felt the times of my life I've been closest to this. It'd be super cool to achieve 10% body fat, but that's very optimistic. 15% is more realistic, though even 20% would be a definite change. Also, I suspect a part of my success breaking into my hopeful career will be tied to my appearance. If attractiveness makes me marketable and attractiveness is something I can largely earn, why not? What works for me is eating foods I like, just in smaller portions. I'm a carnivore, I like deserts, I like things salty, and I love most any Asian seasonings. I like the science and facts that go into a macro-tracking diet, so that's what I'm doing. And heavy weights seem to be the exercise I'm least allergic to. I would love to get back to StrongLifts if my gym had a power cage. Supposedly it's being remodeled this year. 2) What's your nerd-fix? Star Wars is my favorite. I know a lot of the movies are a little cheesy or very cheesy, but there's something to it. And the life and vitality outside of the main characters, even outside the timeline of the popular stories, is just fantastic. Lord of the Rings is great. I'm working my way through Game of Thrones and dabble in others. DC over Marvel. I'm a mildly active PC gamer, I absorb audiobooks through osmosis, I love discovering new music, and I'm a sucker for good stereos. And if we're branching wide, I'm a bit of a foodie, a bit of a rum enthusiast, and I enjoy occasionally cooking fancy meals. 3) Are you interested in this group's accountability for creative pursuits as well? I think it's really cool that we have a novelist and a screenwriter in the group. My pursuit is towards music. I'm not sure if my goals could be mapped to NF for accountability, but I'm willing to try if the rest of you guys are interested. 4) What makes you feel motivated and energized to change? The easiest way for me to get through something I don't like (a long drive, a sink full of dirty dishes, a big pile of laundry, a long workout) is to listen to an audiobook. My mind is captured by fiction and the task goes by much quicker. This is a staple for me. Outside of that, a lot of music inspires me, and hearing how people make music is super inspiring to me: it's a great push towards creating more myself. And listening to podcasts or audiobooks on topics like motivation, drive, and time management really seem to spur me onward towards anything. I know this so deeply that I now procrastinate by choosing not to listen to material like this. I'm hoping to change that. Just get stuff done, and tap into what helps me do it. You know? 5) What's one thing you've already learned since the challenge has begun? Yeah, yeah, I adore the feeling I get when I'm eating or drinking some succulent, unwholesome treat. And I actually enjoy that I'm-too-full-to-move feeling after a really big meal. How sick is that? But I learned this weekend that feeling full, feeling satiated, may actually be more important to me. Yesterday, I ate gloriously unhealthy food in small portions and was left wanting. Today, I ate healthier food in larger portions (same calories, more appropriate macros), and I feel happier and more full. This is a really new concept to me, but I'm going to see how it plays out.
  8. LD, Mothma, Kaya: I'm glad to have you guys. We can do this. PM could work, though I might prefer email over that. Gmail makes it super easy to organize chains of replies, and it's handy to be able to see what you wrote that others are responding to. Thoughts? LD, is there a reason you're cutting out gluten? What is the driving motivation behind all of your goals, the reason you're on NerdFitness? Kaya, the comments during running must be tough. A lot of people don't realize that's sexual harassment. Sorry to hear about that. If running, a healthy pursuit, makes you feel good, I wholeheartedly encourage you not to ignore it as a pursuit.. Are there other areas of your life you find yourself self-sabotaging? Mothma, weight loss is a long road. And it can be so discouraging when food has become your solace on bad days. It certainly has been for me. But I know it can be done, and I know there's a lot of momentum involved that will make it easier to maintain than to get there. I'm getting through by making sure I don't feel too limited, too starved, too deprived. Dangerous question: what do you like to drink?
  9. LD, I'm sorry to hear 2016 was filled with so much loss for you. It's incredible how much those things can affect the other aspects of your life, diet and fitness certainly included. I'm glad to see you're making goals, and I'm glad you're interested int he accountability group. Welcome to the fold.
  10. Subscribed!
  11. Subscribed!
  12. General update: This weekend was weird. I tried to have my cheat meal yesterday, and fiance encouraged me to spend it at Panda Express. I love good bad Chinese food, and it's probably what I've been craving most. I went there for lunch and loaded up a two entree platter with a side. But I put aside half of the noodles and rice to have with a later meal. I ended up staying within my calorie goal for the day. And while the orange chicken put me over the top for carbs, it was actually lower calorie than I would have guessed. My macros for the day were off, but not tremendously off. I couldn't call it a success day, but neither was it really a cheat meal. In the evening, I was super hungry. Eating no carbs for the rest of the day left me cranky. I guess eating stuff like that can leave you feeling empty, if you actually eat the recommended amount. Then surely today was going to be my cheat meal! Especially since I was having dinner with some new friends at the restaurant of their choice. But ... I ended up ordering off the low calorie menu and only consumed 660 calories including the beer I had. I was hungry not long after, and I made a beast of a sandwich that fit my calories and macros perfectly. Scarfed it down with several pickles. Did you know pickles are virtually calorie-free? So ... I don't know when I'm going to get my real cheat meal. Maybe tomorrow. But I've been a very good boy all weekend. And, though restaurants catch me in their tractor beams all the time, singing their siren songs, it's actually somewhat comforting to eat at home, knowing I'll feel full from a larger meal that I make myself since I can control what goes into it. And it really makes a difference. P.S. I've been taught to believe in "cheat meals", not "cheat days". A cheat meal can sometimes be accounted for in the same day, sometimes with the following day. But a cheat day tends to encourage one to cram in absolutely everything, undoing a week's work or more. Oh, and fiance says I'm looking a little thinner already. Hooray for only one week into dieting and fitness!
  13. Mothma, Thanks for the message. No worries on choosing not to focus on macros at this time (or ever). Each person's goals are their own. I'm a little bit burned out on fitness and diet reading at the moment. But if things stall out, I'll give those book recommendations a try. I appreciate it. Nope, no exercise today. But tomorrow should find me back in the gym.
  14. Kaya, what keeps you from running more often? Or more consistently? Do you have other fitness goals as well? I like to dream big, then break it down into small, actionable steps. Mothma, glad to have another Star Wars fan in the fold. =] I don't know how much weight you have to lose, but I have a lot to lose. Probably 45 lbs of fat. Overcoming addiction to sweets is not easy. Although I did find this article super helpful: I do try to think like a robot, to say that I'm not allowed to violate my programming. It's just not an option. That can help. Also, I drink sweet calorie-free beverages. I have slowly created a list of diet sodas that taste the least diet-y. Some people say this is still to b avoided, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. And I'm a fan of eating according to my macros. My goal is to eat 1780 calories every day, 40% of which come from protein, 30% come from carbs, and 30% come from fat. This keeps my portion size in check, but it also makes sure I have enough protein to build muscle, enough carbs to enjoy and to perform in workouts, and enough fat to keep my hormones running properly and my mood up. But I'm perfectly fine breaking the rules a bit, as long as it meets my macros. I've been working my way through a Costco box of chocolate chip cookies. And I want to see if I can work in Chinese food today. I'll probably have to have a small portion of Chinese food, and I'll probably have to eat very low fat the rest of the day, but I can do it. I don't know if macro counting is for you, but it's a good way to allow you to eat some of the sweets you like without eating too many. For both of you, if you haven't yet, I recommend building a challenge thread. We're almost a week in to the four week challenge. But better to start focusing now than wait until the next one, right? If you have created a challenge, link to it here, and probably put it in your signature too. If you need help creating a challenge, let me know. The short version of my story is that I went whole hog on dieting and working and out everything NerdFitness two years ago. In four months, I lost 30 lbs, I got stronger, and I learned a whole lot about the process behind these things. But ... I got lazy and stressed and gave up. Here I am again, fatter than ever, determined to do it again. But this time, I'm going to succeed. I look forward to hearing your stories.
  15. Kaya, Mothma, welcome to the club! (Are those good names to call you?) What I'm envisioning, and you can help me sculpt this: - A small group that helps each other build goals - Celebrate successes - Encourage during the hard times - Check in most days (few or many words is up to you) - Know each other by sharing about ourselves - Have fun If you're comfortable, we can do this in an open thread, or keep it behind closed doors with personal messaging. Or emailing, even. What are your preferences?