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  1. Nifty. I always mix up the new rebel and warrior icons since they changed them. SAR is just a sideline...in my day job, I'm a hacker. It's an interesting combo because both involve incident response. They all think I'm Ms. Cool Cucumber at work, though, because it's hard to get a rise out of me when no one's intestines are on the floor.
  2. Didn't get an outside walk yesterday, but I did run errands without the cane. 2,217 total steps.
  3. Well, you didn't expect to conquer everything in just one year, did you? Great job on your successes so far, and here's to adding on a few more!
  4. Hey there, from your friendly volunteer search-and-rescue medic! I'm currently sidelined with a knee injury, but slowly working my way back. If you need a virtual accountability buddy, let me know. I'm taking it slow right now so I don't aggravate the aforementioned injury, but that's probably good as my usual pace is a bit madcap for beginners. I see that you're a Warrior, but you might consider hanging out with us Rangers a bit, too...our tendency to somewhat compulsively try to do ALL THE THINGS leads us to spend a lot of time refining and sharing strategies for fitting more
  5. So, reading your other thread, and realizing you've been through multiple respawns despite not being very out of shape or having a history of injury, it sounds like your main issue is lack of focus. You're looking to your workout to give you that cycle of pushing yourself followed by accomplishment, but you're approaching it in the kind of general mixing-in of random stuff one does when one is just trying to get moving. You're not someone who's 80kg overweight and will be thrilled to go down a pants size. You mentioned being a gamer, so I'll put this in gamer terms: it's nonsense
  6. So, for those who don't know, I ended last July by finding out I'd been walking around (and lifting, and climbing mountains) with a knee injury I'd failed to notice, and in doing so had worsened it incredibly, basically shredding the cartilage behind both kneecaps over the course of we think months. Because I'm pain resistant, I didn't know I had a problem until I started falling down without warning as my knees finally gave out. Since then, it's been five months of careful rehab and sitting on my butt trying to let my knees heal. I've lost a ton of muscle and gained quite a bit of fat. I'
  7. Hey there. PCOS patient here... I had the opposite problem (high estrogen, progesterone in the basement) among other imbalances that come with that, but I've had to learn a bit about the endocrine system because of it. Here are some thoughts to get you started: There's enough variation in how our bodies respond to HRT and other forms of hormone manipulation that you should not freak out if it takes a few months to get everything calibrated such that your body is doing what it should be. Some people get it in one shot, but most don't. It took me about three months, which I
  8. Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the Aussie military, so I am making some assumptions based on a quick skim of the web site's "about" pages. Another disclaimer: I've never served in a selected unit, or as a member of any military. I was trained for search-and-rescue by a guy who trained selected units here in the US, though, and I've worked with selected units from time to time as a civilian. I'm sharing what I think I know, and I think it's pretty accurate...but it's still an outsider's view, and a view of another country's military at that, so take it with a grain of salt.
  9. If you get your protein intake too low, all you will do is give yourself a choice between constant hunger and too many calories while messing up your blood sugar management (because you have to replace it with higher-glycemic-index stuff like carbs and fat), so I absolutely don't recommend restricting protein intake as a method to try to avoid bulking. As others have said, stick to powerlifting or the kinds of strength routines that martial artists and field operators (military, SWAT, search-and-rescue, etc.) favor, as those don't push for exaggerated bulking the way bodybuilders d
  10. More scheduling insanity (because when isn't there?)... I got a couple more days of lifting in since my last update before work travel again interceded. This trip was not too bad in terms of staying on track; the hotel weight room was about as useless as expected, but I got a little upper body and core work done, then did a lot of walking with a friend (and some cardio machine stuff, yucky but won't hurt I guess), and three days of swimming for a solid hour or more. I was staying conversational rather than pushing hard, but given how seldom I swim any more, I still felt those lon
  11. It's quite common in a variety of martial arts, and some teachers insist that it's the only way to get full power/focus when not under combat conditions. I wouldn't go so far as that, but I'll say that the making noise bit seems to help a number of students focus and/or manage their core muscles in training. It's never been my thing, but anybody who's studied for long is used to the noise and won't be bothered by it.
  12. Hi, Shai. Army rations usually aren't great fare; they tend to be chosen for cheapness and ease of storage/transport more than anything else, even the stuff in the dining halls (at least this is the case in the US). On the up side, they never seem to be tasty enough to tempt one to over-eat. Were I in your shoes, I'd take the attitude of doing the best you can with limited Army meal selection, then stock protein bars or shake mix in your room (doesn't need anything more than a shaker cup to prepare) to supplement it and make sure you get enough protein for muscle development. S
  13. When you can, get something that's mostly protein for those "OMG FOOD" moments. Eggs, protein bars, meat, whatever. That'll give your stomach something to work on, feed any muscle development your body has been motivated to do by exercise, and won't impact your blood sugar levels the way carbs will (or even as much as fat does, which is itself minimal compared to carbs). Tags are how we mark what topics a post is relevant to, so that others can easily find posts that touch on their areas of interest or expertise. If you start typing (slowly) they will autocomplete...just make up
  14. BTDT, most of the more hetero-normal men I've dated have freaked out to some degree when they found out exactly how much stronger I was than them, or how much better at martial arts. Some made it through that, some didn't. I rather like a good friend's take on it: "She could kill me...but I can make her want to fuck me..." (usually followed by something between a lusty stare and a look of awe and pride) Mind you, strength and MA are my strong suits. I've had plenty of partners who can kick my ass in other areas (flexibility, endurance, etc.) or who have strength in
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