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  1. Got some walking in Friday (volunteered at 6 Flags and went for a walk in the park after) amd Saturday (Target run meandering!). Today we're going to a festival in a beautiful historic Victorian pleasure garden, so I'll see if I can get my Rangers to take an extra patrol
  2. Oh look, another post! :O Today's gym highlight: Trap bar, 165lb 5x5, but stepping on an elastic band attached to the trap bar. Ho boy, that was hard at the top. Afterwords was 20lb forward/backward lunges, but without stepping between them (so backward lunge straight to forward lunge straight to backward lunge). Our trainer is def into isolated movement for both legs, which is how I'm figuring out my right leg is much less stable then my left.
  3. Checking in! How is your wife doing? I'm currently wandering back into the forums from a hiatus and am about to have another surgery. It looks like now's a good time for her to start working towards new routines post surgery. I don't know what kind of surgery she had, or if they recommended physical therapy for it (which is a workout in and of itself!), even if they didn't it can't hurt to ask about it. I wound up with some scar adhesions from a previous surgery (I was overly careful about moving it) so I have some restrictions unless I really focus on stretching. Now that things are healing up for her it's a good time to stretch the area and make sure she can work on her range of motion. There's also a scar massage, which is uncomfortable but is great for making sure scar tissue doesn't stick to the wrong stuff. Good luck!
  4. A bit logged yesterday (since I forgot to check the forum) but went to the grocery store which is a good 35 min walkabout. We'll be going on a walk before bed tonight. This will give me the impetus to get a walk in before class on Thursday! I usually just work straight through which makes a 12+ hour day, and I should work on that. Walking makes my hips happy :3
  5. I'm like 6 months late but sent a friend request
  6. Agreed on the bring your own healthiness. As long as you're eating or drinking with your coworkers you'll still have that bonding time (and if you bring enough healthy stuff for others, overtime you'll find that some *do* want to eat healthier but don't get the opportunity to). This is part of the tactic to identify things to make it A. Harder to Snack and B. Easier to be healthy. For example, my coworker has candy at her desk - originally it was in a glass jar for all the world to see. While it's great so people can stop by and converse, a lot of our coworkers are "trying to diet" so it's counter-intuitive. I told her about an experiment that Google had done, originally they had clear tubes full of M&Ms for the employees and they used them constantly. By putting them in opaque containers where you couldn't see them, they reduced intake tremendously. So she started putting them in the drawer below the jar - people will still stop by for candy when they feel they need a sugar rush, but it's not nearly as much as it used to be. And since I don't see it I don't get an overwhelming urge to eat candy all day We also moved the "snack table" to the break room, so unless you're actively looking for food you won't see it. Once you get more comfortable in the role, you could also start suggesting a morning or afternoon walk if there's good walking in your area - that's also a good way to wake up during the 3pm slump :3
  7. Greetings and welcome to the rando annual-or-so post I've taken a closer focus on my health health as opposed to fitness health. We're still working with a personal trainer on Tues/Wed for half an hour, still deadlifting, working on getting my benchpress higher. We got a home gym for Christmas, I still have some tweaking I want to do with it, but it has helped when I want to work out but don't want to go outside. On the health side, I found out I'm allergic to a TON of things (wheat, chicken, beef, cabbage, peas, etc. etc.). In addition to my nightshade intolerance, it makes eating very tricky. The side effect is that I'm eating more at home, bringing my lunch more, generally eating less, and what foods I can eat are mostly healthier or are vegetarian options. This also means my macros are likely way off, and I haven't taken the plunge to analyze/correct that yet. In addition, my research findings are pointing towards a large swath of autoimmune issues that are cascading into other things - the current thing I'm working on is an endometriosis diagnosis, and we're expected to schedule the laproscopy sometime in June. Once that's done I'm hoping the reduced NSAIDs in my system will allow my gut to heal to reduce the odd allergies/reactions. On the plus side, we went hiking in Big Bend, Texas, last month. We hiked over 30 miles, some of it in extreme heat, with 6liters + pack on our backs. Other than some calf soreness, I did great! I'm hoping we can get more outdoor activity done this year. In the meantime, I've started a Master's program and have a pretty strict daily schedule to keep my studying in check, something I never really did in college previously, so it's cool being able to demonstrate a mature behavioral modification model.
  8. You and me both! I'm working on my Master's and I'm terrible about checking the forums, but still!
  9. *waves* I'll likely be lurking for the next few months - I started a Masters program and my work twin left so now I'm two people at work o.o Still keeping up with foodAndFitness stuff though, we're playing with risers and a trap bar at the gym right now so I'm lifting heavier than normal but not at the normal height. Anyway, off to go take care of my newly acquired blisters ;P Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
  10. 1/23 Fun fact: I will post more if I play StarCraft :3 No gym today though :< Josh had an incident on the way home that shook him up a bit. I was supposed to have dinner with a friend but they, 'er, forgot :/ Normally this is something that would really upset me, but it's someone I trust enough to know it was either an honest mistake or something was wrong. Luckily it was not the later. This also meant instead of spending money on dinner I had leftovers, so budget bonus. And StarCraft bonus XD So tomorrow will be work, stopping by the Drs, gym, then study! Although to note I realized I've been hitting WaniKani daily and it's starting to habit form, so yay! I have another app called Lingo Deer, which is free and really cute, and I misclicked so now it's sending me notifications again, so I may occasionally poke that too. WaniKani is for kanji specifically, Lingo Deer is good in that audio is required so you get used to hearing it correctly.
  11. Oh goodness no, haha Bench was on Sunday and deadlift was (supposed to be) today. Current program is cycling between squat/deadlift/bench day, so whatever day we gym next we go to the next "day" of it
  12. 1/21-1/22 I'm sooooo soooooore ;_; It's been a while since we did bench day (Bench day!). There was some regression :< The main was 8x3 at 65lb and it was haaaaaard. I was trying to get to 95 in the summer whaaaaaaaaaaaai So I suppose that will get me to focus on that a bit more. Tomorrow is DEADLIFT DAY and I am sore but still excite :3 I'm also getting dinner with one of my closest friends and she just started NFA (yaaay!) so I may try to convince her to wander in here, but she's not on the computer very much atm. Food front has been... ah. Hmm. Cupcakes were involved :/ So was beer and pizza, which reminded me that THAT is a terrible and horrible mistake. So I didn't eat much today until dinner (korma was had). And it looks like both major meals tomorrow are eating out (which is a little sad 'cause we bought sashimi grade salmon yesterday and I WILL EAT IT. But likely Wednesday.) This also means that Wednesday will be my study day.
  13. Aaaaah! Hibiscus are so pretty! And delicious :3 Can't wait to see the rest! Surprise trip seems like best trip sometimes
  14. I would ask him what his priorities for it are. It took about 9 months for my husband to get interested and tbh, it's because coworkers were wanting him to workout with them at work. I had been *very gently* nudging him about it, but mostly I focused on staying a positive influence - that it was making me feel better, telling/showing him about progress, etc. I think I started the interest, but additional social pressure was the catalyst. I can say I've helped influence my mom, brother, and best friend like this as well. Ultimately it's going to be his decision whether he gets into it or not.
  15. Hooi! Sans swimming But they have some 10lb weights so at least did some flailing while I was there 1/12 - 1/20 Yeah, see that graph up there Weekend went well! It snowed overnights, and going to a lake in January means half the places aren't open, but I did a lot of studying and reading and general chilling. Fitnessery: Went to the gym on Wednesday (SQUAAAAATS! Still sore ) and otherwise have at least been active each day (between elliptical/grocery store/PokemonGo each day). My first Masters class was on Thursday - I'm trying to figure out the schedule on how to do that. So I think on Thursdays I'll at least elliptical before class so I will have not sat all day. Our PT called out tomorrow, but we're still planning on hitting bench. Studying - bombed my test (but lots of others did too) and we have some oddness for the next few weeks. Doing really well on WaniKani, making sure to take it really slow but the kanji is definitely sticking. Finances - Better? I'm bringing work to lunch more. See below for a bit of additional cash flow, but husband and I are still having conversations on how to go about this. We have pretty different ways to look at it so we're still working on finding common language o.o In Addition - Lots of change at work. My coworker that does the same job as I had his last day on Friday - he's been there longer than I have and is pretty awesome so it was really bittersweet for everyone. At the same time, they're announcing my promotion to a II next week (he was supposed to have the same, but odd timing is odd timing). We're hoping we can get someone in to his job, if not things are going to get weird, since we certainly had enough person to hire another person to begin with o.o So my new joke is that II means "two people" I'll just have to change priorities and do more delegation and such.
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