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  1. I pretty much agree. I seem to remember book 5/6 getting more interesting, but that might be a hallucination. Pro-tip: do not torture someone you think might be destined to save the world. That is all...
  2. Ms. Moros is a big WOT fan, and she said that the Brandon Sanderson books at the end were quite good, and wrapped things up in a satisfying way. I got to about the 7th book of the series before it broke me. LOTR by comparison seems a lot easier to read, but everyone is different. I shudder to think of the WOT books as a movie, or even a TV series...
  3. This sounds amazing! I'm glad you got to participate in something so awesome...
  4. I think you may have meant that in a different way then some other people might think
  5. Hey, thanks for the link. I know several people who could benefit from this video - including me
  6. 1. This is a beautiful statement. 2. It might be really great to print that out in large letters, and put it somewhere in your home where you can see it every day.
  7. That is pretty wild - but should save some energy (I think). Of course, with the way AI is going, this could become a thing:
  8. Following! The crow progression is really awesome.
  9. Following again for the never-ending awesome story...
  10. Following... Having other people do the heavy lifting is really nice - that leaves time to do box arrangement in the new place: Boo! That's unprintably lame. The damage to the lock would drive me nuts, personally. I hope nothing else happens.
  11. 1. You did some working out, which is good. 2. You drank water, which is good. 3. You are doing some reading, which is also good. 4. You have yet to even do the Capt. America bicep flip, which is both awesome, and hilarious: I hope you keep feeling better!
  12. Your tenacity is almost at human maximum! Happy Belated Birthday!
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