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  1. Days 3-4 -Computer upgrades and Redacted So, Ms. Moros needed some extra help on Wednesday night, so I missed my report then. This morning, after I walked, I went to the computer store, to get a needed upgrade of my laptop. It needed to be done, but took most of the day. Ate ok near the computer store, but ate heavier when I got home. Walked again this morning - it's really nice to see that habit beginning to come back. Watched Dr. Strange to prepare for the Avengers coming soon. I apparently forgot that the six million dollar man and Captain Kirk teamed up together: Exercise Points: 43/90 (the 100 from Day 2 was a typo) Food Points: 58/100
  2. Moros

    Lightbearer: Present

    One thing that Ms. Moros have done (we both get paid bi-weekly), is to build up a balance in our checkbook, so that we have a cushion for bills. That's obviously hard to do, but have given us a lot of stress relief over the years. Also, seeing if you can move due dates for some bills can really help... Your mileage may vary.
  3. Moros

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    I agree with anyone else - watching the video, you are 95% there. You are clearly not struggling to hold the weight - it's just the exact balance point you are looking for. You will get it soon!
  4. Day 2 - Did the things! So, the day went well from a NF perspective. Got up, did my walk, logged my food. I also did some of my Better Brain Solution reading, and created some action items. I make you aware of this amazing work of art (which contains no spoilers): Exercise Points: 26/100 Food Points: 31/100
  5. Moros

    Lightbearer: Present

    Following! This is good stuff above. This is also good stuff. Rangers move across great distances:
  6. Moros

    [Sloth] C'Mon Let Me Ride

    It seems like in an X-files campaign, the body count would be pretty high. Sort of like Call of Cthulu or Paranoia. Tough luck on the teaching front. Hopefully things will level out...
  7. Day 1 - Did most of the things So, despite the fact I stayed up way too late, I did most of the things. Did my Yoga in the morning, and tracked my food. Did not really eat very healthy, but that's an ongoing thing. Watched the first two episodes of the Russian Doll on Netflix, and it's kind of bizarre. Interesting though. Really tired now, so off to bed. Exercise Points 13/90 Food Points: 11/100
  8. Moros

    Elastigirl Has A Joy Filled Challenge

    Following! Joy is always a good idea!
  9. Moros

    [Sloth] C'Mon Let Me Ride

    I heard from a theater person once that they use cheap vodka to clean theater costumes that are hard to clean cheaply...
  10. As always, Tank is right(TM). If you want to get fancy, you can get the small cast-iron skillets that are used in Mexico, called a "comal" The only advantage is that they are sometimes smaller (if space or weight are an issue), or you want to impress your friends by dropping a skillet like they do in Mexican restaurants.
  11. Zero Week - Day 7 Hi everybody. I fell off the wagon a bit with regards to posting, but it was for a good cause. This weekend, we celebrated Ms. Moros's birthday. She was actually at a counseling workshop on her birthday, so we postponed until we had a good week. We did many fun things, and ate at one of those Brazilian Steakhouses: This was not us. So, I've decided to use my zero week to debug my challenges from now on. What I'm going to do is postpone the NFA work until I get through the Better Brain solution book. It seems pretty difficult to do both at once - just in terms of time and mental space. Also, working on my morning habits over the weekend is not a realistic goal, so I will drop those also. Exercise Points for zero week: 53/100 Food Points for zero week: 66/100