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  1. I used to exclusively run, and still enjoy it though I don't do it very often, and when I do it's often with my kids, which means stop and go, slower pace. I've done a half marathon, and 30km race. Our family did the Memorial Day run at Boys Town this year, and I rarely run more than 5-6 miles, as I don't have the time, and attention span, to run distance anymore. I've come around to the view that focusing on intensity provides a better results in less time. For me a least, a few months with barbells have had a greater impact my body composition (and strength) than years of running ever did, in much shorter workouts. Regarding free weights as "man land" -- for what it's worth, my Olympic lifting class at CF 402 last week was coached by a woman, and the men in the class were outnumbered 5 to 3. http://www.fitocracy.com/profile/knickknack/
  2. Hey, I'm a husband and father in Omaha, so I thought I'd say hi. Our family has been going to Prairie Life Fitness for a few years, but I just finished my first month at CrossFit 402, and have been liking it a lot. The coaching and group dynamic is something that is new to me.
  3. nicknack

    Vitamin D

    For what it's worth, regarding Vitamin D and paleo, in Robb Wolf's book he recommends two supplements, Vitamin D and fish oil, in that order of importance, in larger than "typical" doses. I'm trying to come up with some funny quip about being more paleo/Catholic than Robb Wolf/the Pope, but am failing. Just know that the intention was there.
  4. Thanks everyone. I will avoid the assisted pulls up, and I will focus on increasing my total volume, breaking it up into sets that are smaller than my max. Thanks for the detailed answer Nuke. The Ladder scheme makes sense to me. A follow up question: With rest between sets, I can probably do, 9/6/3/1/1/1.... Is it important to back-up and start with the reps from workout 1, or could I start at, say, workout 10, if I can manage it? I'm currently at a dead end, so backing up may be wise and reasonable thing to do. Thanks.
  5. I've been trying to do more than 8 or 10 pull-ups in a set for over a year now, but have been making no progress. I've been following the Starting Strength program for about 5 month, and have seen great increases in my squats, deadlifts, bench press etc... but pull-ups are stuck. Should I try adding a bit of weight, then see if I can do a greater number of just body weight pull ups? Or should I try greater number of a assisted pull-ups, then taper off the resistance? Should practice dead hangs to increase my grip endurance? Any recommendations would be appreciated, particularly if based on experience passing this road block.
  6. I second what weirdquark said. NROL for Abs has some really great ideas with nice progressions so that you can scale things up or down. Some of the movements have a social anxiety factor -- I've never seen anyone else at my gym do alligator drags, which are a great dynamic stabilization movement.
  7. I grew up in Burlington, and did grad school at U of T.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Taking a extra breath or two between reps helps. I think that part of the problem is that I grip is a limiting factor for me. I end up rushing through the set trying to get my reps done before I exhaust my grip. Fewer heavier reps might help, though I'm a bit intimidated. I've only been doing real deadlifts, as opposed to Romanian deadlifts, for month or two, and they are once the most dreaded and gratifying part of my workout. Maybe it's just because I'm a novice and I have an underdeveloped motor/haptic sense of how much the bar actually weighs, but there's this half-second period at the beginning of the lift when you're not sure how much force it's going to take to move the bar. During that half second, 200 lbs, 400 lbs and immovably welded to the floor all feel the same.
  9. Thanks for your response. I'm exhaling during the lift. Inhaling at the top and on my way back down. Maybe I'm simply not getting enough oxygen, and the deficit builds up across reps. Should I be pausing and taking another full breath at the bottom, or maybe at the top?
  10. A question about wooziness: When I've been doing deadlifts, as soon as I finish my set, I get a wave of dizziness. I'm not blacking out, but things get slightly "dim". In my program I'm currently doing 4 sets of 8 reps, 205 lbs. Yes, I *am* breathing during my set. Is this normal, or is this a sign that I'm overdoing it?
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