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  1. Thursday was a good day. It rained pretty heavily all morning, and I managed to find the deepest spot when I stepped off the curb to cross the road to my office, but apart from soggy toes for an hour or so the workday was exceedingly straightforward. I drank my customary morning Dr Pepper and had leftover chicken tikka masala for lunch. I forgot to pack some cookies, so that was a little disappointing. I talked myself out of making a snack run and nursed a big glass of water through the afternoon instead. When I got home I snacked on the last 3 cookies before dinner, then MFG served up an Instant-Pot roast chicken with carrots, potatoes, and a side salad which was excellent. Her gravy game is really stepping up lately. For dessert I has a small bowl of ice cream while surfing the net to learn more about guitar amps, which was how I spent the rest of my day. The next project on my workbench is going to be a custom amp and speaker cabinet--should be fun! Walmart has so thoroughly screwed the pooch on the golf balls thing that I'm writing it off. I now have one box of the correct balls, one box of close-but-not-quite-the-same balls, one credit-card charge for the correct initial amount, and one refund of that charge in the full amount. I don't know how they make money with all the incompetence.
  2. Wednesday was a great day. I got to work a little late but raring to go, and I was able to knock out a few pressing things right away. That cleared me to take a half day and go home at lunch, grabbing a burger at Carl's Jr in the process. I settled in at home for a little while, then I laid claim to the kitchen and started preps for hosting. First I baked 5 dozen chocolate-chip cookies (my "chewy" variant with toasted pecans, so good!), then I made a huge pot of chicken tikka-masala and a less-huge pot of Jasmine rice to serve it over. MFG also made some Kraft Mac'n'Cheese for kids who might prefer something milder. New Friends came over just as everything was ready and we all had a nice meal together, then we hung out for while checking out my guitars (especially the recent builds) and guns and shop tools and stuff. They left (with a bonus dozen cookies for the road) a little after 8, but not before bestowing a few really cool and generous gifts that I'm looking forward to using in future projects. I cleaned the kitchen and spent the rest of the evening relaxing before heading to bed on time. As much as I enjoy my introvert side it's really nice to indulge my social side every now and then too. Sometimes I forget that I'm kind-of a people person.
  3. Tuesday was a good day. Being back in the office let me make some faster (and much-needed) progress on a few projects, and staying busy helped me keep on track with my eating plan. The morning was fueled by a single Dr Pepper, then lunch was a leftover portion of my chicken tikka masala from the freezer. I did a bunch of walking in the morning while surveying some buildings that are badly in need of repairs, but the afternoon was more sedentary. After work I headed over to the golf course and played a quick 9 holes (poorly) for exercise, then I drove home. MFG had cooked Greek chicken breast for dinner, so I ate all that was left with a simple cucumber-tomato salad and some mixed nuts. Bubbles surprised me with a Snickers (such a good daughter) that I shared with MFG. Some not-quite-last-minute social plans came through, so MFG and I ran out to procure some dinner supplies, and I spent the rest of the night doing food prep so we can host some friends for a little get together tonight. I haven't been this excited about social plans in a long time--probably since Tank's wedding. Edit to add: Walmart did mess up my order of golf balls (again), but I think they're finally going to get it right today. Fingers crossed!
  4. Can't say if it'll help you or not, but I find that sometimes I have hand pain when my neck and shoulders aren't getting along with each other. A few minutes each day spent loosening my shoulders and gently stretching my neck seems to improve things all the way down to my fingertips. Mainly I focus on using my lats to pull my shoulder blades down (almost as if I'm trying to make them touch my tailbone) to counteract my tendency to hunch. Hope you're back to 100% soon. :)
  5. Monday was a good day. I woke up on time and began teleworking right away. By mid-morning I'd been directed to get tested again so that I'd be clear to return to work in person. It took some convincing at the post clinic, but I finally got the medical personnel there to administer an antigen test and sign the clearance note. Then I went home to finish teleworking, and on the way I picked up some chicken tendies to split with MFG for lunch. After work I went for a haircut then an argument with Walmart about the wrong golf balls they kept trying to give me--we'll see later today if they end up bringing the wrong ones to my house again. MFG made tacos for dinner, and I added a nice bowl of rocky road later in the evening while surfing my Youtube subscriptions. The rest of the night was super chill, and I finally headed off to sleep around midnight. Back to working full-time in the office again this morning. I'm glad to finally be off that infernal laptop.
  6. Sunday was a good day. I woke up early and made my customary drive-thru of McD's on the way to church for services. The morning was filled with good music and a fine sermon (both times) on Psalms 119. Afterward I got to chat with a new friend for a while, then I headed home and had a very mellow day relaxing on the couch. I helped MFG with dinner by cooking some pork chops on my backyard griddle, then the kids came home from visiting their friends and we all sat down to a nice family meal. More slothing with videos in the evening and up until bedtime, then lights out and a good night's sleep.
  7. Thanks, it's nice to be back among the living. _______________________________ Yesterday was a pretty dang good day. I got to sleep way in until around 10, and when I did finally roll out of bed I had absolutely zero obligations. I slow-played the first half hour or so then got dressed and headed to the golf course for a couple hours of practice on the driving range and chipping/putting green. Managed to dial in a couple of swing changes and hit some good shots, then when I was nice and tired I drove through Chick-fil-A to pick up lunch for me and MFG (and to say hi to Bubbles, who works there). I spent the rest of the day lounging around the house, watching videos, playing guitars, and just generally being a sloth. It was marvelous. For dinner MFG broke in her new Instant Pot with a beef roast and some carrots and potatoes, and then I had a bit of ice cream for dessert. The evening gave way to night with more slothing, then I called it and headed to bed since I had an early morning ahead of me. Weight check this morning was 237.5 for a loss of over 2 pounds on the week and a new low for 2021 (actually lowest since May 2019). I'm perfectly content to keep that ball rolling, and while I'll miss the easy assist of rampant illness I have no desire to return to feeling sick. I'll have to go back to doing this the hard way. Hopefully I'll get a couple rounds of golf in this week to get some exercise (and fun), which should in turn help me be more mindful of my eating.
  8. Alright, I think I've finally turned the corner. As abruptly as this thing sat on my face, it now seems to be moving on just the same. Anyway, today was a good day. I was able to telework the full day without needing to stop and rest, my appetite was something closer to normal without any stomach aches, and I only had the faintest of chills at any point. I felt good enough that I took another test after dinner and it was negative, so that cleared me to go to band practice tonight and run the sound booth for the worship team--still keeping distant from everyone else out of an abundance of caution. I also managed to finish my guitar project after work this afternoon with the replacement part that arrived in today's mail. And after coming home from band practice I binged the final episodes of The Mandalorian along with a small bowl of butter pecan Blue Bell and then some aged cheddar as a later snack. As of this morning I'm down to 236 pounds and looking slimmer than I have in quite a while, so I'll try to hang on to a bit of post-illness motivation and not eat all that weight right back on. Hope to ride the recovery train through the coming weekend, then next week (weather and wellness permitting) I'll get around to starting the deck. But first some golf will definitely be happening.
  9. I'm trying to focus on the positives. ___________________________ Today's spin on the Wheel-of-Symptoms landed on constant sweating and body temperature fluctuations. Seriously, what the frick? I've been making myself eat once per day. Yesterday I was actually craving beef and onions, so I acquired a double quarter pounder. Today I made ramen and poached a couple of eggs in it. Gotta feed the recovery, amiright? Ah, who am I kidding, I have no idea what I'm doing. Just trying to keep my fluids and nutrients up while I wait this thing out.
  10. Telework, sleep, watch TV, rinse, repeat. I'm losing my mind. At least the eyeball pressure has mostly abated, but I get super exhausted really quick and can't do much more than an hour or so of work at a time before needing to lie down again. This is a really weird bug--every single person in my household had wildly different symptoms and recovery trajectories. Last night I managed to eat some pasta for dinner, then I started watching The Mandalorian (along with a decent amount of rocky road Blue Bell). I'm looking forward to continuing the series tonight, though my appetite is zilch today. I'm not even sure I know who I am anymore without my stomach to guide me through life.
  11. They've been a feature of my life for several days. ___________________________ Ugh, I can't wait to be over this thing. I'm starting to lose my mind being stuck at home and unable to do anything. On the plus side (for weight loss purposes) I still have very little appetite. Makes it easier to just eat for nutrition instead of enjoyment.
  12. Week 1 Update: I've lost over 4 pounds this week to finally crack back under the 240 mark, and I'd estimate that only half of that is covid losses since my appetite didn't really taper off until late in the week. The conscientiousness I paid earlier surely accounted for some good reductions. Gonna try to keep it going. The bodyweight exercises I may eventually end up doing will only be easier if I have less of it. Still on the mend; eyeballs are tender and appetite comes and goes, but I'm doing just fine. Probably going to try for another mega nap today.
  13. Today was a tale of three Saturdays, all of them good. First part was working on guitar stuff and not eating anything because my appetite was still gone. I made myself eat a small bowl of corn flakes for lunch with a couple of apple slices just for the nutrition, but it was also pretty pleasant and it settled well enough. I added some Gatorade for the electrolytes and hydration. Second part happened after lunch, a massive "nap" that lasted until dinner. Holy pants was that refreshing. I haven't napped like that in ages, and it was the best. Third part was after my nap--my appetite seemed to have recovered slightly, so I ate some leftover pulled-pork tikka masala that I made yesterday and had a small bowl of rocky road ice cream afterward. I watched videos with the kids for the evening, then I did a little more guitar stuff with my oldest son. When the kids were all in bed I played some Rocket League, and now I'm off to bed myself--with any luck to resume my afternoon dreams that featured pizzas and cheesecakes (and a whole bunch of other weirdness that I can't remember, but who cares?).
  14. Yeah, not fun for sure. I have a strong familiarity with my particular pain triangle (sinus-eyeball-upper jaw) from experience with past sinus infections. Fortunately this one seems to respond well to ibuprofen, which gave some relief while I was streaming The Tomorrow War (not bad); then I got a good night's sleep. I feel much better today--not 100%, and I have very little appetite--but much better. Thanks! ________________________________________ At one point I was starting to think that I had ruined myself by shoving whatever minor infection I may have had further up in to my brainpan making things worse. Granted, I'm no doctor. The pain was tough enough, but the mental anguish of going from "Perfectly fine, I got this" to "Holy crap, am I going to die?" in less than 8 hours was also pretty taxing. I made the right call powering down last night. And the movie was fun. I made some more progress on the guitar project, but I've run across a snag: a defective part that I'm working with the supplier to get replaced as soon as possible. But that should be the last thing, and all else up to that point is ready to go. I've even been able to play it a bit, and it sounds pretty good! Seems likely that when I get a working part and finish putting it all together it'll sound just the way I'm hoping. It certainly looks and feels great. Not sure it was worth the effort to rebuild since I probably could have just made an all new one, but that's how we learn. Now when I make the next one it'll have three builds worth of experience behind it instead of just two.
  15. Thanks, so far it has been. I just wish I'd gotten it right away when we started quarantining 2 weeks ago 'cause I'd be done by now. I like my house, but I'm starting to hate being here. ______________________________________ Today is an okay day. Telework, guitar stuff, cooking dinner, reasonably smart food choices. It's all pretty hum-drum. The rough part has been my sinuses are super-pissed since swabbing myself yesterday for the covid test. The pressure behind my eyes is making me want to punch everything. So I'm calling it a day and curling up with my tablet. Here's to a better weekend.
  16. Update, positive. Like super positive--didn't even take the full waiting period and showed up with a big fat line. That's good. Doesn't seem to have too much effect on me and now I can get clear of this thing sooner.
  17. It certainly wasn't, and it was a great excuse opportunity to finish off the last of my caramel sauce. Bubbles is a good baker. _____________________________________ Third verse, same as the first; And much like the second only not quite as terse. These work-from-home days kinda all run together. But it's good--I've had some consistency. Eat smart, do job-stuff, make progress on guitar project (getting very close now), watch movies with the kids (today's edition pending)... I've still had almost nothing in the way of symptoms, just a mild little cough on Monday/Tuesday that could just as easily be explained by working in my shop. At this point the entire household has had it (all the kids are clear now, MFG is feeling much better but still positive), so I can't imagine that I'm still actually avoiding it. I'm going to take a test and see if it pops positive. I hope it does--for one that would make it less likely for me to catch it in the near future, and for two it would give me a definitive timeline for getting clear myself. With no symptoms and no positive test I would still have to isolate for 14 more days after MFG has fully recovered, which would keep me stuck at home until Aug 23. Frick that. I won't leave the house or go back to the office without a negative test, but I'd sure like to be able to get to that point much sooner. Backyard platform is on my mind, perhaps this weekend I'll break out my reciprocating saw and angle grinder to begin prepping the frame for a treated lumber deck.
  18. Another good day, similar to yesterday but with an extra brownie.
  19. Thanks, I edited the whole thing in a day and found some free tracks to throw behind it at the last minute. My playing is just a few seconds near the end, but I think that one sounds decent, too. The shop is just a corner of my garage, but it suits me. Naturally I'd love to have more tools and more space. ______________________________________ Today was a good day. I stuck to just one Dr Pepper this morning and ate a couple of sausages for breakfast. I finished off a bag of peanut-butter m&ms as a mid-morning snack, then lunch was leftover chicken fried rice. I had some nuts and cheese for an afternoon snack, then I made dinner--pot roast, mashed potatoes, and braised carrots with gravy. Bubbles made a pan of brownies for dessert while we were watching a family movie (the original Mary Poppins, which my sons had never seen) so I whipped up a quick caramel sauce and toasted some pecans to make them turtle brownies for whomever wanted it. No counting, but I feel good about it. Didn't do much in the way of movement--just a bit of light stretching--and haven't even thought about the platform today. We're still in the midst of this covid nonsense, and my status could be almost anything at the moment. I spent my after-work time cooking, cleaning, and making a bit of progress on the latest guitar project, which I hope to have assembled and ready to play by this coming weekend--not for any special reason, just because I do my best work when I give myself a timeline.
  20. That's an option I've considered. Also lean without being strong. Or even flexible without worrying about either lean or strong. Mostly I just want to look good while shooting low golf scores. That's what I was getting at when I mentioned maybe needing a new "What?" in order to figure out a "Why?" so I can plan and enact a "How?". Eh, I'll just slap it here: The 2021 guitar build (warning, it's long)
  21. My autopilot is a fat fat bastard. It's all good, I know how to eat to reach pretty much whatever body composition I want, I'm just in a different mode of living now that makes it slightly harder than before. Even that wasn't an insurmountable problem when I actually cared about being lean and strong because it was worth doing the work. But I accomplished that goal and didn't really gain much from it, so ever since I've been finding the 'care' threshold to be a higher barrier than I can seem to hurdle. Apart from having to see myself in my brother's wedding pictures and on my once-every-5-years-YouTube-upload there's no tangible detriment to living fat right now. On the other hand there are very real impacts to my life and outlook when I'm focused on fitness eating--not least of which is abject frustration at how difficult it is to find good nutrition on the fly. It's also extremely isolating, and I already live with about as much loneliness as I can tolerate. I think it's almost entirely psychological. I derive tremendous pleasure (at least 70% of my daily allotment) from my food, and when it doesn't deliver I go find more (easy) food that will. Feelings of control aren't really an issue for me, it's just an objective observation that my intake quality and satisfaction are directly dependent on other people's choices. And a major part of my current frustration is the sudden inexplicable change in my system that made wheat and beans intolerable. It doesn't just hurt my stomach, it hurts my feelings. Well guess what at least half of our family meals revolve around. I've introduced more dishes without those things, and everyone loves them. That helps, but it means I'm on the hook for producing them. The space issue is specific to my wanting a home gym with nowhere to put it. The house is full--it doubles as a school after all. Eventually (all too soon) that won't be the case and I'll be sad about that when it comes. But I'll be sad and ripped. Basically this is just my specific version of the universal gripe "Why can't I have it all (and make someone else do it for me)?" Truth is, the cost to becoming lean and strong right now is more than I'm willing to pay. I've got to figure out how to make it cost less while also increasing its perceived value (which isn't at its all-time low, but it's still way down there). I'm lazy economical that way. We actually do eat really well. My kids are all lean and healthy, so it's not like we're overloading starches. We have plenty of fresh meats and veggies, it's just hard to make that stuff go the distance with six of us, so there's lots of bread and pasta and beans and crackers and tortillas--all of which I can't eat anymore, at least not the way I used to. On my own I could cook once a week and have three squares locked and loaded for each day in the interval. But when I do it now I get one full family dinner plus a lunch portion for the following day. Then I'd have to do it all over again each day. MFG's (really, the family's) groove is a groove for a reason. It works! That's time and money we're all content to spend on other things that make life rich and full. But it means that I walk through this rich, full life a fair bit heavier and dodging cameras. I've got the "How?" down (y'all have seen). What I'm struggling with is the "Why?". Maybe I don't have the right "What?" anymore. Thanks, and yes I do enjoy making things. So far I've designed and built two guitars from scratch, made several from kits, modded a bunch of stock guitars, and rebuilt one acoustic that was formerly destined for the firewood bin. Right now I'm nearing the end of a rebuild on my first scratch-built guitar to address the issues from the first go 'round. It's coming along really nicely! Glad you've enjoyed my updates on stuff. Did you happen to catch my big YouTube upload for last month's build competition? It'll probably be more frequently used for golf practice, but that counts as fitness, too, right? "Fitness Fricks" sounds like an album to me. ______________________________________________ Today was a good day. I woke up and sat at my computer, and this is pretty much where I've been for the last 11 hours, apart from breaks for meals. I'm going to go swing some golf clubs in my backyard now.
  22. I'm also prone to "white coat hypertension" which I don't really understand since I'm not particularly anxious about medical care. Only one time was it ever serious enough to raise someone's eyebrows, and I had to point out to the doctor that the pretty nurse who took the measurement may have had something to do with it.
  23. Great to see you, too! Life really isn't that chaotic, it's just not terribly permissive right now, and the box I'm in requires deliberate coping to be at peace in the midst of all this anxiety. Even so, I'm doing a few things I want to do (lots of guitar projects getting done), but there are more things that have too many hurdles at the moment. Fitness requires space, and I don't have any--this house is full. A platform in the yard could be just the thing, and I've already got the framing (was here when we bought the place). Might as well make use of it. Bonus is it'll make MFG happy. Just fitness fricks, I've got plenty of others. They already do some cooking. We allow them to request new dishes from time to time on condition that they make the grocery list, do all the prep, and then clean up afterward. I'd say they get to about 80% on a good day. My particular problem is with our regular meal planning--we buy and make lots of cheap starch that keeps teenagers sated but leaves me feeling hungry (and bored with my food) more often than not. But I overeat even when I do cook "my" foods, and I snack way too much on sugary junk between meals, so there's only a fraction of responsibility that can be assigned to planned meals. Bottom line is that I feel a little bit out of control with my eating, and the stuff I can control is the stuff I don't want to give up even though it's the low-hanging fruit in terms of improving my nutrition. What I really need is a reason.
  24. As we start this challenge I'm one week in to yet another period of isolation/quarantine following exposure to "that which shall not be named". Frick. Kids came back from youth camp last week, and a couple days later we got notice that some folks who were there tested positive. At-home test kits popped pos. for several of my kids, and now MFG is down as well. So far I've managed to dodge it (or remain asymptomatic) but I'm back to teleworking from home full-time with no clear end in sight. Gotta wait for household illnesses to resolve. Double frick. I've gained back a few pounds since my last successful challenge. I'm really struggling with fitness right now--I want to lift again, but my body hurts all the time and I bristle at the thought of going to a gym. I have very little control over our meal planning, and my inputs are accommodated for about a week before everything reverts to MFG's groove, which admittedly is economical in terms of both time and money. Feeding four teenagers is no easy task. I do as much cooking as I can, but I need time for my other projects, too. Anyway, when I'm not eating good there's no real disincentive to eat bad. And my sleep could stand to be improved--I stay up late playing my games because the kids are streaming videos all day every day screwing up my bandwidth for gaming. Golf is still happening but I don't do as much of it as I'd like; and lately the harder I try to work on my game the worse things get with my swing, which sucks the fun right out of it. Fact is I've got to find a way to give a frick again, because for quite a while I mostly haven't. So what will I do? That's the driving question for this challenge. I'm thinking about building a platform in my backyard for bodyweight exercise. I've actually had the plan for a while, but I put it off when lumber prices went stupid. Maybe I should just go ahead with it for the sake of supporting my goals. Call it an investment. Yeah, that's it. That's my one goal--by the end of this challenge I will have constructed a platform in the backyard and completed one full circuit of the BBWW thereupon. Ideally I'd be able to build my home-gym/golf sim/music studio/gaming center/woodshop out there, too, but one thing at a time.
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