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  1. Hey League, long time no see. Is everyone still alive? (Or undead, at least?)
  2. I'M ALIVE. I truly have no words to express how the last 2 weeks have been, so I give you a collection of appropriate GIFs instead. But anyways.... So, obviously some things fell by the wayside. But I'm actually not in a terrible place - the Challenge kind of served as a sort of life-raft during this craziness. I'll post a final update tomorrow about where I ended up. And then I'm hoping to start up the next challenge, since I'm at home now and I have more time to devote to my fitness goals. This challenge feels like a bit of a wash when you look at how active I've been on NF,
  3. PSA Marvel is currently being attacked by the dreaded Finals. She expects this battle to go on for one more week, but she will continue to fight valiantly until the end. Until then, she would like her companions to know that she is continuing in the way of the Rebellion to the best of her abilities. She promises to return to you, exhausted, battered, and discouraged...but victorious. Be patient, and continue to fight the good fight.
  4. WOO! Yeah, ditto to everything Jen said. There is definitely noticeable progress. You should be proud of yourself!
  5. Yeah, I actually like Theory, to some extent. I'm in Theory 4 at the moment, so it's been really tough this semester, but I always considered it similar to math. Math you can hear, I guess. haha Ear training is my favorite too! Like Presea, I would love some recommendations of audiobooks and podcasts.
  6. Ah yeah, treadmills. Just so boring...but I will definitely look into some apps. And audiobooks are a good idea - I hadn't even thought of that. Wow, thanks! I'm doing the best I can. Hopefully my motivation will get me through finals!
  7. Yeah, if something's going to drop, I think it's going to be the running. And I have a feeling something's gonna drop. YES! I'm loving it, and our fencing center also has broadsword fencing, so I've seen some of the guys doing that in the center. It looks awesome - if I ever have extra time, I may give it a shot. How are you liking it? Mmmm...well, they are very interesting. Things like Theory and Music History are written exams. Some questions are facts you have to recall just like any other test, while others are the sort of thing where they give you a piece of music and you ha
  8. Yeah, I'm the same way! Like, if I'm running for a reason, it's totally fine! But just running, for the sake of running? Not my thing. And that might be a good idea. I don't know - I tend to be a stickler. If I say I'm gonna do something, then gosh darn it, I'll do it if it kills me! But I'm also afraid that it'll discourage me and I'll be less productive.
  9. 2nd Week Check-In All right, almost through with week 2! Those of you who have followed me on fitness journeys before know that I have a hard time updating more than once a week - I just have quite a bit going on with my life! I've got one week of classes left and then finals, although since I'm a music student, many of my finals actually require more than one day. Final exams for me really start on Tuesday and go until May 8! It's ridiculous, but if I'm not super active on here during the week, that's why. I assure you that I am still working hard - it's just that sometimes it comes down to
  10. As we're finishing up week 2, I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing! I'm posting an update on my personal thread as we speak.
  11. Has anyone else seen the new Star Wars trailer? I need someone to geek out with me over it!

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    2. Milo


      Post cut me off, haha. Just that Harrison has looked mighty old the last few years, I was worried how he'd fit in. But he does alright.

      Chewie looked funny, thouugh. Mostly the hair on his face. Do you think they still have Peter Mayhew in a suit? Or someone else in a suit? Or all digital?

    3. TheMarvelPrincess


      I was worried Chewie was going to be CGI, but it looks like someone in a suit. I wasn't too worried about the older characters fitting in...I mean, aging happens in the Star Wars universe too. We're not pretending they're immortal. I've been cautiously optimistic, but it appears to be in good hands. We shall see!

    4. TheMarvelPrincess


      That last line at the end of the trailer got me, though. Not gonna lie.

  12. I like your bio, Milo! If you decide on changes, let me know, but I'll post what you have for the time being. Now, onto the questions! 1) What's the most important thing you learned in the last challenge? It's okay to miss steps. As I decide to keep going, I am still succeeding. 2) What would you say to someone just starting out? Progress comes because of a series of small habits. Set small, attainable goals that you can achieve every day, and over time you will have met the big goals. 3) What would you say to someone who is discouraged with his or her fitness journey? Find the "fun"
  13. 1st Week Check-In Hey guys! Time for my first check in. Things are going pretty steadily. I've rotated weight lifting and running, and have been enjoying it so far. I have noticed that since starting Nerd Fitness, I've gotten to the point where I actually enjoy working out. Go figure! So that was a pretty satisfying revelation. Something I am really excited about - my HANDSTANDS! I actually have been able to really easily get into a handstand away from the wall for the last couple of days. I just went for it, and something clicked! I don't quite have the strength/balance to stay there, but
  14. YES, dude! Totally rocked that muscle-up. Color me impressed!
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