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  1. Count me in!!! I totally need the extra incentive to get me over this hump...I have been stuck above 200lbs. and cannot seem to get past that...I think that this challenge may just do the trick. I would love to lose ~20lbs...but really I am doing this to kick start my new year. Here are my stats... Male, 37yrs, 5'9" 208lbs BF% 31.58. I will add measurements and pics later!! I can't wait to get started!!
  2. Not to thread jack this thread...but which is 'better', almond milk, or coconut milk?
  3. Welcome, and good luck on your journey! Now is the perfect time to get started here in AZ!
  4. I haven't run the mudder yet. I will be running in January. I have been doing the mudder circuit that you outlined above 3x/week and running between to prep.
  5. Hello Fellow NF'ers! I stumbled across the site a few weeks ago and decided to get serious. I have been partially training for the Tough Mudder in January here in Phoenix, and now with inspiration from here, decided to level up! Here are my goals: Strength Training 3x a week using the TM workout as my guide Cardio/Endurance 3x a week - mainly running/sprinting to improve stamina Eating - Moving to Paleo - and trying to pull my family along too - would like to get to 85% paleo over the next 30 days. I am super excited for the next 8 weeks until the Mudder, I will let you know how things progress! @Jason
  6. Congrats on taking the big step and registering!! I was simultaneously excited and nervous when I "put my $ where my mouth is" and registered for the TM here in Phoenix. Keep it up, I am anxious to hear how you progress!!
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