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  1. Hey! it's nice to find someone who trains EBMAS too!

  2. Usually the electronica channel on grooveshark. Although I'm currently playing this @ my desk. http://www.burningopera.com/home/watch-listen/
  3. http://www.fit2fat2fit.com/ I'm a bit torn on this actually. While I think it might add some insight to the personal trainer, the personal trainer also has the benefit of knowing his potential. For those that have struggled with weight especially for a large portion of their lives they can't fall back on their known potential because they probably don't know what their potential is. This guy knows his potential. He's been ripped. He's been buff. He's been the envy at the gym. He has the pictures to prove it and I'm sure he knows he can be that person again. At the same time, in areas of my lif
  4. My problem is that I've never been a heavy sleeper, even in my college boozer days. I can lay down @ 1 and still be up by 5-6ish. I don't like sleep-aids & yet I feel rested. Go figure........but my diet is getting better. That might help!
  5. http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-hotel-robbery-on-tape,0,5236342.story
  6. We use it for just about everything we make. I put it in my protein shakes,Wife uses it for pancakes,daughters with cereal.
  7. I take flaxseed oil (4Xdaily) & a multi-vitamin (twice a week). Doctor orders for LDL\HDL issues....
  8. I prefer sunny side up with a splash of sriracha sauce. Them be some good eggs!
  9. THAT is going on the fridge and my cube wall!
  10. It's usually something aggressive. Some Meat Beat Manifesto or Mastadon. Something to keep me moving for the hour. http://youtu.be/XeclWk1Z7Cc Helps me get into BEAST MODE!
  11. Hi Mitch! I joined the rebellion yesterday. See you around the forums.
  12. Sounds really good! I have everything but the squash.
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