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  1. Thanks Malcontent, Ive read up on the greyskull LP and i am really interested, its what i exactly want from a program, i especially like the idea of doing the AMRAP sets too. Gonna give it a go for a few months and see how things go, thanks again
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. Funnily enough as i was working around the 60kg mark on my squats, i did 80kg for a 1rm, after a few weeks work i was repping 80kg for 5x5. I have to agree with the going for five sets with a full working weight though, it is very tough at times. I set a new squat PR last night of 110 for 5 sets and i felt like fainting after each set haha! Ill deffinitely look into the greyskull one, however im considerig just adapting the stronglifts program i do really enjoy with the suggestions here and track my progress using Jefit
  3. Hi all Quick intro about what i have been doing and then ill detail what im looking for. So i had major spinal surgery in December 2014 to remove a herniated disc, i am 100% fine now and have had the all clear from my doctor and physio since Feb 2015. I have been at the gym since Jan 2014, initially for recovery and rehab as before the surgery i couldn't walk due to severe pain. Once i received the all clear from the doc and physio, i went onto a strength training program called Stronglifts. I'm 90% sure that people here will know what stronglifts is, for those that don't heres a quick i
  4. Thanks all for the suggestions, the shakes are something I am certainly going to pursue, I've already picked out some protein from myprotein and as suggested ill be mostly using fruit to sweeten up the shake then loading it up with veg. I agree with the boring meat thing, I generally change up every day between what I have stocked, ground beef burgers, chicken fillet, legs, legs+thighs, basa.. whatever I fancy and cook it how I like =-) Thanks again to ALL, this thread has given me the motivation to carry on.
  5. SpecialSundae, I suggest you read disil's comments and maybe rein in your... (the best way I can put this) fury. I understand you don't like something but maybe you wanna be a bit more respectful to someone who's new here and really looking support and encouragement, rather than being called a child, frankly, it isn't helpful. Its a good thing im thick skinned otherwise id've left the internet 19 years ago Anyway, yea to everyone else thanks so much, I agree with you all that I need to find something I can eat in a way I like and have that going forward, that's mainly the reason I went with
  6. Hmm that's actually a neat idea, I have a blender at home that I use to make paleo mayo, so I could use that to blend up some shizzle. Ill deffo look into that one, thanks!
  7. Got to say specialsundae, you have quite a way with words. I appreciate what you're saying but maybe lessen the tone as it seems to me like you're talking at me, especially the whole im a child for wanting tinned peas. Yes, my maintenance is 4300 calories per day, I am taking in 2500 give or take 200 or so, I walk around 3-4kms in 45 mins at 10mins per KM and I am also on core exercises to help my back recover since my surgery. When I came into this I knew what I was doing was going to be a challenge, just after reading everything on NF's website and doing research, I should have seen some
  8. Sadly im VERY picky when it comes to veg, however when you guys say im having a few peas im having around 2 100g tins of pea's, I didn't know sweetcorn was bad as the diet said veg, either way, ill knock that on the head. In regards to calories, I am having around 2500 per day, I don't take anything off for exercise im doing so that way I know I am specifically at a caloric deficit. Also liquid intake is 2-6L per day, with a high amount of that being water, I have a 2L bottle at work I usually drink in the mornings and afternoons. I have been careful to make sure I am taking in the correct
  9. Hey guys So I recently decided to switch to a paleo diet, in the beginning I was pretty much only going mostly paleo with some cheats like bread and beans etc. When I began around four weeks ago I was 19st10, the lightest I've ever weighed, in the first week I ballooned up to 20st3 and then started losing again till I was back down to 19st13 mid week last week. Last week I was very very constipated and as of this week (yesterday) I am now 20st5...????? I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I am currently rehabbing from surgery and I'm at the gym three to four times a week depending on my ba
  10. So I've been to the gym twice since the last post, here's what I did: Treadmill, walking at 4.8 kph, uphill at 6.5% incline, first ten minutes was flat to warm up, following twenty was uphill and a constant heart rate of 160-175, then another ten or so minutes to cool down on a flat at around 3.5 kph. For now I'm going to refer to this exercise as the staple as its the main thing I can do really, I have an appointment with a personal trainer to show me some new core exercises and stretches for my legs and back. Ten single foot raises on the medi ball using a tensed core to stabilise myself, al
  11. At the moment, due to only having surgery a month ago, my doctor has instructed me to ONLY do core exercises with no weights and walking, no high impact or lifting of weights, for now im happy to get through the rehab part of my life and move onto lifting further down the line. The doc said that would be about 4 months or so, this gives me plenty of time to work on my core and get my cardio fitness up. I've started a log in the log area of NF, you're welcome to take a peak http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/60181-steve-his-slipped-disc-rehab-onto-a-better-life/
  12. Hi First off, to skip a lot of the explanation, please check http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/59904-hi-im-steve-thisll-be-a-long-one/ for my introduction to NF. Secondly, this is going to be a really slow take my time sort of ordeal, i have a lot going on in my life and i won't be posting every day, HOWEVER, i try to keep food logs on my phone so i will update when i get the chance. So, here we go. I am attempting to move over to the Paleo diet, my long term goal is to cut my body fat down to a healthy level, ideally i want to get into lifting but depending on my healt
  13. Hi Illucia Thanks for the post, i thought i'd generate more interest but i guess it is a long post heh, anyway good to be here. Steve
  14. Hi there. My name is Stephen, I am 30 years old, live in the north of England, I work in the public sector as a senior IT tech at a high school, I an 6'4" and I weigh 20st. I was born in 1984 and was brought up by an alcoholic and abusive father with a mother who was very passive towards his actions, I struggle with bipolar depression daily ( I'll be on Prozac for the rest of my life) and up until recently, have been floating through life. Through school I was bullied, either being ugly, not fitting in, liking the right stuff, being s loner, or a geek were the things the popular kids didn't li
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