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  1. So far so good. I think I need to add more raw veggies to my daily intake. I need to check in more often here too.
  2. Its somewhat known when I am, we even have a semi-Paleo based restaurant here, but its unknown to my circle of friends.
  3. I think I need to start tracking what I take in on a daily basis, especially on my workout days. Sometimes I don't think I eat enough, sometimes I think I may be pushing it. I do power lifting, so I know the hunger is real most of the time. Today I did pretty well, but I didn't eat enough veggies (just a few servings). I'm going to kick it up with my green smoothies tomorrow.
  4. I know its not too late to join. If not, here's my info: - Reason(s) why you're choosing to go Paleo and participate I really need to be more strict with my diet. I already know I cant (and haven't in a while) eat sugars, grains, legumes, but I need help staying on the path. Plus I need to add more veggies to my daily intake. I recently saw a TED Talks video about MS and the Paleo diet, and that included a large amount of veggies daily. - Personal goals you'll be working towards More weight loss, stability with my MS, more energy. - Starting stats (for example: gender, age, height, weight, bodyfat %, measurements, etc.) Female Age 33 5'6" unknown weight 36-30-40 the rest is unknown - "Before" pics (optional, but encouraged) Ill post one later...maybe
  5. I agree it depends on where you go. I find that a lot of non-chain restaurants (plenty in Portland) don't where the national chains do (not to mention MSG, etc). I generally make my own, but the Whole Foods here can pre-season yours upon request. I usually call ahead and ask for their raw seasoned/Buffalo wings to put in the freezer for a rainy day.
  6. Great thread! I like to grill mine in my cast iron grill pan, but I must try roasting them more. I love your ideas!
  7. I'm so glad to hear that! I was reading in my book, "The Paleo Diet" and they said bacon was a don't. I only buy lean thick cut bacon, non-hormone, etc bacon - not the anemic greasy thin type....
  8. I had a Patagonia sports bra that literally lasted 7 years with constant washing. I purchased on clearance at a sports store years ago and I wish I purchased more. I try to order during their online sales or the rare Patagonia sale at REI. I'm not huge, but 36D is enough. I agree with Lululemon (only tried it on in the store), but I have to wait a bit.
  9. (New to the forum!) I'm into the diet, but I still have a ways to go in terms of doing it 24/7. There are certain foods (cream, butter, yogurt) that I have a problem kicking. I stopped eating grains long ago, except for the occasional Sushi rice, but that's rare and I eat very little of it. Slowly but surely...
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