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  1. Hi fellow Nerds. I was a huge fan of these forums a few years back. Then I got more involved with the academy and the facebook groups. Then I went to NF Camp 2016 and it was amazing!! Then it all went downhill. I gave up tracking and quit facebook and the groups. Little by little I've gained weight to higher than I've ever been. So! I restarted MFP! I'm going to try hanging around the forums. I'm moving in a month, so I will focus on food and tracking now. After the move, I will find some fitness classes. Wish me luck!
  2. Shout-out to everyone else who feels bound to stay inside due to weather. Luckily, my BF is a much better bike nerd than me and picked up a trainer. I think this one: Amazon Link. I'm super grateful, but I'm not sure how to get the most out of it. I'm used to letting the road decide my gears and speed for me, to an extent. Any advice?
  3. I'm going to cast wormhole just as soon as I stop collecting underpants in the forum!
  4. Sounds like you made a pretty good plan already! Why not run to your favorite park, then do whatever weight lifting workout you would have done inside, then run back? It doesn't need to be complicated!
  5. I've never used one, but I have intentionally carried heavy things around in a nice backpack before. Why do you want a weighted vest?
  6. When I actually think about other people, I definitely do this. I'm usually lost in my thoughts and am the opposite of a "people watcher." But my ex used to do this thing where he would actually rate other women on the 1-10 scale and tell me why! It was so offensive, for my sake and for theirs. I always called him out for being rude and hurtful, but ended up just leaving him. Since then, I've noticed that a good handful of friends (mostly guys) do this. They are also the same people that will offer "constructive" criticism about my body. Neither case is particularly helpful or kind
  7. I love this!! I really enjoyed reading that
  8. That's awesome. Are you signed up for any races this year?
  9. Way to go! It's the lasting changes that make the difference.
  10. That's wonderful. Thanks for doing that!
  11. Hahaha, wish I'd seen this maybe 6 months ago!! I was at Gen Con too! I spent most of it walking around playing Pokemon Go. Are you going back in 2017?
  12. Hi there spider! I can't really stand driving that much either, and I'm currently not living in a walk-friendly location. It's not too bad for biking, except in terms of getting to and from work. Honestly, I'm afraid of biking on roads with cars though!! I hope your neck is feeling better.
  13. way to go reaching out. How did your respawn go?
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