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  1. Challenge Wrap Up Well - not the way I hoped the challenge would go, but these things happen. A lot of my mini-goals just didn't happen this time around. Between work and family, I just could not keep it all going. The most important things - food stayed pretty much on program, exercise was great, and weight management continued. I have set a personal record for miles ridden. I am at 178 pounds today (down from 226 on Jan 23, when I first joined the Rebellion). I give myself a C for the challenge, but I am pretty damn happy about it. My long term goals are on track. I am rewarding myself like I said - 5 new suits, 6 inches smaller than my previous ones, and - get this - SLIM FIT! Being able to ride a century is totally within reach, after riding the metric last Sunday I know I can do it! August is going to be crazy for our family, 3 vacation trips all over the US. I wont have my bike with me most of the month, so I will be relying on hotel treadmills or just walking a ton while we are out and about. I am going to pass on the next challenge, but i will be back with the team in September. You guys are great and fantastic motivators, sorry I kind of dropped off this time. Please know, the NF crew was in my heart every day, I just wasn't taking the time to document this leg of the journey. Stay strong Rebels!
  2. That was the first time I had ever done an organized ride. I might be getting addicted to racing tho! Thanks for the kind words!
  3. Much success Amigos! 36 miles yesterady, Tour de Donut, average pace 19 mph. Today, 61 miles, Tour de Corn, average pace 17 mph. I guess the donuts weighed me down! I did so much better than I expected both days. I guess I am getting the hang of this bicycle thing. Stay Strong Rebels!
  4. Hi All, Crazy week, again. The good news is I continue to stay on my mostly Paleo lifestyle (a bit of 4th of July carb celebration) and lots of bike rides. Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day, but I ran on the treadmill for 4.5 miles instead. My cardio workouts have me feeling better than I have in my whole life. I have been getting home late and too spent to write this week, sorry! Weight is steady around 180, which still amazes me. I feel bad I haven't been writing - I hope you will all forgive me Big plans for the weekend - two bike races - themed for Illinois. Saturday the Tour de Donut. Yes, a 30 mile race with two doughnut stops along the way. Sunday, Tour de Corn - 62 mile (100km) metric century. It will be the longest single day ride for me, and longest two day combined. Illinois really has a food thing, but not good food Glad to see everyone is sticking with it. Keep supporting the Rebellion!
  5. You are doing great! Adding water is a real struggle for lots of people and you are knocking it out of the park. And always remember, rest days and sleep are key to muscle recovery. I had and extra rest day today myself, sometimes life just happens and you can't get around it. I think you have had a great week!
  6. Cathelas

    Heidi: Purify

    Heidi, I really like the Gratitude post. It is a lot o food for thought. I agree with what others have said and I am learning more and more that putting positive energy out there makes me feel better. Of course, I still struggle daily with wanting to vent all of my anger... but I am getting better a coping and recognizing not everyone has ESP and can see what is in my head. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.
  7. Cathelas

    Heidi: Purify

    I read On the Road about 25 years ago. I wonder if I should give it a try now that I am older. I remember having a hard time enjoying it back then.
  8. You had a decent week 3 for sure. I hope you are rocking this week as well. kettlebells + yoga = lots of sore I would think!
  9. This sounds freaking hilarious. Glad you found some fun to let the brain rest
  10. Copious mead is always needed after a resignation. Well played.
  11. Side note, 92% of the way to Mount Doom means: Hear orc scouts. Hide behind bush. Learn news of Gollum. Light fades as they hide.
  12. Friday was four short rides, but fun all the way. Today ended up being a rest day. Wasn't feeling great when I woke up and then I had to go into the office for a few hours. Oh well, not knocking it. The plan is for a long training ride Sunday morning. I better get to sleep soon!
  13. Thursday night was more about time in the bike saddle than distance or speed. Almost two hours, nice cadence, didn't really break into a sweat. Made me happy. Life is getting in the way of stuff again... but we manage, right? I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July, unless you live somewhere where it is just another day - actually, you should still have a great weekend!
  14. That is a great week! A really great week!
  15. Today is a rest day But I started the stretching for the mini. Lots of good fruit in season right now, so I am splurging. If the rain would stay away for a few more days, to make it through the weekend, that would be awesome. I have some challenging bike training sessions ahead, I would like to be sorta dry.
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