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  1. I find that chewing gum makes me hungry, even if I just ate. To each their own.
  2. Doesn't Whole30 instruct you to ignore calories? I say you write down what you're eating but don't calculate until you finish your month. See how you feel and if you're moving in the right direction no need to change anything.
  3. Just found this thread, totally asking the fiancé about it. If so, we'll probably drive down around 6 am Saturday morning from Grand Prairie (smack dab in the middle of DFW), stay the night somewhere, hit up the San Marcos outlets Sunday morning/afternoon then back to DFW by evening. I'll have 2 extra seats in the Mustang if this happens.
  4. I tried it for a few months a year ago and didn't make any progress. Works for some folks though.
  5. I lost my 40-ish lbs pretty steadily over 7 months, been plateaued for about 2. Less than 10 from my goal and it just won't die! So I'm feeling the same way. Best of luck to you!
  6. Closer? Still trying to keep it simple, so leaving out intermediate phases if I can.
  7. In an attempt to understand how your body uses macronutrients, I drew up a little chart: For people way smarter in biology than me, how can I make this more accurate? What I drew is my current understanding. If we can make it more accurate (but still simple), we could even direct people to it when they have a question on macronutrients.
  8. I could make myself poor if I listened to my stomach when I saw avocados at the store...
  9. They taste just like tuna! I'm still kinda scared of em though.
  10. My primary (read: only) way of visiting the boards has been through Tapatalk for iPhone for quite awhile now. For some reason, it refuses to work. Here is what it says: "Cannon connect to forum: This forum is either restricting access from Tapatalk or the installed Tapatalk plugin is not working. Please contact your forum administrator." This has been going on since shortly after my last challenge post, approximately... May 14th. Sorry it's taken so long to let y'all know, but since I use my phone to access the boards... yeah.
  11. Back on track, what were my goals again? Day 15: 1) Flexability - 3 yoga classes so far. 1 more coming tomorrow. 2) Agility - 2 sprint workouts so far, one resulting in nausea, the other in blisters. I'm on a roll. 3) Basic Movement - I'm back on the pull-up train, been doing them since I got back from Toronto. 4) Light on Feet - Is it possible to get negative points? This morning I weighed in at 173.6. Will need to turn this around 5) Preparation - So far I've spent $900 from my last paycheck on this house that I'm waiting on the underwriter for, and no doubt I'll spend a bunch more on my next paycheck. So this is looking good.
  12. Most people don't really care. A few will ask deeper questions or make a comment about who said what, but they usually drop it when they realize that nothing they say will change how I eat (which I make clear if they make those comments). Another few actually talk about how awesome it sounds but they can't do it for X, Y, and Z reason, after which I'll usually question them a bit and make them realize it's not all that difficult. Good times.
  13. Durp, weighed in at 173.4 this morning. After spending 3 days in Canada, my diet is in need of a reset. Will begin updating again on Monday... maybe.
  14. So are there any places I should eat at or otherwise check out that are specifically Canadian while in Brampton? I may or may not have a car. Flying in this afternoon.
  15. I'd say you should get around 30%-35% of your daily calories from protein, the rest should come from fat or carbs. Set your macro for protein such that you get your lean body mass or 200g, whichever is less. Then set fat and carbs appropriately. I use 20% cho, 30% prot, and 50% fat (works out to 105g carbs, 158g protein, and 117g fat on a 2100 kcal diet), but if I wanted to do very low carb I'd simply adjust to 5%-10% cho, 30% prot, and 60%-65% fat.
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