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  1. I find that chewing gum makes me hungry, even if I just ate. To each their own.
  2. @Loren - Dude, major sympathy and vibes going your way. Haven't been around much but when I am you constantly inspire me. Sounds like now is a good time to hold on to some keystone habits and take it one step at a time. @moabbound - I have a friend from college that I've been encouraged by my fiancé not to talk to. Completely understand both sides. She should understand when you tell her that you'd prefer her not being in contact with this guy. Additionally, you could try to spend more time with her to keep her from spending her time on him.
  3. Not always cheap but I love me some MTG.
  4. Seeing a lot of this for the first or second time, we have a higher chance of seeing how broken the two-parties / system is and thus are less likely to be excited about voting.
  5. I'm a fan of Luca Turilli / Rhapsody on the symphonic metal side. System of a Down, of course, and Blindside, Seether, and Wolfmother on more traditional metal.
  6. Wow, thanks so much for the great responses folks. Things we're doing now: 1) Locked door policy: unless somebody is working on the lawn, all doors to the outside are locked 2) Locked window policy: all windows have storm windows and are not to be opened, creating about 3 layers you'd have to break to get in Things I'm doing soon: 1) Buying and installing a thicker front door / frame with newer locks: the current door is flimsy and locks out of place, sacrificing precious AC during this Texas summer 2) Calling the alarm company and seeing if they can update the program to have a mode where a
  7. Doesn't Whole30 instruct you to ignore calories? I say you write down what you're eating but don't calculate until you finish your month. See how you feel and if you're moving in the right direction no need to change anything.
  8. Just found this thread, totally asking the fiancé about it. If so, we'll probably drive down around 6 am Saturday morning from Grand Prairie (smack dab in the middle of DFW), stay the night somewhere, hit up the San Marcos outlets Sunday morning/afternoon then back to DFW by evening. I'll have 2 extra seats in the Mustang if this happens.
  9. Targeted towards the USA folks here, but everybody is welcome of course: Recently bought a house back in June, finally finished bringing over most of my stuff from my parents house, and I realize my roommates + I have more than enough valuables to potentially attract unsavory characters into our 1970's home. I'm wondering what armaments / protection devices other homeowners have. We currently have an alarm system on all the doors, which is unfortunately not that useful when we have 6 different schedules in the house (yes, I'm a slum lord) since it can't be armed unless we're all home or all g
  10. I've had LASIK. Best. Decision. Ever. Waking up and being able to see the leaves outside my window = priceless.
  11. This, 1000x. This is the reason obesity is a problem. Hyperpalatability of foods full of both carbs and fat lead to excess consumption. Topped-of glycogen stores due to low activity and excess carbs lead to no meaningful oxidation of fat and storage of dietary fat. Rinse and repeat.
  12. I tried it for a few months a year ago and didn't make any progress. Works for some folks though.
  13. Mint and the various apps for institutions that I deal with (BoA, ING, Citi, Amex). I like Mint a lot, have been using it for quite awhile. What is it you don't like about it?
  14. I lost my 40-ish lbs pretty steadily over 7 months, been plateaued for about 2. Less than 10 from my goal and it just won't die! So I'm feeling the same way. Best of luck to you!
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