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  1. Philociraptor - The Halfling Assassin Born of two first-generation (Mexican) American parents, I spent 21 years learning how NOT to be awesome. Shortly after turning 21 (and reaching an all time high weight of 215 lbs), I discovered the power of Paleo and have been striving to perfect my diet and exercise ever since. Standing at an impressive (not) 5' 6.5", I hope to make up for my height with agility, adaptability, and strength. In this challenge, I plan to continue my progress in yoga, get lighter, faster, and stronger, and prepare to make my own way in the world; all goals are stepping stones to becoming the ultimate assassin. Journey so far: Starting stats for this challenge: STR - 3 DEX - 2 STA - 2 CON - 3 WIS - 4 CHA - 1 Weight: 172 lbs (weigh-in on April 29th) Body fat %: 18.5% (average of tape measure formulas on April 29th) Goals: 1) Flexibility - Attend 12+ Yoga classes - 1 STR, 2 DEX, 1 CON 2) Agility - Do 6+ sprint workouts - 1 STR, 2 DEX, 1 STA 3) Basic movement - Perform 10 (assisted) pull-ups per day - 2 STR 4) Light on Feet - Get under 166 lbs (1 lb/wk) and 16% bf% (0.5%/wk) - 1 CON, 2 CHA 5) Preparation - Save $1,500 for house purchase - 1 CON, 1 WIS Total available points for this challenge: 4 STR, 4 DEX, 1 STA, 3 CON, 1 WIS, 2 CHA
  2. I use 20% cho, 30% prot, and 50% fat on MFP. You really don't need more than 200g of protein a day, no matter your lean body mass.
  3. http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/foods/list 1 cooked, medium sweet potato is 114g, 23.61 of which is carbs. "Medium" is 2 in diameter, 5 in length, which is about what the ones I buy measure.
  4. www.dessertstalker.com Keep in mind, just because ingredients are Paleo, it doesn't mean you can't get fat on desserts. With that in mind, I think Paleo treats are acceptable as a once in a while thing. Happy eating!
  5. I've decided to put my leangains goals to rest for now, there's just no way I'm eating 10 medium sweet potatoes worth of carbs (236g) in a single day. Gonna eat breakfast again for a week, see of my progress starts again: it stalled when I started feeding at noon each day.
  6. The way I see it: Paleo is a guideline for optimal health. Each person will be able to personalize based on lifestyle and genetics. Every time you eat something that's not strictly Paleo, make sure the benefits (usually taste) outweigh the costs (usually gastronomical discomfort). That's it. As long as you're in this realm, you're probably doing pretty well.
  7. Sunflower oil = no no on Paleo. Butter is always preferred over margarine (which is hydrogenated i.e. has trans fats), does it trigger your allergies? I'm not 100% on what butter does in baking, that might warrant an internet search ("butter baking substitution" or something like that. Just not shortening) What are you going to be baking? For high heat cooking use coconut oil or animal fat (like bacon).
  8. 20% or less of your daily calories IMO. It really is a subjective term though.
  9. Yes you can gain weight. I suggest "intuitive eating", i.e. eat when you're hungry and tracking only weight over a few weeks. If the scale is moving in the wrong direction, start counting and adjust. While the equation is not exactly calories in vs calories out, it's a pretty good guide and is still important.
  10. Teehee. Alternatively, get the book Well Fed. It's a bit expensive, but it has fairly easy recipes overall and has a section on planning for the week. Quick summary: Brown ground beef with onions Grill chicken with salt and pepper Steam veggies Combine with spices and sauces and you'll always have a quick meal. I HIGHLY suggest the book.
  11. I've been a breakfast eater all my life. How long until the stomach = black hole feeling during the morning hours goes away?
  12. www.chowstalker.com Happy recipe hunting.
  13. About the sweet potato chips: halfway through baking I like to top them with a tiny bit of garlic powder, cheese, bacon crumbles, and chopped green onions. Fantastic.
  14. I second this, cooking at home is almost always cheaper than eating out, no? Sounds like a good idea when strapped for cash.
  15. Mexican food often includes grilled skirt steak (i.e. fajitas) with poblano peppers and onions on the side, no? Menudo is mostly meat + hominy (giant corn-like kernels). If you must partake: Corn > flour. Beans = beans = possible gastronomical discomfort in exchange for decent protein. Rice = empty, tasty carbs. Good luck!
  16. I set an actual number for a realistic goal (165 lbs by summer), but also have a stretch goal I'm looking at (155 lbs and 10% bf by Halloween). It's okay to dream of your "perfect body", but always be setting and achieving small goals; for some this helps to keep motivation strong.
  17. Lucky, I get hungry promptly at 7:30 and 11:30 each day, even though I'm pushing my breakfast to noon now. I suppose that will go away sooner or later though. Using coffee and water to dull it for now.
  18. When I lived in Boston I HATED the marathon: I lived in the Back Bay and nobody could deliver foods during it. I did like the random day off of school though.
  19. That. Looks. Awesome. Going to do more research and possibly ask my doctor about this during my yearly physical in a few months.
  20. This thread is relevant to my interests: girlfriend and I may move in together soon, gonna have to print this discussion out for her.
  21. Where did you find this? I've been reading some of the articles but I'm slightly limited on my phone. What is the limit and why is it important?
  22. Is there a limit on fats? My macros kind of naturally clock in at 20/30/50 cho/prot/fat. I could add bacon and almonds, though they don't really give enough protein for their fat values. I try and supplement as little as possible, I'm going for more of a clean cut, so protein powder is only for emergencies. Whole milk makes me kind of poopy last I checked, so that's out too =(
  23. Thanks for making this thread! Major problem for me: I'm having a REALLY hard time eating a day's worth of food in 8 hours. I eat lunch at noon (300-500 kcal), am not hungry again until at least 5, and if I eat right after work I'm not hungry again until morning. My meals max out around 500 kcal and I can only get 2 in me (within 8 hours) before I feel sick. Ideas?
  24. Yes. Part of trying to lose weight is insulin control and not being hungry all the time, the two points I addressed with no mention of carbs.
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