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  1. I'd just advise against using bananas for smoothies. They are about equal to a chocolate chip cookie on the sugar and satiety spectrums.
  2. From Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution: "4. The carbon dioxide bubbles in the soda water help get the ethanol into your blood more quickly. This has the practical effect of allowing you to drink a bit less for the same effect." But you don't have to believe the biochemist.
  3. I only use soda water to speed the delivery of my tequila. Fact.
  4. Use dessertstalker.com for TONS of ideas. I suggest some kind of berry muffins or chocolate "custard" using dark chocolate and coconut milk.
  5. I feel ya Loren. I've stop posting on social networks about what I eat and only post weight loss charts and progress pictures. If people want to get on board, I let them come to me. Girlfriend and I are mostly Paleo (she's Viet and isn't willing to give up rice) and we're looking hotter than ever. I call that win.
  6. I will push through a certain amount of soreness, though I suggest walking first, possibly in grass, and taking it slow overall. Running while sore usually makes my soreness go away too, though I include ample stretching after the run.
  7. Lol, good guess, chicken wings though. I WILL be taking my afternoon snack out of its container though, just to be safe.
  8. Ate some today because my lunch exploded in the microwave.
  9. Saturated fat generally isn't considered bad anymore. Cordain has stated he was under a lot of pressure with his first book to toe the line with conventional wisdom, but has since revised his opinions. If you can get a raw milk source, that would be great. Even so, as long as supermarket milk doesn't cause gastronomic discomfort, I see no reason not to try it.
  10. Root veggies, fats (coconut oil, butter, bacon grease), and avocados.
  11. ... I'm willing to bet 98% or people eating a Paleo-style diet cook their food. That article is so full of fail.
  12. Love spicy, let a tear or two out last night eating wings, No embarrassment.
  13. I was SUPER excited when they built one near my house, especially after seeing the ad about local sourcing when possible. My order is salad, half lettuce, "fajita" veggies, double chicken, pico de gallo, cheese, and guacamole. Mix it all up and it's all nom nom nom. 21/69/26 cho/prot/fat and 580 kcal total, it's a great balance for a workout day.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWTmg4dHiKg&feature=youtube_gdata_player ^hopefully I linked that correctly, on my phone ATM.
  15. Thank y'all for remaining me how lucky I am for my SO. I've stopped talking about my diet and such at work now, and try and keep my diet/fitness related Facebook posts to once a week at most. Even my family thinks I'm pretty crazy, while I cry on the inside knowing nearly all their chronic illnesses could be solved with improved diet and some exercise. Just go get super-hot and people will eventually come around.
  16. I want to try some yoga, I want to be able to do an Asian squat. For people who already do it: What's the typical reaction for releasing methane gas into the room in a violent-sounding manner? (doesn't happen often but is surprisingly loud when it does)
  17. Agreed, tracking is key. If you have to write down each time you eat something that isn't great, you're much more cognizant of your decision to eat it. Bonus for sharing your tracking with others.
  18. I just don't eat. I find that I don't really get super hungry anyway so this isn't difficult. However, this might be difficult if I've been smelling cooking food for awhile. I'd probably suggest a trip to Chipotle (they were started by McDonald's after all).
  19. Just to hammer this home for joeyb: eggs are Paleo. Always have been, no idea how you got confused. You will meet almost nobody who would say otherwise. They are excluded when doing Robb Wolf's autoimmune protocol, but are otherwise always allowed. Period. Butter is dairy, which is a Neolithic food, and by definition not Paleo. However, after excluding it for an extended period of time, most Paleo adherents find it to be far from unpleasant when eaten, so most of us will include it in our diet.
  20. I hate pickles. I can't give up nothing: if it's bad for my health, I can justify not eating it. Simple cost/benefit analysis.
  21. Corn is not a vegetable, it is a grain, which is shunned on Paleo. Check out Whole30 if you want to do a month long thing, their guidelines are stricter but you'll be glad you used them.
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