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  1. 14-17 I'll be in town for PaleoFX. That will take most of my day but nights are open, given I can come back late where I'm staying (an aunt's friend's house).
  2. The "article" does make me pretty sad, as the mistakes made within make it quite counterproductive. Some folks are forgetting that lots of the Paleo literature includes sections on exercise in addition to the evolutionary theories on nutrition. You think inactivity is a major factor in heart disease and other chronic ailments? So do we.
  3. I've said it before but since it became a thread... I absolutely abhor the way people use % Paleo to quantify their eating habits. It diminishes the ideas and science behind it, as well as massively confuses people both familiar and unfamiliar with Paleo (as evidenced by this thread). NOW, I am not saying that I expect every person who claims to be Paleo to be 100% aligned with the literature all the time; I personally love tequila and will shank anybody who tries to take my handle from me on weekends. But Paleo is a way of living, a template for creating YOUR OWN eating habits which you can stick to for life and will bring you optimal health. With that in mind (rant warning), I feel like most people who are "looking for advice" here already know the right answer (from the tons of literature out there), but need to be told over and over and over before they believe it (usually due to an unhealthy relationship with food). This also goes for people who overdo it with Paleo-approved foods that shouldn't be eaten in massive quantities, like nuts and bacon (which I also love). Then they claim things like "I eat 80% Paleo but am not seeing progress". But if 20% of your calories come from non-Paleo foods, sorry, you aren't Paleo. So shun the percentages and just eat foods that do your body good. Not my body, not anybody else's body, but yours. Deep down, you know what these foods are and know how to test to be sure. So go eat!
  4. Waldo put it pretty well. A lot of what Mark Sission talks about with primal is avoiding poisonous things. I say as long as you are doing that and are getting enough protein (0.7-1.0g per lb lean body mass to grow muscle) let your carbs and fat fall into what you enjoy the most (at a surplus if you are trying to gain). For me that is citrus fruit and berries on occasion but primarily meat and veggies. So I end up high in fat and low in carbs. Another thing to consider is your n3/n6 balance. You want that to be ideally between 1:1 and 1:2. So take fish oil if you plan on eating a lot of nuts.
  5. Well, thanks for the advice folks. I hurt myself Monday evening, and today (Friday morning) I can finally not hobble around. Gonna pound an excedrin so I can play volleyball this evening. I'll try and keep my barefooting to a mile or so until I can build it back up (did a 5k with it on RRG).
  6. I track what I eat all day, so eating something that's not conducive to my overall goal would stick out like a sore thumb. This is usually enough to keep me from cheating. Though to be fair, I rarely get the urge to cheat, and try and do it only at restaurants so I'll have none of it at home. I think I've been eating this way for long enough that sandwiches and super-sweet stuff are kinda gross. Social deterrents to doing non-conducive things are that I tell my girlfriend (who is attempting primal) everything I eat and post pictures of my progress once a month on Facebook for everybody to see. And of course there's this community: I'm not gonna suggest to somebody how they could improve their health and then ignore my own advice. Hypocrisy.
  7. No. I tend to fall in line around 20% carbs, 30% protein, and 50% fat on Paleo. Basic idea is to get to your minimum amount of protein (0.7-1.0 grams per pound of lean body mass) then fill the rest of your allotted daily calories with good foods. Unless you're eating a ton of fruit, you'll end up highest in fat, then protein, then carbs.
  8. But once you let them go they begin to taste disgustingly sweet and you can only handle a few. Then fruits become AMAZING.
  9. Boo. I figured I'd be fine since I spent a lot of the 10 weeks last fall barefooting it, but I guess taking a break from running was enough to set me back. I have no access to NSAIDs at work but maybe can get something on my lunch break.
  10. Eh, I've paid as much as $5/lb for 75/25 grass fed ground beef. I drink up all the fat at the bottom when I splurge on that though. If I get it from the store I get it around $2.20/lb grain fed and make sure my cooking method drains the fat out. For chicken (usually on sale around $1/lb) I like to bake and add cloves of garlic to the pan, then save the oil after it's all cooked (garlic oil is amazing). Rarely eat pork or turkey.
  11. Yes, but only at first. Yes, extreme ups and downs. Standing straight and walking on my heels brings no pain. Tender only if I'm not standing/flexing. Most tender just below the largest bulge (again, only if relaxed). No idea what you said there. No bruising. I just see a bulge where my calf fat is then it's straight down. Tip toes are possible but painful for a few seconds. Knee is perfectly fine. Also, it hurts the worst when going downstairs.
  12. To be clear (I realize that I might not have described the location of the pain properly), the pain is in my leg, not my back. Back SIDE, lower part. Lower calf I guess would be a good way to describe it. Still hobbling along =(
  13. Long story short: ran 2.5 miles barefoot around my neighborhood Monday night (Zombies, Run! App inspired). Hadn't run much since I was working on the RRG last fall. Worked some intervals in there, but was mostly going at a pretty slow pace. Yesterday and today I have pretty extreme pain in my back, lower leg if I put stress on it or squeeze it. Getting out of bed gave me the imminent cramp feeling both days. Advice?
  14. This. None of my friends are even close to Paleo >.<
  15. Use it a a base for shepherd's pie. Add ground beef, chopped carrots, mashed turnips/cauliflower, whatever you want.
  16. Hmm. Never thought of that Roos. When I asked one of the meat guys at the store I go to (all they had out was skinless stuff) what they do with the skin he said they throw it away. So I assumed most places do that. I'll be getting a Sam's club membership pretty soon so I'll be checking there for deals.
  17. Yes. I'm not a fan of wasting perfectly good food in my own house, so I try to buy minimally trimmed meats from the store. I will look for deals on fish, blackened tilapia/salmon is super tasty.
  18. The problem with eggs and dairy are that their protein:fat ratios are roughly 6:5 and 1:1 respectively (not to mention the massive amount of carbs included in dairy). And the problem with chicken breast is its usually found without the skin, which they just throw away (i.e. wasteful). I can up the tuna, just gotta find a way to make it tasty. And chicken overall is still pretty good with the skin on it (about 7:5, which is closer to my target). I guess I'm looking to see if there's anything I've missed. Also on dairy: it makes me gastronomically uncomfortable (except some cheeses).
  19. I'm starting to do WODs off ZombieFit.org and so I'm changing my macros to 20% carb, 30% protein, and 50% fat. Here's my question: How do I get enough protein (0.7-1.0g/lb BW) without going nuts on the fat or using protein powder every day (I will still use it after hard workouts)? The key here is that I don't want to be wasteful, e.g. I'm going to eat the skin when I make chicken and drink the fat when I make ground beef. What specific sources of lean, whole sources of protein do y'all use (while not breaking the bank)?
  20. Mmm, had 5 thick slices of US Wellness bacon this morning with 3 omega-3 enriched eggs. Good start to my fat Tuesday.
  21. Nice Waldo, quite a read. I can hardly respond to all of it, but I can give a personal reason or two why I generally avoid the more processed food. I've found that I enjoy the taste of fresh food more (could very well be psychological) and have more control over the cooking of it (doh). There's also the environmental and ethical impact of all that processing which makes me uneasy. Buying local, organic and the like tends to have much less pollution associated with it along with the better treatment of animals. You can all but guarantee that very few of the animals used to make processed meat were treated well. Grains, especially wheat in the Midwest (I call it the middle east, Midwest never made sense to me), are grown using tons of fossil fuels. Not to mention the amount of land that has been leveled to grow so much grain, destroying ecosystems and killing small animals in the process and harvesting (natural selection argument aside, as I see humans as part of nature). And then there's just my health, which improved dramatically when I went from calorie-counting low fat to no-counting Paleo (though as you know I have started tracking more to make sure I get everything dialed in).
  22. For fruits and veggies: farmers markets. Super cheap. For meats: get the bigger pieces (leg quarters vs drumsticks) and shop the sales. Chicken can be had around $1 a pound and ground beef $2 a pound. Large roasts can also be quite economical if you have the ability to cook, separate, and store. Spices: buy bulk at a whole foods/sprouts/anywhere that has bulk spices, they're cheaper this way and you only get as much as you'll use. Overall: shop during sales. A lot of grocery stores around here let their weekly specials overlap on Wednesday's, do find out if the ones near you do that. Get ziplock bags and Tupperware of you can afford them, cook in larger quantities and save for a week. My grocery budget is also $200 a month and I often feed my girlfriend and sometimes my parents out of my food.
  23. What about beef jerky or fruit? Berries are very low GL and tasty. And eating an apple or banana with almond/peanut butter (spoon it from the jar onto the fruit) forces you to slow down and enjoy it. Some folks do cold chicken breasts and hard boiled eggs, which are easy to make and will definitely keep you full until your next meal.
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