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  1. Was this prolonged weight loss brought on in part by chronic cardio? That could explain why the muscles tended that way.
  2. Tequila has replaced my beer habit. Straight or with lime and soda water. Low cal, tasty, good buzz. I won't say no to a good, dry red wine though.
  3. *pops into thread about boobs* Oh hello. Uhh, I don't have much to say on the subject, but the girlfriend did send me a humorous text about boobs the other day. It went a little something like this: "If dude not wearing boxers = free ballin' Does girl not wearing booby zoo = free boobin'?" Thought y'all would enjoy that. *shuffles out quietly*
  4. Yeah, I've found that gluten makes me poopy, so I avoid it as much as possible (except my monthly Whataburger). Other that that I only get occasional cravings for fries (salt) and monster (due to its existence as a food group during most of college).
  5. Corey! I did the slow carb thing too for awhile, but I found that I simply couldn't lose weight on it. Dropped the beans completely and dairy by a lot, started the weight loss again. You'd think, with my Mexican blood, that I'd be adapted to eating beans. But apparently not.
  6. I had a lecture in my systems or management or programming class called "How to lie with statistics". Every time a study like this shows up I read through it with that lecture in mind. Most don't pass.
  7. I'm not comfortable with the idea of other people touching my feet. I DO wear my Vibrams for most workouts though.
  8. I'd you must have popcorn, I'd go with coconut oil, followed by dousing it in pastured butter. Mmm. Throw some bacon and bacon oil in there for good measure.
  9. I did it manually, but that literally took hours (I have a rather large music library). A quick google search found a utility called beaTunes. I say look for such utilities and try then out. You'll probably have to pay for them though.
  10. I just combed my library for every song with over 120 bpm, then weeded them out over time. Took awhile, but now I have a master running list and can make mini-playlists based on my mood and goal at the time. Sample of first few songs: Rehab - Amy Winehouse Bed Intruder Song - Antoine Dodson and Gregory Brothers The Boys of Summer - The Ataris You Give Love a Bad Name - Atreyu Do Your Thing - Basement Jaxx Vi Sitter i Ventrilo - Basehunter Boten Anna - Basehunter Hey Mama - The Black Eyed Peas ... The list is quite long, lol.
  11. I'm with Corey. Also, I had to have this talk with my parents too, who were used to my mom's Mexican and American styles of cooking, where almost every meal was eaten with 3 tortillas. Arm yourself with actual research, goals, and most of all plans of how this can work; your parents will respect you for it.
  12. Work with your parents then. Tell them the things you want to eat and the things that you won't be eating. If they care at all for your happiness and well being they will help you purchase the things that you truly feel will improve your health.
  13. I'm not well versed in cereal but one idea to increase your options is to just eat lunch or dinner leftovers for breakfast. No reason you shouldn't have the same stuff in the morning as you have the rest of the day. Just an idea.
  14. Up fat? Cook stuff in butter or coconut oil. You should setup custom macronutrient goals (can't be done on iPhone app, must be online). I put mine at 10% carb, 30% protein, and 60% fat, but you may want to keep more carbs in your diet. Once you set up the custom goals, the numbers on your daily tracking will adjust.
  15. Figured I'd post here too: I'm in need of a place to stay in Austin for PaleoFX (near UT is best, but reasonably close works) for myself and possibly the girlfriend March 14th-17th. I know this is in the middle of SXSW, but I'm just crazy like that. I have a car and could bring an air matress if anybody has some floor space. I could bring you kolaches from the Czech Stop! if anybody is willing to play host, please let me know ASAP.
  16. I'm taking Waldo's advice and using MFP to get macro totals and workout calories burned each day. I'm also going to move the daily numbers to a spreadsheet where I'll have a dynamic BMR calculator, 5-day weight averages and other such fun things. I'm easily excited by nerdy, mathy things
  17. If you're going mostly paleo you can change your macro ratios of carbs/protein/fat to 30/30/40 (zone) or even 20/30/50 if you're feeling like trying low carb. My goals at 10/30/60 (keto) are 44g carbs, 131g protein (slightly under my lean mass), and 117g fat at 1750 kcal total.
  18. I second what cookie said. I'm in a bit of a plateau myself (the same one I stopped at and gained all my weight back last time) but definitely don't want to regress. So I'll be weighing in every morning and counting everything I eat for at least a month to see if I'm doing something wacky on accident. Good luck!
  19. Pah. My goal of 10% BF would have me gain 277 lbs of muscle... Or lose 30 lbs of fat. Tough choice.
  20. 80/20 Paleo isn't really Paleo according to Robb Wolf. I could be almost 80/20 Paleo eating according to the myplate.gov recommendations, which include dairy, grains, and pufas as a staple. So to get closer, eat more of the Paleo stuff you really like, less of the non-Paleo stuff you could do without, and do some strength training just in case.
  21. Okay, it's been 3 days since my last trip to the porcelain throne. It's not painful, just weird. I think it's time for some drastic measures: double espresso inc when I get home.
  22. Lawl, sure thing Spatz. EAT MOAR VEGGIES!
  23. I'm not convinced of this. Bodies of pre-agriculture (just before the agricultural revolution) humans appear to be much stronger, slightly larger, and have better teeth than the humans that followed the agricultural revolution. Modern research has shown that bread/pasta = high carb --> excess glucose in the blood --> insulin production and release --> fat storage, a cascade that taxes the adrenal system. It's also shed light on nutrient density (anything you can get from grains you can get much more easily from other foods) and lectins (which damage the gut lining and keep it from repairing). There's plenty of evidence to show grains may not be as safe as we (as a society) think.
  24. Rice and dairy fit the single ingredient rule. Pasta and bread take a LOT of processing to make. I just feel like if it takes that much work to make something eatable we should question whether we really should be eating it. Same thing when fortifying foods: if the foods without fortifying actually do us harm, should we be eating them at all? These are things I personally asked myself, and I decided to steer away from foods of that nature. It is a personal decision though, and not all people are willing to devote the same amount of time to cooking that raw ingredients require. Convenience can be nice, and it's all about the cost/benefit of the foods in the end.
  25. Broth. The chef when I was in school would make me a chicken broth with ginger in it.
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