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  1. WHOOPS! Thanks for the catch, I fixed it... I got it right the first time when I spelled it out... then every time after kept writing BMI! D:
  2. Here is the dropbox link to the excel file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rrwdfj7b2e2v02d/EggsareSides%20%28for%20bacon%29%20-%20Blank.xlsx?dl=0 Hey all, So... I don't know about you, but I am always confused by how much I should eat... I know there are schools of thought that say if you eat the right types of foods, just eating till you are full will probably be fine. I like more concrete numbers than that. http://www.muscleforlife.com/healthy-meal-planning-tips/ Using this article as a guide I came up with an excel sheet so that a person can quickly and easily figure out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), Daily Caloric Requirement/Grams of macronutrients based on whether you are bulking, cutting, or maintaining. To use this, you need to know your weight, body fat %, and how many hours a week you spend working out. It uses the Katch-Mcardle BMR calculator. It provides recommendations for %'s of your macros, but you can completely disregard them and put whatever you want in there if you have your own system for calorie distribution. A breakdown of the features: 1) I wanted it to be useful to as many people as possible, so it allows adjustment for %'s of each macro. 2) I also included a protein calculator for those who want to get in 1.3, 1.8, 2.2 (whatever) grams per pound of protein. You input how many grams/lb. you want, and it spits out what % of your total intake that is (then the math is simple to input whatever % of dietary fat and carbs you want to get to 100% of daily calories). 3) The recommended protein and carb %'s are not static for bulking and maintenance. They take into account recommendations of 1G protein/lb., 20% from dietary fat, and then automatically calculates and plugs in the appropriate percentage/grams of carbs. Again, this only affects the recommendation. 4) I protected the worksheet so that those unfamiliar with excel do not accidentally destroy all of the formulas. The worksheet is totally functional while protected. There was no password set, so removing the protection is as easy as going to the review tab and clicking on "unprotect worksheet". I did this so if someone was curious as to how I did the formulas (and if they wanted to edit them a bit themselves) it would be simple to do. 5) I fell off the wagon.. I am back on the wagon now... I did a little more tweaking to the sheet (30 Aug 2015). Some tips I have come across: Avoiding carbs before bedtime may increase secretion of growth hormone while sleeping.Taking a slow digesting protein such as egg or casein just prior to going to bed can increase muscle repair while sleeping.If you train fasted, taking 10G BCAA 10 minutes prior can help prevent muscles from being used as fuel. NOTE: This can also hurt performance, which would effect your ability to make improvements.If you aren’t going to train fasted, try eating 30 grams of high GI (glycemic index) carbs and 30 grams of fast digesting (like whey) protein 30 minutes before training. After training try getting 80G high GI carbs and 30-40 grams of fast digesting protein.Intermittent Fasting (basically skip a meal and cram all of your daily calories into a short feeding window) may help accelerate fat loss.You will see in the calculator that there is a 20% fat intake recommendation for when cutting. I’ve read lots of stuff that says going a bit higher with fat (at least 30%) can help keep your metabolism up. Personally, I like a bit of a higher fat content, because it makes my life easier when counting calories. I also am not a big eater, and you can eat more fat calories with less poundage of food. Keeping the metabolism up won’t be as big of a deal when bulking or maintaining since you will be giving your body all of the calories it wants.People always talk about bodyfat percentage. First off, it's important to remember that this is an *ESTIMATED* body fat percentage. Also, I would rather work with raw numbers. Your amount of body fat can not change one ounch, but your body fat % will change due to hydration levels, how much food/waste is in your GI system, muscle mass changes, etc etc etc . I like to take the bodyfat% and convert it to pounds of body fat (again, remember, estimated). I have this built into the excel sheet. The way to do this without the sheet is simple. Take your weight, and multiply it by your body fat % (remember when multiplying percentages the percentage becomes a decimal. 10% would be .10). If you weigh 100 pounds and your body fat % is 10, that means you have 10 lbs of body fat. If I am trying to get rid of fat, I would rather look at lbs of fat versus percentage of fat to see if I am making progress. Again... I can't stress this enough.... Estimated body fat. It can be very difficult to get accurate fat readings, so assume that there will always be a high margin of error. Maybe you actually gained fat even though the numbers show a little loss, or perhaps you lost fat even though the numbers show a bit of a gain. Use averages and looks for trends over time. I hope you guys like it and find it useful!
  3. Ah... I see that your Schwartz is bigger than my Schwartz..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That got big fast. Any chance we could pare the ever-growing list down to essentials? Think in terms of "very small car that still needs to comfortably seat people and their luggage on trips." What would be your Top 10 must have first-aid items? Pretend you're driving, uh... wherever. Cross country. From like, New York to Hawaii. Because your car is also a hovercraft. A very small hovercraft. Like, two-seater. Your goal is to get you and your passenger there alive. What 10 first-aid items would you take along? Ok.. My packing list for a long roadtrip, keeping it small.... Two Tourniquets (people have different favorites.. my favorite is the CAT (it's the easiest for self application) and my second favorite is the SOF-T (more robust construction). Next would be two hemostatic dressings (impregnated gauze - not the powder or pouches). QuikClot seems to be the leader in this realm. Next would be two 3" Ace Wraps. Next would be a couple of packets of compressed gauze (H&H ad NAR make really good compressed gauze packets). I know you said you wanted to keep the items under 10, but these are gonna be super small items, so I feel OK going over the 10 item limit Nasopharyngeal Airway + packet of surgilube Compact barrier device for mouth to mouth Pair of gloves 2 Occlusive Dressings (Hyfin, Bolin, Halo) 2 Cravats (AKA Muslin Bandage AKA Triangle Bandage) 2 14G 3.25'' Needles This would all fit into a pretty small bag. Depending on the injuries sustained, it could treat 2-3 people at best, or might not even be enough for one person (that one person would need to be very banged up though).
  4. That's why I would want hemostatic dressings Use some gauze, get rid of the excess blood, look for the bleeder, pack hemostatic gauze on it, wait 3 minutes, and pray to Tom Cruise+Oprah that the bleeding stops. In lieu of hemostatic dressings, hemostats (forceps) would be your only option for an axial (armpit) or inguinal (groin) bleeder.
  5. Needles are good, I totally forgot to throw those in there. 14 G 3.25 inch. Gloves as well. Ideally, the best glove scenario IMO is wearing well-fitting powdered latex gloves, and on top wear slightly loose fitting gloves like the NAR brand (the NAR gloves are a bit more rugged. Also - wearing a pair underneath makes it easier to switch out gloves between patients. Once your hands get wet gloves won't just slide on anymore) Ashermans are kinda meh IMO.... they work, but there are better ones if you are gonna buy one. Hyfin, Bolin, and Halo come to mind. Whichever you use.. I always recommend having a prep razor nearby in case you have to slap one one someone who is hairy like animal.... If you really wanna do the extra mile, buy some benzoin tincture crushable ampules (I don't like things that come in packets because the packets often end up drying out). NOTE: I just looked back at the original list.. I thought I had included something along the lines of "something plastic and flexible - like a plastic wrapper for something). I totally left it out Forceps can come in handy... I have always trained to use my finger.. I feel like I would just be faster that way personally. Oh - saran wrap is good for evisceration. It's a little bulky though. I would recommend cutting the tube down if you are gonna keep it on hand. Oh - and duh... a little hydrogen peroxide, hand sanitizer, little bar o' soap, iodine and alcohol (I like crushable ampules) are good too. Note: If any of you are wanting to implement this stuff in your life, google "TCCC" to learn how to use these things I am talking about. If anyone has any questions about specific treatments, you can PM me .
  6. Dr. Pepper... Ehrmagerd.... DDP (Diet Doctor Pepper) is the only diet beverage that I actually enjoy. Just talking about it makes my mouth water (I have been soda free for almost a month now... when I fail, its only like 3 or 4 cans over the course of a week, so I don't fall off the wagon too hard) Hahaha.... Not today Satan.... Not today.......
  7. Oh wow... Yea, I knew the meth-Pseudo connection... I've always seen it as something where you can get it OTC, but you gotta goto the pharmacist, and using your driver's license they track how much you buy. Needing a prescription is rough (having to go to the doctor to get a prescription because you are stuffy... smh...). In my experience the phenylephrine does not work. :\ The whole theory behind taking psuedo before going to bed is that what causes your sore throat 82% of the time is your stuffy, leaky nose draining into your throat. When you are awake it is not a huge deal because you are upright, eating/drinking, coughing, etc etc... At night time the runny-ness has more contact time with the tissue in the throat, making it sore. I hate sore throats... I get em bad sometimes when I get stuffy. Side note - a quick fix in the morning is putting some salt on a lemon and sucking away. It is very intense, but I actually love the flavor and the burn....
  8. My craving that gets me sometimes is Coke... How I deal with it: I tell myself that I will not drink a coke unless I have drank a bottle of water first. By time I am done with the water, the urge for coke has passed. If I had an urge for ice cream or something I would tell myself: Ok, self... you can have that icecream *AFTER* you eat something filling. I also can have an issue with boredom eating. My strategy for this is two-fold. A) Minimize snacks lying around. 2) I make tea. The process of making the tea, waiting for it to be slightly cooler than the surface of the Sun, and then slowly sipping on it helps me not focus on my boredom hunger.
  9. S082


    Sick of breakfast burritos??!!? Have you tried throwing in some salsa and some cheese (I find that the mixed shredded cheese is the best for melting into eggs). Do you care what the calories come from (IE carb vs fat vs protein)?
  10. Most first aid kits make me want to suck start a shotgun they are so silly and frustrating... Ok... So, items that *I* would like to see in a first aid kit... Trauma shears (not just any scissors... trauma shears) Tape (durapore or some other tape which is actually sticky and can be ripped by hand. I also like having a little transpore on hand) Pocket Mask (they have really small ones that literally can fit in your pocket, and are cheap) Nasopharyngeal Airways + Surgilube Tourniquets Hemostatic dressings (I like the impregnated gauze type the best, the loose powder type the least) Compressed gauzes (H&H, North American Resuce, and Z-Pack are some places to get it) Pressure Dressings (commonly known as Israeli dressings, emergency bandages, and there is a variant called H-Dressings" (not to be confused with H&H brand absorbent gauze). Bandaids (the "blister" type ones are my favorite) 4x4 Dressings Eye shield SAM splints Cravats (AKA Muslin dressings or triangle bandages) 3'' Elastic Bandages (I.E. Ace Wrap) Antibacterial cream 25mg Benadryl (the hard kind of pill that you can cut in half) Hydrocortizone cream (the strongest you can get OTC. I *think* 2.5?) 500mg Acetaminophen (Tylenol, but off brands are a alot cheaper and are the same chemical) Aspirin Pseudoephedrine (not that phenylephrine stuff... Pseduo. If someone gets a sore throat, have them take 60mg before they go to bed). Loperamide (Dookie-Stop) This was off the top of my head, and there are things that I may over-looked. Looking back at this: If you are gonna be breathing for someone, having a pulse-oximeter on hand is.. *puts on shades* Handy.
  11. Hey, I noticed one of your goals was to learn you some medical stuff... I was a medic in the Army for 9 years, and I totally love talking about medical stuff. Feel free to pick my brain any time you would like
  12. Oh yes, I am being careful and making sure to pay very close attention to my body. I am a pretty healthy person already, and know my body pretty well. As of right now my line in the sand is severe headache, dizziness, or abnormal weakness. If those happen I will immediate go grub on some veggies, lean mean, and a little fruit. I'm keeping a cliff bar with me at all times in case I start feeling weird and don't have immediate access to regular food. I'm big on mitigating risks
  13. This is a true story.... I also really hate the feeling of letting people down, or feeling like I failed at a task. This is actually one of the issues I had when I first started lifting, and still do to some extent... Going to muscle failure feels like, well, failure. Anyways, putting this out there for people to see, and having people being curious as to my results will help provide extra motivation to stick to it, minimize cheating, and exercise hard so I can have something to show to the people who are paying attention to this. Speaking of which... time to go run....
  14. Great point! I will be going on vacation in just under 3 weeks. I do have a definite end point. I do need to be able to perform, so I am cushioning it a little by going a couple of days on protein shakes only, then having a day where I will eat some low carb veggies and eat some low carb/low fat protein sources and just a *little* fat to help ward off any nutrient deficiencies. I do have to function throughout the day, so I don't want this diet to cause too many issues with that. So - My goals are to become as athletic as I can (I am big on relative strength stuff, being flexible, and being able to move stuff around in the real world). I have a vacation coming up in just under 3 weeks. I have been lifting on and off for the past few months, and pretty solidly for the past month. This is me trying to get a little bit of abs before throwing a swimsuit on . Also - I feel like it will be beneficial to get leaner because the leaner I am, I am thinking it the easier it will be to see changes in my weekly/bi monthly photos which will help keep my momentum going.
  15. The thing is... you have that nice energy dense fat that is easily replaced.... It seems so silly to hold on to that and yet sacrifice hard earned and not easily replaced muscle that can keep you alive and help you get that next meal.... *le sigh* I haven't taken the time to look at a lot of studies of people losing weight and what happens - It's on my future to read list. In the mean time, I know I want to drop my belly pooch (dropping a few pounds will help my run time *and* I hate seeing the pooch when I am in the gym lifting things overhead). SO... If I end up losing a little bit of muscle, but also lose the pooch, then I will still be moderately happy. I still have my fingers crossed for making muscular progress (whether strength and/or size) while losing the body fat.... Time will tell!!
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