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  1. Oow i almost forgot to post this one from saturday:
  2. This felt so very hard. It was like running through syrup. It was hot and there were but small parts where i felt like i was running in a nice pace. Mostly it was just a very awkward run. I was so glad i arrived at my destination. And i was even more impressed by my avg. It felt like i was going at least 20 sec / K slower. Hopefully this was on odd one out! Thanx Trip for the support, well appreciated!
  3. I believe most discord tags have a number behind it...
  4. Would you be so kind to contact me, i would like to like give you some information on one Dungeons and Dragons Play by Post game. Thank you very much Proceed!
  5. Cause ever since the plague happened i haven't been doing much else. Last saturday was the event i have been training for since august last year. And since it was cancelled due to the plague it was substituted with a virtual event. So this happened: I got this goal of doing it sub 3h. I pretty much kept to the average K time i needed, at the halfway point i was 10 second behind. That's with something hit me mentally. It was a bit warm, and was getting warmer as i started at 9 in the morning. I was looking forward to the halfway point where i knew i would run in the shades for at least a couple of K. Wanting to make up for the couple of seconds i was behind. As soon as i got into that part (second part of the graph) my avg-time actually went up significantly (from 5:30/5:40 to ~5:50). After a couple of those K's where times slowly were just becoming worse and worse i decided it was more important to just get the distance in, than it was to pursue the sub 3 hours. Like usually i really start to struggle after the 25K, as you can see in the last part, the last 3K were just 20 minutes of myself trying to not slow down to a walking pace. I was so done!!! For the upcoming time i'm just gonna continue to run, i tried adding in some dumbbell work, and even though i just literally just have to turn around my home office chair to do it, it just doesn't work out. My next real goal i have set for my self is the Eindhoven Marathon. But this last run definitely made me realize i need some solid training to pull that off. Next to all the running i also completely fell in love with Dungeons and Dragons Got a weekend game going with several Rangers: @Jarric as DM and players: @DarK_RaideR / @jonfirestar / @Rhovaniel / @Charlie_Quinn (and the WW of Jarric) and we just started a Global NF game with: @jonfirestar as DM and players: @WhiteGhost @deftona / @Kestrel Grey / @Red1263. Next to the fun i have in playing / prepping for those i'm also bingewatching the first season of Critical Role (Vox Machina). I'm already 30 episodes in. So yeah that's pretty much my life in a nutshell these days.