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  1. Running feels like the only connection i have on the moment in regards to keeping healthy. Much beer has been drunk, much yummy food has been consumed. Reporting in here, is good to keep me sane. Eat better needs work, moving has been kept. It's a start. Thanks Ma Cherie! Yeah the Covid episode seemed to have pass by. Without incident even. At least someone in the family has been in quarantine for the last 2 weeks. Coming out of that without a single symptom seems like a great victory. As far as i know the kids are now protected due to being positive. My wife is getting a booster shot this or next week (as she works in the hospital) and i have been exposed to positive people a couple of times now without a single symptom. I feel assured about the whole situation. I ran over 30K last week. So pretty on point with that. Slowly my pace creeping back up. This week i plan on going for a long run, not sure when. Also due to the quarantine it has been some time since Protege™ has been around to work out. I met him yesterday and we agreed on tuesday and thursday for working out this week, so at least it's planned.
  2. Sympathy, i remember when i did a whole weekend of jumping jacks! Prepare that your DOMS will probably haunt you for some days to come!
  3. Please do, you were going stronk, gotta keep dat going!
  4. Keeping the streak is too hard. Being dependent on checking in every day is not possible for me at this time. I need a new format but i don't feel like doing something for the remainder of this challenge. So just some on and off check ins here. We are almost done with the whole COVID quarantine things. Son is back to school as we speak. Daughter still home and gets to go back on wednesday. But NL has new COVID countermeasures and i will be working from home as much as possible. At least up to the first week of December. I'm getting more confident towards contracting the disease with what transpired the last 2 weeks in our household. 2 people who were deemed Positive. Me and the wife both double vaccinated, and not a single one of us has showed a single symptom all that time. I will be abiding to the rules that the governments (both BE and NL) set out, but i am fairly sure me and my own family is safe now. We all got antibodies (either through vaccines or through being positive) and i will be relaxing my own "rules" for them. Weekend was pretty good with a low number on the scales, i have not did any strength training last week, mostly because Protege™ was told to stay home as we had someone in quarantine. But i did went running a few times. So at least i got some exercise in.
  5. If you think i can be of assistance (i look at goal 2, but actually with any other goal too) just let me know what to do!
  6. For me it helps when i just need to update, not be pressured about what to update. Feel like only checking in because i wanted to let people know i didn't die over the weekend, just do that. YES!!!
  7. This stuff, is practically heaven! That old, almost orange-brown cheese... Fantastic!
  8. If this turns it heads around again, and you are short on players AND there is an option to join in virtually
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