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  1. Mr_Willes

    Rinna gives up........something.

    I hope this didn't turn into an extended cheat day... You were on such a roll. But even if it did, don't matter, streaks have to start somewhere, so might as well be now...
  2. Mr_Willes

    Cheetah does a little better lately, which is nice.

    Thanx for reminding me, there is a lot of winter debris in mine too. Not everything has to be a specific workout. Workouts come in all different shapes and sizes!
  3. Mr_Willes

    Mr_Willes: The 2-Goal Challenge

    Yesterday was a rest day, as today will be, were heading out this weekend with the inlaws (married for 40 years), so i scheduled CF on fridaymorning. Friday is gonna be a busy day, i will be glad when i can sit my butt down at the BBQ fridayevening.
  4. Mr_Willes

    [Charlie Quinn] CrossFit II: Return of the Wanker

    Told y'all needed bracin!
  5. Mr_Willes

    Mr_Willes: The 2-Goal Challenge

    Okay, i've been out, for quite some time. I felt a couple of uncomfortable fingers nudging me in places that was totally inappropriate, So i'm gonna get back to this in the easiest way possible that i could think of, with 2 completely non-smart goals: Goal 1: Participate Goal 2: Spread happiness around the Ranger Corps Oow yes, a little bit of butt-paddling to spread the fairy dust around It wasn't all that easy to get to the fairy dust needed a little bit of unlocking though... For people intrested in how my PowerLifting event went: See you around!