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  1. Okay, so i've had some trouble reaching the site (something with the cloudfare protection). Totally recovered from the COVID and out of quarantine since Sunday. Turned out to be a hectic week, when halfway through we discovered a hack on several mailaccounts. It sure made stuff interesting. Thankfully all is taken care of, and damage is minimal. I only worked out the first half of the week, a lot of energy was put into work in the second half of the week. Back to running on Sunday, it has been over 2 weeks since i ran. Did almost 9K at a little lower pace, but it felt like a solid run, quite glad with it. Also because it was the first run after being flagged positive i was curious if i was affected, but it seems not. Lower pace is probably due to not running for 2 weeks. Last week as i was in quarantine i did not lift with Protegé™. Did a lunch lifting session on monday and tuesday, after that work took over. Last monday we did do a workout. I changed up my lifting regime to focusing on stuff needed for OCR, changed up squatting to front squats, and did some sets of pullups after that.
  2. Just keep at it, it get's better in time! Experience with having both driver-licenses (car and bike) for over 15 years is that it has it's daily upkeep. The more you do it, the easier it gets, the better you get at it, the more you feel you got it. Actually laying it out like this, it's just like everything else in life. I'm sorry to hear you are still struggling with some stuff, i LOVE hearing the way you are describing it. I can just feel that you are in so much of a better place now, better equipped to deal with the situations. That warms my heart! Keep at it my friend!
  3. Going in the proper direction! Most Excellent. Feels like your getting on a solid base to tackle stuff. We all shake and fall occasionally no biggie. But it seems you are getting there, slow and steady wins the race. I'm SO glad to hear that my friend! Keep at it!
  4. I am really glad to hear you had a good first week. Nothing like coming out swinging! Even though i'm not that much of a creative guy, i like your tracking journal, it looks good and adventurous. Keep going power-friend!
  5. Little buggers need to bug off! Try to keep on making the good decisions, be sure to make an effort there. Your momentum will return, little effort, and remind yourself of the things that are important!
  6. Do what you can, some days it will work out and some days it won't. We know you push when needed!
  7. Still going strong, though there is a bit of a nasty side-effect. I find drinking tea during the day time works pretty good. But in the evening i resort to diet soda's. I just need something else then tea or water. And the caffeine in the diet coke is making me want to stay up all evening, which get's really hard when you want to start your work day at 7. Thankfully i am now working from home and i decided to start at 8. But still. I need to find something else. But also, i'm celebrating being 1/3's in for the month! YAY Everyone!
  8. Numbers have been updated! Was sick last week and ate next to nothing, so that really helped. Being quarantined for the upcoming week, want to do small lunch lifting workouts to get something going as i may not leave the house to go running. I actually started this Adventuring Party with a few numbers in the 84, and now it seems like i'm at low 82's so that's nice!
  9. So... Stuff has happened! Thanx, i feel pretty much all better now, no more headache no scrapy throat. Just the occasional cough, that's it. Ma Chèrie! You have arrived! Good to see you here! Glad you joined up T! Yeah i must say that really helped kicking off the downwards trend, which i am really glad about. Great for motivation. And then... My wife woke me up on saturdaymorning... - "Honey, i couldn't smell my coffee" "So i did a selftest" "It's positive" "And our daughter's is too" "I think you can better do one too" So we all got selftests done, and i'm now in the limbo that is called just-been-sick-and-negative-but-now-i-feel-great-but-i'm-positive! Got it confirmed with PCR, Daughter Wife and me all positive. Besides the no smell and a little runny nose (the wife) no symptoms at all. So at least there's that. But confined to our house for the next 7 days (quarantine regulations have just been moved from 10 days to 7 + negative self test) So last weekend was kinda hectic with all that stuff, figuring stuff out, getting groceries delivered and such. I did do a workout yesterday: So another whole week of working from home. I was pretty done with that, but now i'm forced. At work it's a bit hectic as one of our main programs went live 1-1. And it's not yet working the way it should and the man in charge is being overburdened with requests to fix stuff. I have been assigned with some stuff too, to make his load a little lighter, but unfortunately it's not much i can do myself. Hot from the press, performance of said program is (apparently) degraded today too, but the cloud-provider has to solve that (apparently) i'm glad i made sure where the boundaries were with this program, so this shit is not falling on my roof! I feel a bit sad for the guy in charge, good guy but grossly underestimated the whole thing, i tried to hint a few times but he was pretty confident (not the cocky kind, but just genuinely thinking he got it all covered). Aah well. Plan for today, keep strict, and work out at lunch time. Short lifting session as i'm not allowed to leave the house to go for a run. That's it! Captain out! I know... life isn't always super interesting...
  10. I listened! I feel all better. Yesterday was a lot better, just a little cough and headache left. Today the headache is gone, and the cough almost. Only a scrapy throat left. Just in time cause work called and things are slowly trying into shit there and they needed me to do stuff. And i felt capable so i started stuff Thanx, You sound a bit like one of my favorite colleagues. "Negative as always" Looks like mission accomplished, Thanx chaplain! And i did, something that went straight to the top of my priority list real far. I don't want to, and you don't want me to either Groovy baby! Ass has been thoroughly kicked! And rest i did. I feel 110 points at the moment. Excellent! Austin Powers it was not the theme i wanted but it turned out to be the theme i needed. So like i told, i feel pretty much reborn. Going back to work tomorrow, for half a day. Got an appointment with a doctor tomorrow in the afternoon, some cardio checkups. Being sick wasn't the most fun time. But the nice side effect was lost of appetite which resulted in nice weight numbers. So actually ... I think i proved @Starpuck wrong (completely unintentionally though) camouflaged badassery in the first 7 days...
  11. So... I am negative... Got the result yesterday late. The thing that has taken residency inside did not care. I was cold untill i finally fell asleep. And was hot all through the rest of the night. Another day at home where i did not do much more than lay on the couch and watch some TV. Curious to see what's in stock for tomorrow...
  12. Yeah, i have been exiled to the attic. Set up a nice home theater. And just relaxed throughout the day. Family is taking good care of me, i have been promised breakfast om bed tomorrow morning by my son. Thanx! Firstly I hope it doesn't get any worse than this, cause if that is the case it's really really mild. Just curious to see how long it will last. Thank Gemma! Yeah the very mild symptoms have not worsen but also have not gotten better. So let's see what tomorrow brings. Gonna fix that tomorrow when I'm not mobile, Thanx for the heads up. No problems with smell or taste but also nog hungry. And now you mention it, i was super warm in bed this morning. Didn't knew it was a symptom, but it makes sense. Well let's just get this o er with, and what does not kills us... Will probably come around again for another try... Stay strong FREND!
  13. Keeping the theme going, excellent work chaplain! Thanx Cheetah, we have been lifting quite consistent this last few weeks I read ahead... Seemed like i actually just needed a good reason to push myself again. And a proper reason didn't surface at all the last few weeks. Quite the opposite. "Have a drink" "We bought waffles" "Let's have a last beer together before the end of the year" I feel a lot better, even after a few days. My weight is finally going in the right direction (we are not nearly there yet, but the start is noticable). And it looks like we can continue our working out streak. Also... Something just came up, gonna address that at the bottom of this post. 10 points of the GIF and it's applicability! That's awesome. Great to have you on my side Brother! We got some asskicking to do! Thank you both for that exchange, that was awesome! Join up to these lost souls, searching for a lost cause, and probably losing it as we go! Okay, so... NYE over. The day after, kept pretty stricked. Last day of the weekend, no beer and pretty strict. Nice way to kick of the actual first week of the challenge. Except... GD i feel awful and this annoying cough, oow damn i feel tired, and my head is not quite right... Better lay in a bit. Texted work i was gonna have to call in a sick day. Hmm, Omicron, symptoms... Wait a minute! Whoops Got an actual test booked for this afternoon. Also, sleeping it off really helps me, i feel much better now. Even was contemplating on contacting work and saying i could actually do some stuff. But i've decided to just take the day and see how i feel tomorrow morning. Also by then i will probably have my result in.
  14. It was so hot! I completely misjudged the temperature. I actually had to stop to take off some clothes!
  15. Vikings! yes Yes YES!!! Saw you in the the other adventure party! Did you know (like last year) there is also a dryjanuary again this year? Good to see you are already kicking ass!
  16. I just did a self test and it was positive, on top of the very mild symptoms i have been scheduled a proper test in a few hours. As i have been tested for about 6 or 7 times now, i'm pretty sure this will be positive. But as i said, only mild symptoms, so not too bad. I'm glad you got a result that matches how you are feeling, hopefully this will help you with a better state of mind!
  17. i am a very social drinker, though especially in the summer time i love cracking open a beer in the garden when it's nice and warm in the evening after dinner. That's why DryJan worked pretty well for me last year. Next to none social thingies to attend, and too cold for th garden. First few days of showing restrain are in the books, with a minor battle yesterday as we visited the inlaws for the first time this year. FIL was (as usual) drinking beers, but i kept it at tea and diet coke.
  18. Well that was December, it's almost January, besides my moms birthday the month is without things to celebrate. A basic plan, little temptations, this needs to work out! Thank for joining up Cheets! Yeah a little disappointed i must admit. It was my source for the word mojo! Last day of '21. Going out with a bang. Solo lifting session (ProtegeTM is working) lets get this show on the road!
  19. And just when I thought I couldn't fall in love with you more...
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