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  1. Just go with it! Why put a fight up for something so insignificant. I really don't get that. Also it's a fight you can't win... Not like if you try hard enough, or wait long enough it's gonna go back to how it was. Accept it and rock it!
  2. We know each other for over 5 years, talk to each other almost every week, most weeks multiple times if you count stuff like this forum and discord. Just like with you! It is a very odd feeling, knowing people that well when this is actually just the second time we met IRL. I was super happy throughout all of the weekend, especially saturdayevening after the girls joined up. Meeting people from NF is just the best! Especially if it's multiple days and both doing what you love. In this case: drinking beer, OCR running and partying! If that wouldn't put a smile on someone's face... I hear there is talk of coming to NL/BE next year, so if we can persuade you to join up there you are MORE than welcome!
  3. No new challenge so... Just gonna put this here The weekend was an absolute blast! Good friends accompanying me on the 10 hour road trip to the place. Meeting @Jarric on the course, having some good time with pre-race beers. Unfortunately on race day, due to communication problems within the group we got separated and we got split up, and didn't run together. So i ran with the same guy as in '18. Covered most obstacles, and at least tried the ones i didn't complete. There was just this high jump and narrow dark tunnels we ended up skipping. My friend has a fear of heights and is claustrophobic. I tackled both obstacles in '18 so no problem for me. It also meant we could skip 2 long queues waiting for the obstacle. A hot shower ON the campsite was just heavenly. And an afterparty that has been one of the better parties i have attended. Next day was filled with relaxation. Very easy morning, lots of time to break up the tents and get stuff to the car (which we needed cause our trolly had a broken wheel). We went to a real cute and cozy hotel/pub/restaurant establishment, to have a relaxing day and end up meeting @Rhovaniel and "Charlie_Quinn" for dinner and drinks and really was the cherry on top of an already fantastic weekend. We had a very nice dinner. The Yorkshire Pudding though, NOT a fan of that! After the other NF'ers left me and my friends went up to our room, watched some hilarious youtube vids while having a beer, laughing our asses off. Apparently a little too loud cause in the morning we heard there were 7 noise complaints for our room (feeling a bit embarrassed about that, but hey, if they would have told us we would have kept it down...) Full englisch breakfast was fantastic, and i finished it all! Rest of the day was getting back home, left for the ferrie at 9AM was home at 6:30PM.
  4. Thanx man! It was so good meeting up with you (and @Rhovaniel and @Charlie_Quinn) i think that was even better than the race. Having talked so much online it's just so good to catch up online. Next time though i really want to meet WW! Though i know F is an all round great guy i really loved reading that you appreciated it. I mean i know you both, and i was pretty sure you two had probably found each other on course, still a confirmation is great to hear! Like Rho just told me on discord, we really have to do this sooner than 4 years apart! I'm really hoping for next year!
  5. Sorry to hear about your cat Tate! Have fun bowling!
  6. Hanging in there. Sickness is mostly gone. I still feel a bit off when running, but my pace-time says i'm doing fine. I'm having a lot more trouble keeping on the IF train. Weight is plateauing because of this. Still as long as it doesn't go up i'm happy. just a little over a week till the big OCR!!! Also (like i told on the discord) just bought a new fancy BBQ, really excited about that! Also it's called "The Bastard"...
  7. They aren't taking half measures over there. Over here, we are mostly back to normal living. Sure there are still people picking up Covid even at a pretty high rate. But people needing hospitalization because of it is at a normal rate, same goes for ICU. So we are just coping with it at the moment. Yes people are getting sick but it's as accepted as general flu. You still need a lot of work on your tattoo?
  8. Yeah so my last update turned into being sick. Thursday Friday and Saturday were mostly spent on the couch with a blanket, doing nothing. There wasn't even enough energy to pick up some drink from the coffee-table just out of reach. Sunday was a bit better, and i was mostly fine when we left for a few days of The Ardennes with the family. I tried to get the last bit of sick out of my body by drowning it with beer. Seriously, the amount of beer we drank (on a normal family vacation) was a bit ridiculous. But also fun times! Too bad that the being sick part made me completely miss the (already paid for) motorcycle vacation with all the tourguides. On the other hand, they drove through snow on the first day, and the second day they cut the ride short as it was just too cold. But vacation happen to go to the same region, and when we arrived at our place with the family there was still a snowman in the garden... So. a bit sad that i couldn't make the motorcycle vacation, on the other hand glad i didn't decided on riding in the feezing cold while being not completely healthy. The most annoying thing though is that after being sick i got this shortness of breath that is not really getting better. I did a run last saturday, which was just under 7K and i was an average of 10-15 seconds per K slower than the half marathon i ran in the weekend before i got sick. Yesterday i ran to my mom and it was a bit further, but after the 11K i was completely done for. Again, not what i was used to, and not the thing i want to see, 3 weeks before the 20Mile OCR! BUT, it does feels like it's slowly getting better. So we are just gonna
  9. @DarK_RaideR Make sure you got a solid plan, and one that you CAN stick to. Cause you're going for the holy grail of stuff: going hard on low energy. Everyone has to find the thing that works for them. For me this is getting fed up with stuff till i reach mu threshold and THEN i go hard. Figure what helps for you. There is all sorts of stuff to try. Simple things like not going shopping when you are hungry. When not in the mood for working out, promise yourself a five minute max workout. You need to figure out what makes you tick.
  10. Mr_Willes

    Teros 79

    Drop by! We here, so you won't be alone! That's for most all we can do, but we CAN do that. So why not make use of it.
  11. FTFY! Take a pillar and thrive off of it! Make it a sanctuary, a go to place!
  12. If anything i hope you will kick these in the ASS! Meanwhile... Your ducks:
  13. Dude Ghostlet got stuff going, holy shit. I'm proud when my oldest doesn't choke on his pudding during dinner...
  14. Things look pretty solid, not exciting, but solid is good. I love solid!
  15. I just had 2 mandarines for lunch. I never hear people talking about mandarines, are they known globally? It's like a small orange. The bad part is that i'm starting to get colder and colder with the hours that go by.
  16. In this case it's because the thing i don't like is exactly the thing i need to do... Parents be that way... Yeah, my mom was right about some stuff, but i'm very glad i do much stuff in another way! In other news, weight is under the trendline again, which means the descent is once again in effect! I didn't do any running or lifting the last 2 days, cause planning stuff happened. And this morning i overslept in a completely empty house (kids are staying over at the inlaws, wife had to work early) and it was glorious. But now at work i feel the back of throat getting scrapy and i seem to be cold all the time... Ofcourse this is 2 days before my vacation starts...
  17. It's when the good advice is something you don't like doing.... that's the annoying part.
  18. I was searching for a picture to point out where it was, and found the perfect picture I wanted to say just above the hips, if that make sense. That's also a reason why i am just lifting with Protegé's weights. Just to get it stressed a little.
  19. Right on track. Though how the week is going now.... coming week isn't gonna be so stellar... Weekend in a hotel, with fellow travel-guides. Bad weather, not much left but drinking awful amounts of beer. Also not really a chance to go running... Ooow boy, next monday weigh in is gonna be a thing
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