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  1. Hey guys, thanks all! The injury is not bad but I am definitely going to miss the half-marathon. It also means I need to scale down my running to - basically zero. T.T Progress: I have now checked in again after only one day of missing. Realised I need t make a new challenge thread. yay!
  2. I need to stary forcing myself to post in here in order to build momentum again. Sugar still on track. Exercise less so. I went hiking last Sunday in an effort to build strong habits again. Result: I am noe injured. Inviato dal mio SM-G930F utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. I am alive! Just wanted to check in and say that... exercising is not going too well but at least I am on track with the no sugar goal. Also I am sortof kinfof findibg a rythm again finally. Inviato dal mio SM-G930F utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Tue 02/03/2017 Goal 1: Do something - went running. So yay me! Goal 2: I had a sugary beverage in the morning, but have not had any since setting this goal. Goal 3: Hi everyone!
  5. I am happy to see that I am not alone. If there is one thing I appreciate about the Rebel forums is how much everyone seems to be in the same boat. HUgs! I missed you.
  6. Yeah, I am still here. Things have been crazy. Stuff happened and it just broke the camel's back. It's in the past now, with a bit of luck. Things are still crazy, though. The positive aspect is that my goal this year is to keep at it even during turbulent times and not let myself be crushed by setbacks. So, yay, I get I guess to test that resolve now. The good news is that I managed to reflect on things during this chaos - it sounds weird, yeah, but those rare, free moments were truly one of introspection. I always approach these challenges as an "add something every challenge".
  7. Right - so I am not following a proper training plan right now as much as winging it, but I did go for a 45 min run and I did not die, get cramps, and my pace was decent. So that's good news.
  8. Bonus Week Update: Update: Goal 1: No Pre-Made Foods or Snacks unless Eating Out Got this. Goal 2: Post in your TM Thread daily Doing it now. Goal 3: One Self-Care Action Every Day I stopped working and went runnign. Check. Life Goal: Make a schedule every week and stick to it Erm... Monthly Habit: Check on your goals every evening. Done!
  9. I don't do gyms or treadmills - the monotony of those was a surefire way to make sure i'd never go there. I either run outside or I do bodyweight exercises at home. I will sometimes put on podcasts when exercising but they are informative so not good enough motivation to my tired brain. I tried putting on videos or facebook but it just does not work for me. I can't follow along properly. Yeah - which leads to the next point. My sleep schedule is completely shot at the moment. Normally, as you say, exercise is part of my morning routine but at the moment I am staying a
  10. please see this: post Things are not going too well, to put it simply.
  11. What the - was Saturday really the last time I posted here? These past few days have been a blur... I need some help actually, I am entering a situation of high stress and the old "you don't have time to exercise" voice is starting to shout in my ear. I have been here before and I know I won't get out of this one my own - so here is my question - how do I get out of here? I keep having a ton of things being thrown at me at once, deadlines are approaching and I am starting to fall into the trap of feeling guilty when I am not in front of my laptop. The worst part? I KNOW that it makes no
  12. Grumble, today was not good. I got myself be overwhelmed by deadlines and did not meet any of my goals except my life goal to check in here. The lesson here is - stick to yoru schedule, if I had, none of this would have happened.
  13. By the way, I am also thinking my next challenge will be the last one with the Rebels- I love you all, but I think that these past three challenges have really helped me define where I fall, and I think it's time to graduate and start exploring that direction. The half-marathon race feels like a good way to close off this chapter.
  14. Morning Workout: *rest day* Evening Workout: Warm-Up Starmaster (Balance Drills) forgot again... Ugh Pull-Up Challenge - Day 30 Days of Gravity - Day 26 (Push-Ups: 3-3-1 ... down a LOT. Holy cr*p I really need to stop sabotaging myself with those down weeks...) Stretch Ugh. I've been stripping my workouts to a minimum because I can just barely cram them in... it's a question of priority, I am ok with it and I know I need to learn to just keep going even when things are stressful, but I really, really miss carving out an hour/hour and a half for myself.
  15. By the way! It seems that my workload has increased where I just cannot follow these anymore on my own. I had a great idea for the next challenge with teamwork and a monster to beat (which I think would make it more interesting than just a competition) but I realistically won't be able to follow it. So, we can either skip next month, or someone will have to take over from me.
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