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  1. i really enjoyed having a minimum amount of cardio to do, instead of a maximum. this allowed me to adjust if i wanted to make it a bike heavy week or work more on running. +5 STA Used the "100 push ups" app, but still can only make it to 40 push ups straight before i had to drop a knee. +2 STR really glad i stuck this one in, because warming up and cooling down and stretching were always something i didn't do. but now it has become habit, and not a problem at all. I skipped my Reefer exam. zero points. i didn't buy a safe or prepare a bag at all. zero points. my problem with the life quests was that for 4 weeks of the challenge, i was on strike for work, so i lost a lot of motivation. while i was able to distract myself by working out, other times i was moopy and unmotivated. i'm glad to be back at work now, so i'll be preparing those other things soon enough.
  2. haven't updated in a while, but here i am, fresh from a weekend of camping. i've been great with the getting one swim, bike, and run a week, sometimes even more. also i've been really good with warming up and stretching every work out. i've been working on my push ups, and this week i'll by trying to do fifty in a row. i'm sure i won't have any problem with making it, but still a little daunting. the "get out of dodge" bag was not made. just so much crap going on, but i've made photocopies of most of my important documents, and i'll probably buy the safe this week. backed out of my refrigeration test. just wasn't ready for it at all.
  3. so, back from vacation and i get home to the news that my union contract is up and i'm locked out of work. sigh. on a lighter note, made use of the ships gym by lifting, running on the treadmill (gross) and the recumbent bike (double gross). will be swimming tomorrow.
  4. ::update:: swam yesterday morning and ran this morning. made sure i did a nice warm up before hand each time, and it's definitively helping, as the beginning of my workouts aren't as sluggish as usual. i'm going on a five day vacation now, and i'll be taking advantage of the exercise facilities at my disposal.
  5. well, he's not NEW to fitness. he's always kept active by playing soccer, and i was on the team with him for years. without know it, he warmed up before practice passing the ball around and kicking, and then the practice always started with some drills and running. so he warmed up. just doesn't want to translate that into other activities. and i can't blame him. part of the reason my challenge these six weeks is to warm up and stretch is because of how often i don't do it.
  6. and i've teamed up with caponerd48 for this weeks challenge. he's going to be walking the 5k! i'm gonna run tomorrow myself.
  7. went mount/trail biking with my brother today. the biking was fun, the hanging out with my brother, not so much. oh well. managed to get 8.4miles/13.5 kms in. he looked at me funny when i was jumping rope and doing squats and lunges to warm up. he's new to fitness, but he thinks he's special. he goes to me "i don't need to warm up, i just go do it." ugh. and i've teamed up with caponerd48 for this weeks challenge. he's going to be walking the 5k!
  8. excellent! totally counts if you walk! how do you plan on tackling those 5kms/3 miles? all at once??
  9. so if anyone here would like to team up to do the swim/bike/run together, i'd appreciate it! would love to get an extra CHA point to my stats!
  10. i meant for the spartan race. i mean, for me, nothing bothers me more then wet socks during a run. and in a mud run, they get wet, and dirty. these are the trail running shoes i have http://www.amazon.com/New-Balance-MT20v1-Trail-Minimus/dp/B004KZP5AG but i've only trail ran in them twice, including the race. i prefer no socks because if the mud and dirt is just too much, well, i just pull them off, dust of my feet, and slide them back on. no need to worry about socks!! i actually wear these shoes mostly to the gym and to lift. love them. ps, wearing them now.
  11. staci, i would love to give you a hand with that! like i stated before, i swam in college, and just did my first open water swim and triathlon. i helped train my cousin for the triathlon swim, and she has no swimming experience, and did very very well. if you want, PM me with what your current swimming level is. ocean swims are really more about using your upper body to propel yourself, and use your legs more for bouyency rather then hard kicking. keep your chin tucked in touching your chest. that helps keep your legs up at the surface, so that they don't go down and avoid swimming "up hill." one great way to swim in the ocean is the catch up drill. here: you get to breath every stroke, and elongate your body to get the most out of your kicking.
  12. do you have minimalist shoes?? if not, get some. best way to change the stance. other than that, you just have to be a little more concioues about how your foot lands, but not overly so.
  13. joey, just breath in through your nose, out through your mouth, nice and deep, expelling all the air. pump your arms to help you breath better. those are the only hills i have in my neighborhood. but they're enough!
  14. when i swim, i try and concentrate on my lap number while singing a song in my head to help keep me in rhythm. don't over think the stroke too much, unless you are specifically doing a drill. swimming can be boring for some, while others, such as myself, enjoy it because there are no distractions and i have to focus on the swim. as for running, well, i don't run with headphones. i like being inside my own head. sometimes i'll honestly think about nothing for miles, before i realize i have to turn around. other times i'll carry conversations with myself. ps- frost elf assassin? cool. (no pun intended)
  15. do you have minimus style shoes already, like vibram five fingers, or the new balance minimus shoes? if not, get them, they will help with the foot work. don't over think it too much. my first few barefoot style runs, i over thought my stride and how i was stepping, and i could definetly feel it in my calves for days!! just run naturally. your foot will adapt.
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