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  1. congrats Abi! Funny, I just saw this morning that a new challenge began. I am doing one as well and look forward to the journey and accomplishing something worthwhile. Godspeed on yours and hope all goes well!
  2. This is my first 6 week challenge and I am looking forward to the journey and the support/supporting of others in the guild. Mission - to lose 12 lbs, build up endurance and consistency - thereby setting the stage for the next 6 week challenge. SMART Quests - 1.) Develop and maintain healthy eating habits 2.) Complete body weight exercise circuit each day 3.) Walk at least 15 minutes a day LIFE Quest - 1.) Develop a new budget with my wife I know this is simple but that is what I need at this juncture in my life. I know what I am capable of but have just not care lately. Need to get bac
  3. Great post Brooksie. I am new to this as well and remember those thrilling days of yesteryear! I will be here along with you and if you every need to just vent or want to share our journeys let's make certain we do it. I am doing this for God, my wife, my kids (two in college and one in fifth grade), the church I serve, my regular job, and then myself - I put myself last because I tend to be selfish if I am not careful! I figure if I make it all about them it will go better for me and grant me the accountability I need to forge through. Blessings peace today, Steve
  4. Rock on Avataris! This place has more info than I will ever remember! But what an awesome place to find others who will walk, run, and soar with you on your journey. Alone is only good for a few moments...together is better forever. Blessings and peace today!
  5. Awesome! Thanks for your reply to my post! We will be following along with ya'll and look forward to seeing where this journey will lead us all! We actually will be in Williamsport this Summer for a campmeeting I am to preach in...we've been there about ten times now! Love PA and all the fine people up there. God bless and have a great weekend! We are hitting the gym today for cardio and I am going to do some squats - don't care who's watching or why - just got to get it done! Blessings your way!
  6. Greetings and general salutations to all. This is my first post. I am a newbie to the Rebellion and my wife will also be joining with me on our quests - as individuals and as a couple. I read somewhere that Steve said we need to write down why we want to get fit/healthy/better than this...so, I took some time last night to quickly jot down a couple of things and will use them as my mission statement for the Rebellion: 1.) I want to live up to my potential as a child of God. 2.) I want to be on top of whatever it is I am engaged in. 3.) I want to be the most amazing and awesome man my wife k
  7. Hello Densria! I came across this excellent viral video a couple of weeks ago. It's called, This Girl Can. If you have not seen it check it out now...Remember, no one at the gym is really watching you - they are worried about you watching them! Keep your head down, a determined look on your face and concentrate on you and only you. We are with you all the way! http://youtu.be/aN7lt0CYwHg
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