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  1. Mu have no idea what my target weight is as I've been overweight my whole life so don't know what I'll look like at a particular weight. I've been told I carry my weight well and everyone guesses I'm 20 lbs more than I am so if I say I want to be 180 I may look it at 200. I would say more 15% body fat not ripped but defined
  2. I'm 5'9 and I honestly don't have the strength. My shoulder flexibility trying to grab the bar behind me for squats is minimal, hurts too. I tried doing deadlifts but again my flexibility just isn't there yet. I think maybe 6 weeks of the above exercises along with tracking my calories on my fitness pal and stretching daily would be a good start thanks
  3. In addition I'm not ready for barbell exercises yet.
  4. Hey all, I have the same training goals as Steve basically. Not training to focus on certain muscles such as curls for biceps, pulldowns for triceps etc. The exercises I do are Assisted Pull-Ups/dips, Squats with medicine ball, planks and push-ups. Effective exercises for a full body workout. Is only having biceps or calves as a secondary muscle worked (based on looking at a strength training book) adequate or should I target? Having trouble wrapping my brain around the idea only doing the above mentioned exercises will tone and make a well rounded strong body. Age 28 264.6 lbs Active
  5. Thanks we'll stick to the 3x10 for now and begin wagon shopping tomorrow!
  6. Help! My girlfriend and I have either lost or have had our wagon stolen! We were on it 2 months ago and then OUT OF NOWHERE it vanished! Ok so we fell off same thing. We NEED to start tracking our calories again and going to the gym to get back into our routines. We both have depression so some days are harder than others. I read Steves posts about the basic movements you need. Push, pull, legs, abs. Our routine will be: 3x10 push-ups, 3x10 body weight squats with medicine ball, 3x10 assisted pull-ups/dips (for me) 3x10 seated cable rows (for her) and planks. Also 15 min elliptical to warm up.
  7. Hello! It's a me, Mario! Ok not really. Shawn here, if you don't know me yet, lucky you! After reading all the rules about the challenges and the guilds, I just couldn't get into it. To be honest, I was never interested in those types of RPG's. As a kid, I was more of a Mario player. My childhood consisted of dodging turtle shells instead of arrows. So to keep true to the purpose of Nerd Fitness's idea of "Level Up Your Life," I created my own challenge for the journey my girlfriend and I are on to build strength, lose weight and live a more happier life. (Follow us on Twitter, link is in ou
  8. We are PUMPED for the weekend!

  9. Hello! Shawn and Sarah here. We are also a couple new to the rebellion! We have been on our own journey since October and it has been much easier going through this journey with someone at your side! We originally started with weights but recently came across the body weight exercises and have been really feeling them! Walking is a great idea too, but just find out what you love to do! It's not so much WHAT you do, it's what you LOVE to do. Sometimes our cardio is just shooting hoops! What you enjoy doing will be the only program that sticks. Good luck!
  10. Hello! Shawn (27) and Sarah (30) here from Wilkes-Barre, PA! We are a couple that is trying to lose weight, get stronger and live a more meaningful life! Since Oct 2014 we have been tracking our nutrition on MyFitnessPal and strength training doing an exercise for every muscle: Bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, lat pulldowns, calf raises, leg presses, shoulder presses etc. Although we lost about 30 combined inches and lost about 20 lbs, it has been mentally exhausting keeping up with all those exercises and we should be further than where we are! After reading Steves article on weight machines
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