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  1. 11 minutes is not almost 10 minutes. Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program, Day 10 of 30: 2 Snatch Pulls plus Snatch at 94, 104, 114, 124, 134, 144, 154, 164, 169 pounds Clean, Hang Clean, Jerk at 134, 154, 174, 184, 194, 204, 214, 219, 224 pounds Squats: 5x44, 3x134, 3x184, 3x224, 3x254, 3x269, 3x3x254 pounds Funky Hip Stabilization exercise: 3x60 seconds each side Superman: 4x15, superset with Stability Ball Cobra: 4x15 with green 3 pound dumbbells. The pink ones were 5 pounds. Hard to tell exactly what I ate today, but it included a DQ Buster Bar! Score for Today: 2613 Calories 221 Carbs 119 Fat 184 Protein -8.0 Overall - I am thinking I ate more than that somewhere.
  2. Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program, Day 9 of 30: I could not ditch my parents for CounterFit this morning. I could not ditch my parents at all today. So today was obviously not going to be a gym day. So I did something completely unthinkable today. I ran. So it turns out my route is only 2.21 miles each way, or 4.42 total and it takes me at least a whopping 48 minutes to complete that. The pace is 5.5 miles per hour. Well. That makes me a warrior and not a ranger. Score for Today: 3233 Calories 197 Carbs 183 Fat 192 Protein -3.9 Overall Some stuff missing from that list, of course! I am sure stuff is missing from the list. It is one more week, then back to normal for a couple more weeks.
  3. Pretty much - and the conversation on this topic moves along very slowly. Something very amusing from a year ago: My father was calling my sister and commented how much into lifting I am. Of course my sister already knows all of this because that's all that is ever on FB. Today was a rest day. Dinner was taco salad without the taco and some kind of smoothie. Score for Today: 2603 Calories - who knows, really 306 Carb 109 Fat 203 Protein -3.7 Overall Tomorrow is errand running, looks like. In other news, my property is rented and I am a landlord for another year or so.
  4. It is more than theoretical, from what I have been told. You make friends at Crossfit. Ha! Still, it is kind of hard to talk about my life outside of work when they are not thrilled about what I choose to do.
  5. Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program, Day 8 of 30: Deadlifts: 2x5x224, 5x314, 3x364, 5x5x384 pounds Pull-ups: 2x8+4+2+1+1 and MB got really mad at me for splitting up the last set like that, which made me even more inclined to do it Landmine Bro Rows: 3x10x25 pounds, superset with Push-ups with technique plate: 3x10 Single-arm OH KB carry: 3 x 70 yards x 24 kg Leg extensions, single-leg, double: 10+2x8 Score for Today: 2808 Calories 250 Carbs 112 Fat 192 Protein -4.0 Overall Parents still visiting. Logs are shorter as a result, because evenings are shorter. They are after me to get a hobby other than lifting heavy things.
  6. She seems to have disappeared. Her IG is gone private the last time I checked and she either disappeared from FB or deleted me. We can look for Tankweazel Farming Gains and they might still be up. Googling....
  7. It has been a while since I tried bench press. When I started with MB, the first thing she told me was to widen my grip, because the grip I was using at the time was the grip she uses the occasional time she benches. (I think she is a little bit shorter than Urgan - and at the category where I just don't ask, but believe there is a very critical half inch involved.) Going on memory, I am thinking middle finger on the rings.
  8. Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program, Day 7 of 30: Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat: 3x94, 3x104 pounds with one nasty dump behind. I just put it in the wrong place. Squats: 5x134, 5x184, 5x224, 5x5x249 pounds BB Split Squats: 4x10x99 pounds Leg Press: 10 x 2 plates, 2 x 10 x 4 plates, 2 x 10 x 5 plates Farmers Carry: 3 x 80 paces x 65 pounds Overhead Sit-ups: 3 x 12 x 15 pounds KB, superset with Forward-leaning rest: 3 x 60 seconds Roast Beef for today and another reminder that I have very little concept of how much stuff weighs. It might be useful to grab a weight off a scale somewhere. Score for Today: 3057 Calories 301 Carbs 109 Fat 209 Protein -2.9 Overall
  9. Oh, SNAP is right!
  10. YAY!!! <3 In as much as we love to cardio, there is no shame at all. I believe a balanced program should include some form of intensive cardio and the trick is to find a game that you like. Here in MinniBulgaria, I wonder if Cardio / CounterFit is going to be a once per week thing.
  11. Yes she does. I used to upload videos to YT and send some of them. Eventually, I realized IG is just simpler. All things have consequences. She's quiet about following, too! She thinks that minimizes the number of people who uncover her true identity, but pretty much everybody who follows me knows who she is by now!
  12. Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program, Day 6 of 30: Front-Squats: 3x134, 3x184, 3x3x214 pounds Jerk Recovery: 3x134, 3x184, 3x224, 3x254, 3x3x214 pounds Eccentric Pull-ups: 3x8 DB Bench Press: 10x40, 10x50, 2x10x55 pounds Single-Arm Seated Cable Rows: 4x10 Steak for dinner! Score for Today: 3606 Calories 262 Carbs 177 Fat 242 Protein +4.6 Overall
  13. Today is a rest day and also Week 1 of the Parental Visit Bulking Program. Finally the macros are almost looking more like it. Score for Today: 3153 Calories 294 Carbs 143 Fat 191 Protein +2.8 Overall
  14. Squats. I might as well order them in kg. Oh, noes! Miss Broki intercepted this list and replaced it with this grocery list I was supposed to be following!
  15. Did you put this list in order of cost per unit of mass?