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  1. Thanks. It seems to be getting better by the hour, but I will know more in the morning. I think it was some kind of warning to back off. And apparently Game Day Sampler is even more than what I put into MFP, 3400 instead of 2200. No wonder I was feeling so full! Game Day Sampler plus Dessert Nachos would have made a truly epic total. OMG! I laughed so hard when I read this! I'm going to ask her in our next correspondence! ------------------------ Tomorrow is a planned rest day and I am donating platelets and likely to eat like a jerk afterwards. I will be wearing my Game Day shirt. I will even be wearing green underwear!
  2. Score for Today: 3945 Calories 318 Carbs (270 to 450) 215 Fat (90 to 150) 186 Protein (160 minimum) +5.2 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 17/22
  3. Waiting for Spring, Week 3, Day 4, Saturday As well as I can remember it.... 2 Hip Snatches + Push Press: 3x104, 3x114, 3x124 pounds Hang Snatches: 2x2x104, 2x2x124, 3x1x139 pounds Jerks: 3x114, 3x124, 3x139 pounds Clean and Jerk: 2x2x139, 2x2x164, 3x1x184 pounds Clean Pulls: 2x3x184, 3x3x224 pounds Squats: 3x184, 3x224, 3x274, 1x294 x.x, 1x274, 3x294, 2x3x235.5 pounds Lunges: 4x20x134 pounds, superset with Hollow Holds: 4x45 seconds One squat rep went funny. x.x It is mid-back and I now I feel it more if I am immobilized for a while and sometimes on the back and sometimes breathing. It feels like some place I have been before. I was able to finish the rep fine and I was able to do the rest of my squat sets and work without any problems. #bravebutstupid Most likely I will try to see the Healer on Monday. I am thinking I have a painful adjustment coming and a bunch of irritated stuff around it. Score for today is still accumulating, but I already blew away my macro targets at BWW. On the other side, shopping is done and laundry is almost done.
  4. OMG. Seriously? Why did you give yourself a 9 here? I rolled a d6 and got 5, then added 4. That's 9. Nope. I just like my idea better. Close. How about #sorrynotsorry ------------------------------- I really have to say that more often. -------------------------------- Rest day today! Ehh..... Now what? Score for Today: 3554 Calories 280 Carbs (270 to 450) 175 Fat (90 to 150) 228 Protein (160 minimum) +6.8 Overall Score Average Score for Week 3: 3233 Calories 303 Carbs 132 Fat 213 Protein Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 17/21 My YTD average is 3255 Calories (21 days of data including New Year's Eve) and my YTD chart is showing my weight plummeting. I checked in this morning at 202.2 pounds. We are almost back to normal.
  5. Years ago, my last dog was terrified of rain. She refused to go outside when it was raining. And hi!
  6. This is on Sunday, everybody!!!
  7. And you went with a more precise conversion, too! I'm impressed! When I make my conversions, I just use 2.2 and skip the 0.2% correction factor. Nobody online has called me on it.
  8. Some guy running sales came up with this brilliant idea that we should be doing this and it got implemented. He is no longer with the company, but the self-evaluations are. Whatever it is, it is a game. Usually what I have seen in evaluations is they tell you something about what the managers of other departments have to say about you. Maybe self-evaluations give the illusion of input into the system, kind of like an election. But I don't play and I am upfront about it. Does it make me epic level for not playing and getting away with it? ----------------------------------- Nobody has ever asked me this question in an interview. Not sure how to answer one like that. How about, "I'm not very mechanical, so don't call me if the copy machine breaks down." My best interview question bomb was: Why are you leaving your current employer? A. I did not say I was. A very close runner up was: Why did you leave your previous job? A. Nobody ever truthfully tells why they left a previous position..... It was a runner up because I finished my answer well. -------------------------------------- So, how many of you are amazed that I am employed? ---------------------------------------- I saw the chiropractor today. She taped up my wrist again so that it will hold together while I am jerking. She is very often trying to poach me from Miss Broki for Little John. This time we were talking about the football game the Packers won. I told her about the earful I got for showing up on Saturday with a GB shirt on. "Who gave you that shirt??!?" She says yet another reason to ditch Miss Broki. ---------------------------------------------- Waiting for Spring, Week 3, Day 3, Thursday Hip Snatch + Overhead Squat: 3x104, 3x114, 3x124 pounds Snatches: 2x104, 2x2x124, 1x139, 1x144 pounds Hip Clean + 2 Jerks: 3x144, 3x154, 2x164 pounds Clean and Jerk: 2x139, 2x154, 2x1x194 pounds Paused Front-Squats: 1x184, 1x224, 1x244 pounds Front-Squats: 3x194 pounds I was working around Little John's Counterfit class and I got a little bit flustered with the clean and jerk. My first single was intended at 184 pounds, but I forgot to remove a 10-pound plate on the left side. I picked it up and put it down. WTF? I checked if I put a 35 pound plate on one side. I did not. Oh, well. Clean. The left side still feels heavy. Jerk. I got it, but it felt really weird. When I started to change out the weights, I realized what I did. So I balanced out the weights for 194 pounds and did another rep. Score for Today: 3304 Calories 319 Carbs (270 to 450) 139 Fat (90 to 150) 202 Protein (160 minimum) +0.2 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 17/20
  9. Unable to decide on a color, they propose a change to the constitution.
  10. I just had my plan memorized in kg and went with it. I found it pretty amusing watching people stare at conversion charts deciding on their next lift. Not that I should be laughing too hard. At my last meet, I told them a 75 kg opener when I intended a 70 kg opener, then checked my card and realized I made a mistake and had them fix it. Then I checked the bar on the floor and saw they did not change it and made them change it. It was only one hour previous that I learned how to read the weight on the bar and the skill already came in handy. Bar + Clamps = 25 kg. Red Plate = 25 kg. Red Plate + Bar + Clamps + Red Plate = 75 kg.
  11. Thinking about my April 23 meet last year. I destroyed my shoulder on a BW bench press. At CNF, I opened less than BW.
  12. Dumb Protection Warrior Tank checking in. Any surprises here? I have no idea what Curse of Exhaustion is. I am guessing it is after my time.
  13. Hmm. Sometimes I feel a spot on the lower right-hand part of the back that I feel every once in a while. I interpret that as a little warning to back off. It is usually okay in a few days or so. If you get your ass handed to you by an 8yo or a 9yo, then the learning curve is so short and the game is not worth playing because it has no depth to it. But that is just my opinion. #oldschool When I think about it more, back in my WoW days, I did not PvP much at all and I was getting my ass handed to me a lot. In duels, anyway. Both in PvP and in Raids, there was a lot of teamwork and organizational structure involved and very clear instructions given. Typically those running the show were in their forties and very often husband and wife teams. Meanwhile those kids who were handing my ass to me in PvP Duels are in their 20's now. #oldfeels
  14. This is so ME this morning, except I slept in. Miss Marissa's Morning Madness Mischief: Managed. This is one of the rewards of falling asleep for several months: Seeing my friends posting up bigger numbers.
  15. Rest Day today! And yes. It was a rest day to get my hair done. On today's edition of Brave versus Stupid, I trash-talked Green Bay at my crazy hair stylist. Now I am bald. Meanwhile, she might have finally solved the mystery why the Minnesota girls hate me so much! #trashtalk I should have had her color it green and gold. Meanwhile on the work front, it is evaluation season. We still fill in these silly self-evaluation things. Admittedly, I am not as bitter as I was one year ago and this is a good thing because I am still officially stuck. My general attitude is if I really do not like what they had to say, then I will seek out a second opinion. Last year, the manager sent them out sometime in February, asking for them back one week later. In mid-summer they made a management shift, moving him out of any position of relevance. A couple of weeks later, in mid-August, he finally got around to doing the evaluations, giving everybody in the department a crap review as a parting shot. Seriously, what was the point? This was really one of those times where I should have called a spade a spade and explain that the problem was the person holding the management position, and then explain why. But I did not have those bullets loaded in my gun. No prospect that he will retire anytime soon. Most would say I am closer. On the road, I have left behind the town of IDGAF and on on my way to FU. But that was last year. This year I feel better. ------------------------ Score for Today: 3119 Calories 278 Carbs (270 to 450) 123 Fat 219 Protein +2.4 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 16/19