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  1. Wow! I had one of those this afternoon!
  2. Regarding the very socially awkward part..... Checking in. It is a label I have been assigned. After thinking about it for a while.... I have been told a couple of times I am very difficult to connect with. News Flash: Maybe I just *don't* want to connect with those people. Example from New Year's Eve Party: You know, you are very difficult to connect with. I'm really sorry. I just don't feel like connecting with you. And in the above conversation I just related - Who was the one having trouble picking up on social cues? It looks like I just had to spell it out bluntly for the other person. The social cues missed were very general, evasive, and conversation-killing answers to questions. So maybe I am not as socially awkward as some of my friends make me out to be. More often than not, I do not like socializing and feel very much out of my element when forced to socialize. And maybe I understand social cues better than I let on - but simply ignore them in an effort to force the other party to spell it out. I respect SS for being blunt. There is no nonsense in her answers.
  3. 4 Days of Freedom! Waiting for Spring, Week 7, Day 4 I had access to PR plates, so I used them to get closer to the exact percentages I was given in my programming. Let's not discuss the fact that the clips weigh a little bit, too. 2 Hip Snatch + Push Press: 3x103, 3x112, 3x120.5 pounds Low Hang Snatch: 2x112, 2x2x129, 2x145, Fx145, 1x146 pounds The programming specifically says no misses, and I move on to the next exercise, but I was feeling defiant and decided to use my "Days of Freedom" to try another rep with one more pound. I am probably going to hear about this, among other things. Push Press from Jerk Stance: 3x117, 3x140, 3x152 pounds Clean and Power Jerk: 2x152, 2x2x175.5, 3x1x199 pounds Deficit Clean Pull: 3x199, 3x224, 3x3x264 pounds Squats: 3x184, 3x224, 3x274, 1x294, 1x314+F, 3x294, 2x3x250 pounds I believe I ran out of willpower to go through with the second rep - or just did not want to squat morning it. I was feeling really pissy about it, too - and everybody who follows me on IG knows this! The triple following the failed rep really, really sucked. Standing Lunges: 4x20x134 pounds, superset with Hollow Holds: 4x60 seconds - These were so terrible I should have just stuck with the 45 second holds. The standing lunges also sucked. I ran a little slow today. The entire list, including the warm-up, took three hours. Two and a half hours is more normal for this list. Miss Broki believes this is because I take too long in my rest periods. I don't crossfit! Got it? I don't crossfit! I took it out at Chili's. Even there, 3570 Calories in a single sitting is nowhere close to a PR for me. Score for Today: 4855 Calories - BOOM! 439 Carbs (300 to 420) 260 Fat (100 to 140) 208 Protein +11.6 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 15/22
  4. I love it when I see terms I used to describe situations copied over into other threads! Sometimes I think company culture issues are more universal than you might imagine. I have the same opinion about leadership. Sometimes I wonder about this. I would have thought computers and printers have increased our reliance on paper products. Hmm. I will look up International Paper..... ...Hmm..... Kind of expensive, just like most everything else on the market.... Hmm..... There are bargains out there somewhere..... Damn... Everything is expensive.... This is wisdom! I'm legitimately impressed! Today I was having a locker room discussion with some guy I identified as a (former) powerlifter. He liked my 505 pound deadlift video, said my form was good. I said something about having long arms and it gives me an advantage in deadlift. I start from a more leveraged position and I don't have as far to go. Going to bench press, those long arms work against me. I have a longer range of motion and the leverage now works against my shoulders. I also thought one remedy to my poverty bench press would be to gain a lot of weight and go up a weight class or two. The range of motion will be a little bit less because I would be bigger. Also my shoulders would be heavier and could handle more stress. I heard some things about girls and shoulder control and that it takes some time to develop a big bench press. I believe it might be more so for girls who are built tiny. From here, I will compare you to MB because you two seem to be built the same. She does not bench press, so those numbers are nope. She power cleans way, way more than she bench presses. I am going to guess by a close to 2:1 margin. At the last meet, she had trouble stabilizing the weight (172 pounds) overhead while recovering from a jerk. Hmm. Maybe the problem is not enough bench in her life. But. I was not feeling enough to tell her that. Hmm. How close to half your squat numbers is that?
  5. Here it is! I celebrated the Saturday Miss Broki is out of town! Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
  6. Black yoga pants will work!
  7. 5 Days of Freedom! Today was a rest day in anticipation of that snow storm that never was. It missed me and went further south. They were prediction 12 to 18 inches and we got nothing. It was the third major storm forecast this season that never came to be. Perhaps they are giving unreliable storm forecasts as a social experiment to find out how long we continue to listen to forecasts. Indefinitely. We will continue to listen to them indefinitely. It works the same way with books predicting the next big crash. There is such a book for every decade and they all explain with perfect logic why the next decade with bring hardship and how to survive. I got home and made the rest of the tacos. This time I remembered seasonings and sauce. Score for Today: 3639 Calories 355 Carbs (300 to 420) 154 Fat (100 to 140) 222 Protein (160 minimum) +7.6 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 15/21 - Still a Weekend Warrior! Average Score for Week 8: 3344 Calories 346 Carbs 132 Fat 195 Protein .... Because. Who cares about Sodium, right? On point! See? Taking away my sodium and robbing me of my gains.... Today's Sodium count was.... 8269 mg!
  8. My Challenge Threads have basically become a BL that I update every five weeks or so. I stopped keeping the BL because I got tired of copy and paste the same information day in and day out. For quite some time, I have been terrible at keeping up with threads. Really sorry.
  9. I have long since come to believe that cholesterol is not as big an issue as the medikil industry says it is. That said, I think it is a good thing that you are trying to fix your numbers by fixing your lifestyle.
  10. Here is a quick lesson in mathematics and, more specifically, compound interest: It takes a long time to accumulate that much money. For example, I am 16 years older than MM. At a 6% annual rate of return over the next 16 years, she would have to save about $39K per year to accumulate $1M. Using a more lofty 10% per year, this number goes down to about 28K. Using a very lofty 15% per year, 18K. Hmm. There is probably an online compound interest calculator out there somewhere..... I chose 6% based on 11% average stock market return, less inflation, less fees, and less than perfect efficiency.
  11. Who said this is a derail? We are discussing fiscal fitness instead of physical fitness and we are discussing very real-life issues! Different writers have different target audiences. Some are writing to people who are up to their eyeballs in debt. Some are writing to people who are trying to get ahead. Some are writing to people who want to get stinking rich. You might do well to get an exposure to a few of these perspectives. When I started out Real Life in 2000, I moved into the heart of Silicon Valley at the height of the Dot Com boom. One book I remember well is something by the Motley Fool and it gave me the confidence boost I needed to restart my own investing. The Motley Fool is very big on bucking conventional wisdom coming from the Dark Side in the world of finance, very similar to how Nerd Fitness bucks conventional wisdom coming from the Dark Side in the world of fitness. Most likely, you can find something written by them in your local library. And NO. They were not born in the 1920's. I believe they are my generation.
  12. While I have been thinking a lot on this subject, a thought has crossed my mind and a burning question. You frequent your local library and you read a lot. Have you read something in the subject of personal finance or investments or financial doom written by somebody born in the early 1920's? If these people are not already dead, they are very, very old and have a lot of life experience: The Great Crash of 1929: Somebody born in 1924 was 5 years old and as a writer shares life experience from the perspective of somebody who was five years old when it happened. Also, they started their careers in the early post-war era and had conversations with old farts who had a different life experience with the 1929 crash. (There was a time I was worth $829,000 on paper. My God, when was that? In 1929, just before the Crash. Why didn't you sell? I always wanted to be a millionaire.) The Great Depression: Most likely the writer grew up poor and struggling. WW2: These people were prime age.
  13. I have no idea how sodium sensitive I am because I have never tried cutting sodium because I have no idea how to cut sodium. But at least what I put in bold gives me some idea what kind of result to expect if I am sodium sensitive. If that is the case, then the only time I really need to worry about it is if I ever have to cut weight. I should also note my day to day morning weight fluctuates a LOT! My general thoughts on sodium: The medikil industry's recommendation of 2300 mg regardless of daily calories is kind of ridiculous. 2300 mg of sodium in a 2000 calorie diet is not going to taste the same as 2300 mg of sodium in a 3500 calorie diet. Granted. People on a 3500 calorie maintenance diet do not exist in real life. How about 1 mg per calorie instead? At least that way I can look at a label and identify what is high in sodium. One culprit is in a box and the box is low calories. Also based on that, my mid-day count on MFP is about even in calories and sodium. It is when I eat dinner that my sodium count spikes. A lot of sodium can also indicate processed food and not natural food. So when I finally eat more natural food, I will have to remember to add salt to taste. ---------------------------------------- I have a similar attitude about cholesterol. Something, something, I'm getting older. I remember when the medikil industry said eating eggs was bad and eating meat was bad. It looks like NF might be with me on this one. Words I have been hearing over the 17 years I have been living in this country: Everything in your blood tests normal, except your cholesterol, which is sky high. *shrug* cholesterol is overrated I like the NF advice. Level up the lifestyle and see what it looks like next year. One of these years, I would love to figure out how to spike a cholesterol count into four-figure territory and make them wonder how I am still alive.
  14. So many responses....... Thanks! I have a sneaking feeling that it will miss and I will be at work tomorrow. How many times have I mentioned I want to return to the South? However, I am stuck here in MinniBulgaria and not allowed to move. The recruiter I talk to the most has not much news to share. I joked about this incoming storm and confirmed that prospects of moving to Florida or Texas are not looking that good in the near future. It is a matter of pulling out one of my hacks. I guess I was feeling lazy. It is my go-to for a protein hack. And yeah. I still go through a lot of Dairy in a week. If Beef is Paleo, why not Dairy? Wow!!! Inquiring minds *really* want to know!!! Give Tank a cigar. He has exactly the right answer. I *never* stop pooping. I think it is because I eat so much, it just forces its way out the other end. I have no idea how much of my body weight is GI. ---------------------------------------- In other news...... 6 Days of Freedom! Waiting for Spring, Week 7, Day 5, Thursday Powerlifting at Stupid O'Clock in the Morning Squats: 8x44, 8x134, 8x184, 4x234, 8x284, 3x8x244 pounds Deadlifts: 3x234, 3x344, 3x394, 3x444 pounds Dumbbell Bench Press: 12x30, 12x40, 12x45, 12x50 pounds Pull-Ups: 8+7+7+7 Dumbbell Rows: 4x12x60 pounds The squats looked and felt like ugly squat mornings. I might back off a little bit next week. I used a hook grip for the deadlifts and reopened a cut on my thumb where I sliced myself open a couple of days ago. The rows did not feel great. I might back off a bit next week. I did a little bit of storm shopping on the way home and decided to eat ribs and spike up my Sodium count. Because. Who cares about Sodium, right? Score for Today: 3346 Calories 394 Carbs (300 to 420) 110 Fat (100 to 140) 199 Protein (160 minimum) -0.1 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 15/20 Thin Mints Remaining: 8 For those who are curious: My Sodium count was 6.1K.
  15. Also. Logistics. Need a place to change oil and MM lives in an apartment if I am not mistaken. No access to a garage.