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  1. Beach Bod WoD, Day 2 of 20 Front-Squats: 5x44, 3x134, 3x184, 3x224, 3x244, 3x3x194 pounds Overhead Squats: 8x94, 8x114, 8x124 pounds Lat Chin-up Pull-Downs: 3x10x80, superset with Push-ups: 3x15 KB Carries: 70 yards at 18, 24, 24, 24 kg DB Lateral Raises: 3x10x20 pounds, superset with GHR Sit-ups: 3x12 Score for Today: 3257 Calories 368 Carbs 97 Fat 229 Protein +0.5 Overall
  2. First! Hi! Long time! EDIT: This is the first I heard of your engagement! Good luck! <3
  3. Beach Bod WoD, Day 1 of 20 Well. I survived. I would say the backoff sets were also rough. I am told it gets better, but that sounds like a lie somebody from MinniBulgaria would tell. We did a slightly shorter and lighter version of Day 1, but here it is: Squats: 8x44, 8x134, 8x184, 6x184, 15x224, 2x15x179 pounds Clean Pulls: 2x5x134, 5x184, 2x5x224 pounds Dumbbell Lunges: 3x20x25 pounds GHR: 3x10 Hollow Rocks: 3x20 that looked more like hollow pikes, superset with Overhead DB Sit-ups: 3x10x10 pounds Score for Today: 3120 Calories 320 Carbs 108 Fat 222 Protein -0.2 Overall I am going to leave the Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn part alone until I am more clear on macro targets. But this day looks pretty good.
  4. Starting the "You Had One Job" meme spam.....
  5. Very quick wrap-up here... This is all done! It was originally a 6-day program, but I only worked 6 days one week out of 4. Of course I died! Date of death: April 28, 2017. This did not go as planned. I ended up with.... Snatch: 75x / 75 kg / 80x Clean and Jerk: 102 / 106 / 110 kg With the old fart bonus, it was good enough for the silver medal at a beginner meet! My final score was 26 / 35. I kind of went out a bit more than I planned and I had way more dessert than planned. I kind of indulged a bit. My final weight for the Challenge Cycle was 200.2 pounds, barely above my low for the year. Keeping this in case the information comes in handy later, my neck measures 16 inches and my waist measures 35 inches. Something I just noticed about the tape measure method: There is no adjustment for age, so I guess this method assumes I have the bone mineral density of a 25 year old Navy SEAL. But I still like the method for tracking changes. If I think of any more, then I will work this one back in. And that's it!
  6. Today was a rest day. I had chili again. Score for Today: 3380 Calories 376 Carbs 105 Fat 235 Protein +5.1 Overall New Program begins tomorrow! Give me a week or so and I will have a good name for it!
  7. I did not officially close out the Challenge cycle, but put up the next one already.
  8. I just got my new programming in and it is just in time for this Challenge cycle! As usual, looking over the next six weeks...... Week 0: May 20 to May 26 - Program Week 1 Week 1: May 27 to June 2 - Program Week 2 - Memorial Day Week 2: June 3 to June 9 - Program Week 3 Week 3: June 10 to June 16 - Program Week 4 Week 4: June 17 to June 23 - Deload Week most likely Week 0: June 24 to June 30 - We will figure that out when we get there! Hmm. Not much going on this time around! It is getting ready and looking down on myself, I realize that I am nowhere near ready for Beach Season! HA! Just kidding of course! Here's what we got going..... Quest 1 - Keep Lifting I just got a new program! Here is what it looks like. It's five days. Day 1 - 15RM Squat, 2x15 backoff, DB Lunges, Clean Pulls, Ham Curls, Core stuff Day 2 - 3RM Front-Squat, 3x3 backoff, 3x8 OHS, lat pulldown, push-ups, OH KB carry, shoulder raises, sit-ups Day 3 - Clean complex, 4x4 deadlifts, pull-ups, push-ups, 5RM OHP, 3x8 OHP backoff, Rows Day 4 - Snatch pull, squats, RDL, KB row, upright row, farmers carry, more core Day 5 - CounterFit So it looks like a lot of accessory work for the next four weeks. Quest 2 - Keep Eating It looks like my target macros are..... 1040 Calories - 260 Carbs 1044 Calories - 116 Fat 900 Calories - 225 Protein Next up is politely explaining to Miss Broki that this does not even add up to 3000 Calories and I am going to starve. One thing at a time. I am pretty sure she meant portions, 35% + 35% + 30%. For those of you who missed pieces of my last Challenge, I gave her some say in my macros. As Tank put it..... "He chose poorly." Quest 3 - Don't Die Track the number of times I die. The last time I died was on April 1, 2017. So. Number of Cycles: 4 Number of Deaths: 4 Date of last death: April 28, 2017 I swear it is a monthly cycle.
  9. Today was another rest day and I'm still eating like an asshole. Score for Today: 3918 Calories 330 Carbs 157 Fat 295 Protein +10.5 Overall Still changing up how to score the part about hitting the broad side of a barn.
  10. How do you calculate three days worth of calories in 4200? I get 1.2.
  11. I suppose I can wrap this thing up closer to when I actually have a program. It looks like it will be sprung on me on Tuesday. Today was more CounterFit. Couples Chipper WoD. 30 Burpees - Yes. Together. Like a couple. 10 Toes to Bar - Yes. Together. Like a couple. They call me out on a rep, I'm lying about the count, because nobody is officially counting. 20 Calories on the Rower. 30 Lunges with 45 pound plate overhead. Yes. Together. Like a couple. 40 Russian KB Swings with I forget what KB. Yes. Together. Like a couple. 30 Lunges with a 45 pound plate overhead. Yes. Together. Like a couple. 20 Calories on the Rower. 10 Knee-ups because Toes to Bar were not happening. Yes. Together. Like a couple. 30 Burpees. Yes. Together. Like a couple. I was the slow one, because I am used to taking long breaks like a power lifter. Yoga flow afterwards as a cooldown was just not happening. #nopenopenope #nojustno #justsayno It is my sister's birthday, and decided to celebrate that by going out for ribs and carrot cake. Then I finally got out to see GotG2. Score for Today: 4200 Calories 322 Carbs 256 Fat 202 Protein +10.6 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 0 / 1 - I have no idea where this barn is this cycle, but this shot is nowhere close.
  12. Rest day today. It felt like a hangover day. I woke up a little too early and could not settle back to sleep, then got a little bit more sleep until it felt like morning came too early and the entire day felt exactly like that. Maybe 2668 calories after exerting like that was just a bad idea. This cut lasted one day! I felt sore, too. Those lunges got me. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I have one more day of CounterFit, and then finally I will have my summer program which will need a creative name. I was also hungry like Korax the Ghoul and it is getting close to *that* time of the month again. I fixed a 21 ounce steak and I still feel hungry. Score for Today: 3420 Calories 283 Carbs 150 Fat 244 Protein Average Score for Week 20: 3533 Calories 366 Carbs 141 Fat 199 Protein Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 26 / 35 It's time for Challenge Wrap-up! Then when I get the new program, I decide where to go next.
  13. July...... The weekend of the 8th, I have Tank's wedding to go to. I might do another trip between the 4th and the 8th. From July 15 to the end of July, I have my parents in town. So I can't promise anything.
  14. More CounterFit today: Lunges and push-ups as a warm-up, and a couple of one-minute rounds on the rower in between. 4 sets of 20 lunges with 2x16 kg KB and 12 push-ups Double-under practice 1-minute air dyne - I got to 40 Calories in that time. As I limped to my car and drove home, trying hard not to puke my guts out, the thought crossed my mind: This would be a LONG ASS BIKE RIDE HOME! Score for Today: 2668 Calories 279 Carbs 91 Fat 186 Protein -4.7 Oveerall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 25 / 34 - Weekend Warrior Status achieved!
  15. At this workplace, I learned not to park under the tree.