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  1. Sam Ashen Winter Weight Program

    Sunday was a picnic meal, so macros are a mess, whatever that means. More respawn calories. That's what it means. Behind the Neck Push Press: 3x94, 3x114, 2x3x134, 3x154, 3x174, 3x169, 3x150 pounds I was having fun with my choice of grip and some trouble at 154 pounds until I fixed it and reset. Paused Squats: 5x159, 5x184 5x224, 5x269, 5x259, 5x244 pounds Good Mornings: 10x94, 10x114, 3x10x134 pounds Close-Grip Bench Press: 5x94, 5x114, 5x134, 5x154, 5x169, 5x164, 5x154 pounds Rowing Springs: 5 x 500 meters about 5 minutes apart, all under 1:45 Score for Today: 3755 Calories 423 Carbs 174 Fat 159 Protein +4.9 Overall In other news, I lost one of my childhood mentors on Friday and was told about it on Saturday. I'm debating taking a road trip for the funeral.
  2. Sam Ashen Winter Weight Program

    Today's work with Little John: 2 Snatch Balance and Overhead Squat: 3x54, 3x74, 3x89 pounds Snatch: 3x89, 3x109, 3x124, 2x134, 2x144, 1x154 and a miss at 159 pounds Hang Cleans: 3x119, 3x144, 3x169, 3x179, 2x194, 1x204, 1x219, 1x226.5 pounds Skill work with kips Jump Squats with 30 pound dumbbells: 6 sets of 4 Score for Today: 4463+ Calories 352 Carbs 251 Fat 220 Protein #respawn calories A few days ago, I played Oregon Trail for the first time, so I guess I must have died of dysentery.
  3. Sam Ashen Winter Weight Program

    Today was a good day. Squats: 3x134, 3x184, 3x224, 3x264, 3x299, 2x3x269 pounds Push Press: 3x94, 4x134, 4x154, 4x179, 2x4x159 pounds Clean Deadlift: 3x134, 3x184, 3x224, 3x274, 3x334 pounds This funky overhead BB carry with 18 pound KB: 4 x 2 halves of a basketball court. Score for Today: 3266 Calories 327 Carbs 117 Fat 209 Protein -0.5 Overall That better? I wanted to go out tonight, but my cell phone was dying.
  4. Sam Ashen Winter Weight Program

    Paused Front-Squats: 3x134, 3x184, 3x204, 3x224, 3x234, 3x224, 3x209 pounds 10 Back Extensions, superset with 10 Leg Curls Curls: 10x40, 10x50, 10x60, 10x70, 2x10x60 pounds Tricep Extensions: Quite a few sets of 10 Score for Today: 2699 Calories 257 Carbs 106 Fat 191 Protein -5.7 Overall
  5. Sam Ashen Winter Weight Program

    Yesterday was a rest day. Here is some reading I might want to revisit later for the heck of it. Today's work with Little John: Snatch from the Blocks: 3x94, 3x114, 2x124, 2x1x134, 2x1x144 pounds Clean and Jerk: 3x119, 3x144, 2x169, 2x179, 2x194, 2x1x204 pounds Rows: 5x144, 5x154, 5x164, 5x174, 5x164, 5x154 pounds Broad Jumps: 5x5 - See articles above No scores for today or yesterday. I'm having an MFP issue. Maybe I should start looking for a better app. I have not decided yet.
  6. Sam Ashen Winter Weight Program

    Simple day. Snatch Pull plus Snatch: 3x2x94, 2x114, 2x134, 1x144, 1x154, 1x164 pounds including one miss at 164 pounds because I was lacking in faith Clean and Jerk: 2x94, 2x114, 2x134, 2x154, 2x174, 2x184, 1x194, 1x204, 1x214, 1x224 pounds including one miss at 224 pounds because somebody was messing with my gameand one miss at 229 pounds because I was too tired to jerk. Score for Today: 2587 Calories - Still not quite normal 220 Carbs 104 Fat 205 Protein -6.8 Overall
  7. Due to timing, I decided that a Battle Log would be easier than running the same thing over the next 1.6 Challenge cycles. Today I got my programming for the next six weeks. It has a lot of accessory work and we are trying to fix a squat-morning. Normally it takes me a couple of days or even weeks to name a program, but this one only took a couple minutes. Welcome to the..... Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program! Here is what the next six weeks looks like: Week 1: July 9 to 15 - Pick up Parents on July 15 Week 2: July 16 to 22 - Parents are in town Week 3: July 23 to 29 - Parents are in town - Drop off some time on the weekend. Week 4: July 30 to August 5 Week 5: August 6 to 12 Week 6: August 13 to 19 August 20 to 26 I am out of town once again on vacation! As well as I can detail it right now, there are days of lifting and one day of CounterFit. It is kind of hard right now for me to describe the lifting days and they change slightly from week to week. Day 1: Relatively light 3x3 Front-squat, jerk recoveries, DB bench press, eccentric pull-ups, and lots of rows Day 2: Snatch balance comples, light 5x5 squats, 4x10 split squats, 4x10 leg press, farmers carry, forward leaning rest, overhead sit-ups Day 3: Light 5x5 deadlift, leg extensions, pull-ups, slightly weighted push-ups, landmine row like a bro, OH KB carry Day 4: Snatch complex, Clean and Jerk complex, 1x3 squats + 3x3 backoff, funky hip stabilizing exercise, superman, stability ball cobra Day 5: CounterFit Diet is hard to describe right now. I am just off vacation for a few days, then a two-week parental visit bulking program. Then I have another four weeks of what I would describe as "normal," then another one-week vacation. I am supposed to be spiking my protein macro. Let's not talk about sodium yet. I will be resuming my daily posting of my MFP score very shortly. I have not yet decided how to maintain this during the parental visit. I was somehow able to manage last year. Ready? GO! I'm just going to post this up, then talk about Day 0.