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  1. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Back to Swole, Week 3, Day 4: Cleans: 3x3x134, 3x164, 3x3x184 pounds Jerks: 3x134, 3x164, 3x184, 3x199, 3x209 pounds RDL: 4x10x184 pounds GHR Sit-Ups: 4x10, superset with FLR: 3 x 1 minute Stability Ball Cobra with 2.5 pound plates: 4x15 Score for Today: 3044 Calories 305 Carbs 112 Fat 221 Protein -2.3 Overall
  2. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season INTP lean in closer sensually whisper into their ear the periodic table of elements song The quadradic formula would work, too. I never knew there was a song for the quadradic formula until a few months ago. I made the mistake of looking for it online. Now it pops into my head every time I use the quadradic formula. This is several times per day. My life is ruined! It might be the payback I get for shoving math down everybody's throat. Payback is a b*tch! Back to Swole, Week 3, Day 3: Squats: 4x44, 4x134, 4x184, 4x224, 4x4x264 pounds Overhead Press: 10x44, 10x64, 5x94, 2x9x114, 10x114, 2x10x99 pounds Pull-ups: 4x8 Plate Push-ups: 4x12 with 10 pound technique plate Double overhead KB carry: 3 x 80 paces x 24 kg That set of 10x114 pounds just did not want to happen. I tried a third time and finally got it! Score for Today: 3064 Calories 305 Carbs 113 Fat 225 Proten -2.1 Overall
  3. ElvenEngineer Escapes Emelen

    At first I read, "14 days logging steak in MFP!"
  4. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Why would it ever be work related? (EDIT: I never travel for work.) So yes. Another vacation. An attempt at a fifth sunburn for the year.
  5. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Rest Day today. I did a couple of things recently. I ordered a couple of books to study. No idea how long I will take, but at least I am starting to rebuild my library and have reference material for when I finally decide to build my own Spell Book. I'm also going to Dominican Republic in November. Do something that terrifies you. Right? Score for Today: 2944 Calories 281 Carbs 118 Fat 208 Protein +0.7 Overall
  6. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    I started from 110, then added the black 5 pound thinggies, then 130, then another couple of the black 5 pound thinggies. So 110, 120, 130, 140. I said it was acting weird because the weight always seems different on different machines. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it feels like moving weight on the moon - or a Smith machine!
  7. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Back to Swole, Week 3, Day 2: Deadlifts: 3x224, 3x274, 3x314 pounds Deadlifts: 10x3x354 pounds EMOM Floor Press: 8x44, 8x94, 8x134, 4x10x164 pounds Bent-Over Rows: 3x10x144 pounds Farmers Carry: 3 x 70 yards x 70 pounds Leg Extensions: 4x8 - and the weight seemed weird, but such is the nature of leg extension machines, I suppose Family-size meat lovers lasagna and meal prep for the next three days. They seem to work well together on a Tuesday! Score for Today: 3401 Calories 316 Carbs 154 Fat 202 Protein +1.9 Overall
  8. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Back to Swole, Week 3, Day 1: Miss Broki got to introduce me to snatches from the blocks! Snatches from the blocks: 3 at 94, 2 at 114, 1 each at 124, 134, 144, 154, 164 pounds It took some getting used to. It is still taking some getting used to. Front-Squats: 3x134, 3x184, 2x224, 3x244, 2x3x209 pounds, first rep paused This time I actually listened to MB's advice to only do two reps at 224 pounds. She was amazed that I actually listened. She wonders when I am going to start listening to her food advice. Raised reverse lunges: 3x20x50 pounds Funky hip stability exercise: 3x8, superset with Alternating superman: 3x20 She notes that the right side is weaker than the left side. I will discuss that with the chiropractor next week. We also discussed cardio stuff and I acknowledged that I don't do very well embracing the suck. I looked at my 10-minute row averaging a pace of 1:54 and I remember a 30-minute row where I held a 2:00 pace. There should be more difference than that, but I'm not sure if I do a very well at trying to get all those anaerobic calories - or whatever you call them. But I can lift! Random thought on barbell brain: I might be somewhat functional seconds after a big lift, then go into zombie mode for the next minute. I stripped the bar down from 244 pounds to 184 pound, then put on a nickel and dime and looked for a 2.5 pound plate. MB pointed out that I had 205 215 pounds on the bar and I immediately realized she was correct. Barbell brain strikes again and I don't know it unless I have it all there and I count it out! For the other people, it is always so wonderful when I get busted like that! Score for Today: 3349 Calories 273 Carbs 153 Fat 227 Protein +1.4 Overall EDIT: Looks like BBB lasts longer than a couple of minutes.
  9. Miss Marissa's Lifting Log

    You reading up on something? I did a thing last week and ordered a couple of books to start building myself a little library. They should arrive tomorrow! They are industry related, so very unlikely I can read them in a single weekend - or ever.
  10. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    From what I understand of looking at videos, controlling on the way down is not the same as a negative rep on the way down. It looks more like a controlled drop. I have only been to one real PL meet, so did not see much of what got called based on a strict interpretation of the rules. Usually, what I have seen is the weight coming down fast, but the lifter is still gripping the bar. In a month or so, I might have a video of a deadlift again. FITY I am not sure how you get to 235 pounds from 135 pounds for 8 reps. I get 168.75 pounds. Video helps! You specified pounds correctly. Otherwise I would have unloaded my favorite troll line. I'm not sure where you start your warm-up sets, but you sure seem to do a lot of them! I tend to start with a small set just under 50% and quarter and plate my way up. So I go 225 pounds, 315 pounds, 365 pounds, 405 pounds and we are already at 80%! It depends on what I am doing. My current programming has 10 sets of 3 deadlifts, EMOM. Some of my friends are calling me a Ranger!
  11. Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

    I looked it up on a map. It appears to be about 80 miles from Madison, WI. @miss_marissa
  12. Brovatar Korra and the Temple of Gainz

    In for #IowaPRs! Tell me the PL meet is in Minnesota!
  13. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Rest day today. Score for Today: 2590 Calories 201 Carbs 106 Fat 186 Protein -2.8 Overall
  14. DJ Trippy: Let the Warrior out to Play

    I downloaded the hp48 app for it!
  15. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    It takes me a while to grind through something like that. Just like juggling, it is just a skill. Then I compare it with a calculator to see where I missed in an effort to get better at it, like it is a game. I got one horrified "It is not a game" response. To me, it is a game. Is the school environment that bad? Back to Swole, Week 2, Day 5: CounterFit! 30-Second push-ups: 36 30-Second ab-mat butterfly sit-ups: 18 30-Second pull-ups: 10 - I broke them up a little bit, because we have 30 seconds on the clock. MB had us rinse and repeat. So.... 30-Second push-ups: 37 30-Second ab-mat butterfly sit-ups: 15 - I was going for more range of motion 30-Second pull-ups: 12 - I broke them up more strategically 10-minute row: 2645 meters Out for sandwich and smoothie. Had chicken stir-fry for dinner. Score for Today: 3647 Calories 495 Carbs 82 Fat 232 Protein +4.3 Overall