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  1. Suddenly I tune in and everybody is talking about moving! Madison is probably a nice town, but it's not in Texas. Here's the guy whose favorite hobby is moving his friends to Texas!
  2. The first time I did this test, I kept typing in answers and new questions would pop up, just like I would expect it to. Then I figured at the end of the two minutes, it would score which answers I got right and which ones I got wrong, until.... WTF??!? It won't take my answer and move on to the next question! Then I realized. DERP! Wrong answer! ---------------------- So gaming the system, it seems to reward quick answers. The only consequence of a wrong answer is you lose a couple of precious seconds trying to figure out the correct answer. On a speed test like in school, you are punished by a BIG RED X! Too many of those means you have not yet mastered the material. DANG IT!!! These movies were coming out when I was learning this stuff!!!
  3. Does it get the heart racing? It sure does for me! Adrenalin Rush: Check!!! Scores from last night: 40, 29, 43 Scores from today: 37, 60, 57 Settings: (looks like default) Addition: (2 to 100) + (2 to 100) Subtraction Multiplication (2 to 12) x (2 to 100) Division 120 seconds
  4. Am I wearing concrete shoes in this picture? Or is it like this?
  5. Recently I have been reading up on some very interesting stuff on how math is taught. So the idea of a speed drill (say on the times table) is to check for mastery. If the kid has mastered the table, then questions are answered basically at the rate the kid can clearly print digits. If the kid has not mastered the table, then the test will show it quite bluntly. It looks like on that link, you can set it to random multiplication only, from 2 to 9 and time it over one minute. Of course, I get the impression now we over test instead of teaching the material. So for the kid who has not mastered the facts, these timed tests are simply an exercise in frustration. For my younger self, this was huge for my ego! My ten-year old self would be horrified! By scoring 60, not only did I barely get a D in fifth-grade mathematics, it looks like I have forgotten so much of the 12 times table. I'm getting better! But yeah. It looks like a good little drill and you can change the settings to something you already know and then you can practice instant recall. I love it that I got some people trying!
  6. And BOOM!!!!! I just scored 60!!!!!! I was SO happy, I printed the page!
  7. There is a bit of a luck element there, if you keep rolling problems that give you trouble. As an experiment, I tried with a calculator and tried my best NOT to cheat - and got 38. For me, this is addicting! Meanwhile, somewhere out there, there are TONS of fifth graders who are SO much smarter than I!
  8. Look at what I found!!! Enjoy! Let's see if I am better at this in the morning......
  9. Waiting for Spring, Week 11, Day 2, Monday Using the 19th Century version of Ultrasound technology, my Healer says most likely I did not break anything in my foot, but cannot completely rule out a hairline fracture. Paused Overhead Squats: 3x94, 3x114, 3x134, 1x154, 3x164, 1x149, 2x149, 3x149 pounds - I was struggling after the big set. Paused Deadlifts: 3x224, 3x324, 1x374, 3x424 pounds Deadlifts: 3x3x384 pounds Farmers Carries: 4x90 pounds Lower Back Extensions: 4x10x90 pounds, superset with Lateral Shoulder Raises: 4x10x25 pounds Volume Count: 17792 pounds And guess what? I forgot the Overhead Presses! THAT'S why I was done so early! Score for Today: 3349 Calories 339 Carbs 128 Fat 177 Protein +0.6 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 11 / 17
  10. Today, I took the silly active metabolic test. That meant I wore a stupid uncomfortable mask and ran on a treadmill. Give feedback on a scale of 1 to 10 of how terrible I feel. Or how much I hate cardio on a scale of 1 to 10. So that fulfills all those tests I have remaining on my file. After that, #neveragain. I still don't trust biometric impedance as a method of measuring and tracking body fat percentage and lean body mass. Something interesting: So let me get this straight: BIA is supposed to be estimating body water mass (kg) based on input height, estimated limb lengths, measured weight and measured impedance (resistance) but drinking 591 mL (1.3 pounds) of water to hydrate has NO effect on impedance measurements and they can't tell they are measuring 50 kg of water or 50.6 kg of water? So. Yeah. No. Still don't trust it. -------------------- Since I was supposed to go into that test fasted and it was already noon, I opted for BWW, then going shopping instead of going home to eat. I will chalk this one up to a planning fail. So I was supposed to do was lift for three hours yesterday, go get something to eat, and then go shopping. That would have made it easier for me to go home after the Sunday appointment. So. Yeah. Planning fail. --------------------- Today was otherwise a quiet day with some amazing Introvert Time. I tooled around the internet and found articles like the one above. Then I took a long walk. Score for Today: 3916 Calories 290 Carbs 224 Fat (90 to 150) 186 Protein +1.7 Overall Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 10 / 16 - Still looking like Weekend Warrior status. Just behave during the week. Already at 5 outings with a couple of weeks to go. Dessert Option has already been taken. And I died last week. Just stick to the plan and I should be okay.
  11. Probably because it was not the first time and I knew exactly how the classes worked. For comparison, this is from my preparation for the first trip.... ........... OMG! It was so funny to watch!!! I just replayed it and I'm still giggling!!!
  12. I had a bit of a late night last night and did not get around to posting my week's volume total: I can play for Week 2, but Week 3 is a deload week. But I can do all the cardio!
  13. I thought you said you were ENFP and I was curious if you thought I resembled the other girl. Never mind we only interacted in person a few days at Camp. That's not much information to go on.
  14. Looking for honest opinions...... Am I like that girl? I know most of you have not interacted me that much in person, but am I like her? I will pick on our Resident ENFP, @Tanktimus the Encourager - He interacted with me a bit at Camp..... if you have time..... Be honest. Added: Oh, yeah. Watching their videos just cracked me up! Kelsey plays the straightperson brilliantly! OMG!