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  1. I see more gifs than numbers!
  2. You did that - I remember. I forgot to respond and I'm having a day today.
  3. I moved to Ohio last year in April, but said nothing about it on social media, because reasons. Maybe I will remember to update it when the anniversary comes up.
  4. This made me think of the first gym I joined. You could sign up for MWF, or TTS, or something like that. What was very interesting was that I was more inclined to go on those days, because I paid for those days.
  5. It looks like my program has it split with front squats, back squats, cleans, jerks. I count about 34 reps for the week, depending on what counts. Hi!
  6. It is interesting that people here agree with my old-fart coach on the coaching. We talked about Isabel (My time was 47m42s) and he thought it was fn stupid. He mentioned somebody who did it in 1m38s or something under two minute, with the rx 135. kg? Later, I admitted that 30 reps is just too damned many.
  7. It will take me a while to process all of it. From what I see, there seems to be a cult mentality to CrossFit. This makes sense. It is a small group. The same might apply to my wl team. Life revolves around the next meet. I believe that is one of three reasons you do not like wl. Another can be linked to two IG handles I decided not to mention. If you do go to weightlifting, then welcome to the Masters Divisions! My old-fart wl coach has an irrational hatred of CrossFit. Ironically, CrossFit has provided him with at least two great athletes. The last comment I saw him make, he compared CrossFit coaches to high school coaches who coach three sports. There is no way they can be good at all of them. There are too many things for weightlifting movements to be a priority. The same applies to your deadlift. The hatred for CrossFit is enough for me to use it to my old-fart wl coach. Last Saturday was meet, so we have this week mostly free to do whatever we want, as long as we stay under 80%. Isabel sounds like a terrible idea!
  8. This sounds a lot like my place. We have one part that focuses on weightlifting. We have another part that focuses on powerlifting. We have another part that focuses on what you are describing, movement, mobility, general strength and fitness training. ....gross I tried it that way and it was gross. I bitched and moaned about it all the time. I blamed stupid o'clock workouts for missed lifts and no gains. Now I blame beltless training. The old fart coach blames crossfit-style coaching.
  9. I remember my sister several years ago, laughing at the Canadian politicians saying they will "probably" vote no-confidence, just so that they could not be called for lying if they change their mind and decide not to. Is this challenge going to be about probabilities? Happy new year to you! I will probably go to bed early. There is a New Year's deadlift party at the gym at 11:30.
  10. Holy crap, hi! I just realized if I change the second and third letters of your last name, I have the name of my childhood friend!
  11. I had to look up configuration management. It's not that big a company, to the order of 100 or so. Engineering might be six to ten people and some off site. Everything takes a while. Autocad is also pretty new for me. You probably use it a lot more. Also - experiment for this week: I set my alarm at 7:00am instead of 6:30am.
  12. I'll tell stories in a bit. I put up lots of pictures on FB this time, but I believe you are not as active there, because, reasons. In a way, I'm kind of glad I'm not the only person who has been feeling like every single morning. The feeling has been persisting through the entire day and it affects my productivity. It almost seems like I would make net gains if I turned my alarm off and wake up naturally at the butt crack of 9am and show up at work at 10am. As I said before. We are never going to change, because that is the way we have always done it. --------------- For this afternoon, it looks like my mindless task is going through a list of about 20 drawings, which are pdf copies of excel spreadsheets and autocad drawings, make minor changes to the formatting which excel messed up in an error worthy of autocorrect that I never caught, print a hard copy and put it in the book, print a hard copy and give it to a foreman, make a pdf copy for the project manager, update the list of drawings with the correct revision number, make a pdf copy of the list, compile the pdf drawings into one file, put in a directory. I'm still trying to figure out who is supposed to do document control. I believe we have an official system, but the reality is we wing it. So to the scheduling person, my job is wherever the buck stops. From your industry, there is probably very little sympathy. -------- Uuugghhh! Give me the BRAIN! I can hear the ocean from the toilet!
  13. I'm now in a club with an old-fart coach, still working on technique.
  14. Long time! I checked back in a few days ago and tracking some people I have known in the past. Hi!
  15. Never know how many inches you're going to get or how long it's going to last
  16. Thanks. About a year and a half ago, I was burning out and stumbling along. My alarm goes off at 6:30am and I hit the snooze button three times for a total of 27 minutes of snoozing - and a little bit more light. There are several things I am going to say: At this time of year and as far north as we live, it is still dark at this time. When I wake up, it feels like I am hung over. DST has been extended way too long, so in early November, we are waking up before sunrise, like it is in late December. Every morning I felt like I was hung over. Last week, I was in Ecuador. The sun rises and sets at the same time every day, because it is very close to the equator. The sun rises at about 6:00am, so I am awake by 6:30am with no issues. I felt fine. I did not feel hung over. Some of us are just wired to be awake shortly after sunrise, until some time after sunset. We would do well to adjust work schedules to accommodate this. However, 8:00am is holy and sacred and we will never change this. As a bonus, the stress of rush hour could be spread out over several hours, reducing the strain on the transportation system, and wasting less time and fuel. [/RANT]
  17. Looking at the picture..... What's a KB?
  18. I did a thing. I logged in!
  19. Morning is trolling me, too. Hi!
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