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  1. I splurged back awhile ago and bought myself prana yoga pants, I swear they're the most comfortable pants I've ever owned. They're also the only gym pants I own that are long enough. I also have Merrell Barefoot trail runners (cause my "little piggy" toes are too short to fit into vibram's comfortably) Other than that I just wear sports bras and t-shirts, though I'd really like one of those nice wicking ones because I hate feeling sweaty >.<
  2. I have a handful of pairs of pants that fit me 8months ago that I'd love to fit into by the end of the challenge but I don't think that's realistic, so I'll stick to wanting the jeans I currently wear to fit looser! (Btw I think it's funny how Jeans and bikini's/undies dictate our clothing benchmarks lol)
  3. I'm in: http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4141-Challenge-Accepted-Start-March-5th
  4. Sorry I've been a bit MIA, I really shouldn't have put the push up goal for this month, I haven't really been working on it at all I'm making all my dr's appointments which is good, but she put me on a new med which is knocking me out and making me feel lethargic as hell. Lame. Valentines day weekend I ate candy and whatnot, nothing awesome to report. Been drinking lots of water at work and trying to eat beef jerky instead of candy to snack on.
  5. Sounds like you're making excellent progress, sorry to hear your family was sick though
  6. I'm going to have to give that a try, my shoulders will probably thank you immensely. Oh and do you do them before or after the push-ups, or both?
  7. Not my best day, couldn't sleep then had to wake up early so 3hrs of sleep did me no favors. Went to the shrink for an 9am appt. and she didn't see me until almost 10:30, but I stuck with it and stayed even though I felt like walking right out of the overcrowded waiting room. Broke my no sugar in beverage rule for a large coffee to help me get through the day at work also had a coke zero at lunch. Bad bad me, I know. Lunch however wasn't so bad, it consisted of a piece of pizza chock full of mushrooms and a plain slice that I only had a little of and no snacking this afternoon. Yesterday I did make it to the bank (yay walking) and picked myself up some chinese food, resisted the urge to get shrimp toast or an egg roll or dumplings, also took 2 water bottles instead of the "free soda". Cooked pork and sweet potatoes for my family for dinner (cooking more often being a bit of an unofficial goal for me). Did a bunch of laundry and started warming up before being reminded by my mom that I said I'd fix her computer. I also had a miserable headache by then, something about computer repair usually gives me one. And I remembered to put out the recyclables, this is pretty major for me, because I spend all week separating them out only to forget to put them out on Tuesday night, so they become back-stocked in my house. Anyone know how sturdy those door jam pullup bars are? My house is really old and I'm afraid of breaking something and my dad killing me for it, but I'd kind of like to get one. *Huzzah! This is my 100th post here on Nerd Fitness!*
  8. That's very true! I don't know how crafty you are but it could be fun for a few items that it's more about the fabric being special than the clothing itself, tons of tutorials online too
  9. Do the arm circles help? Sometimes my shoulders get kinda sore and grumpy about push-ups too
  10. I need to take note from you, I have a bunch of crapola that could really go too, I guess I could push that in with my cleaning my room goal I think I might borrow that bit about pushup music too lol it might help
  11. I wish I could find the article but I remember reading something that promoted getting rid of old bigger clothes after losing weight to eliminate the mental option of gaining it back or something to that effect. I don't know if I believe it 100% but since I've been around the same size so long I really don't have anything way too big or small. I just have way too many clothes and need to clean out my closet I guess, and anything too loose or tight to be comfortable goes first.
  12. Hey chica, welcome to the challenge, I'm right with you on trying to work up to for-real pushups and it's *Hard!* It's ok to want to do things that scare the crap out of you, I've been intrigued by rock climbing, but I'm a bit afraid of heights >.< I know: Lame lol. Maybe if we can just get over the nervous rut and gain that confidence it'll all be alright. Def. going to check out 100 push ups btw.
  13. So today I drank lots and lots of water today and I managed to keep snacking very moderated (a very small slice of brownie, a few peanut m&m's and a couple of my whole grain chips) I really need to incorporate more veggies into my diet, my stomach isn't always a huge fan of them though so I gotta be careful. Didn't go to the diner with my friend for lunch today (which I need to tone down a bit because it's getting expensive and I don't need all those calories >.<) but yeah, yay to water and (mostly) saying no to my manager's delicious brownies lol. Tomorrow is my day off and I intend to get in way delayed workout, go to the bank, work on cleaning my room some more and maybe squeeze in taking some photos. I'd really like to say I can finish my room tomorrow but I'm going to be more realistic than that. Took some time for some beauty regiment this evening because sometimes being girly is essential to one's mental well being.
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