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  1. Gainsdalf's Workout Log

    Benched 315 for 5 today! First time I've ever done it more than once. First rep was paused. My mid back seized up hard at the end, had to take a break before coming back for a set of 3 (could have ground out 4) then 2 (failed on 3). Anyway, that what absolutely awesome. Something I never thought I'd do when I started lifting. @spezzy, or ayone else, any idea how to train the mid back? It's the lats where they start inserting to the spine that cramp up, the muscles you feel when you clench to lift your ribcage/chest up. Haven't been able to find an exercise that I feel activating that area. WOuld love to condition it to help avoid this cramping. Followed that up with weighted dips (first time doing them with weight), +25 lbx10, 8, 5, and neutral grip cable rows, 200x15, 12, 10. Finsihed with some standing ez-bar curls, 60+barx10, 50+bar for 12, 8. Loved the dips, the weight made them feel a lot mroe stable, like benching heavy weights vs bodyweight pushups.
  2. free weights and spotters

    Completely normal. When I first started, anything I couldn't easily do for 5 freaked me out to get under. Now I routinely put weights on my back that would detroy every ligament in my knees if I were to stumble or squat wrong. You gain confidence, you get used to it, learning to talk yourself under the bar is an interesting experience.
  3. Gainsdalf's Workout Log

    Tuesday I benched and did accessories. Didnt' have as much gas as usual, but made it through. Got 15 reps at 240 for the second week, so moving up to 245 as my rep day weight next week. I think the assistance exercises were neutral grip assisted pullups supersetted with icnline bench, the standing dumbbell curls supersetted with skullcrushers. Today I squats 395x7,7,7,6 with RPEs of 8, 8.5, 9., 9.5. NExt week is 405 as I want to try for 8 on the first set, but I'll be dropping to 6 reps after that for the remaining sets. I'm been pushing too many reps on squat lately in prep for trying 405 for 8, and I'm feeling it in my back. Will probably drop to 5s across at 415 the following week. I may then drop staight away to 4s for 425, try to keep that for 425, then 3s at 445, and 2s at 455. We'll see how it all feels when I get there, but this is all leading to hopefully finally getting that 500 lb squat that has eluded me for 4 years. After squats I did ab roller and farmers walks. Up to the biggest DBs right now, 120 per hand, for 60ish paces per set. Want to work up to a 100 before moving on to the trap bar to get more weight.
  4. Miss Marissa - Trying a new thing

    If we ever have a camp again, I kinda wanna have judges for the subset of experienced lifters for the meet. Loose rules, but something that might be fun. There have been a handful of squat workouts where I get back to the locker room to change back into work cloths to find that my boxer briefs have torn and are basically no longer functional. Wonder what people think when they find boxer briefs with the butt torn out in the mens room trashcan...
  5. 3 Months Off.. New Routine.. Paralysis by Analysis

    Which one looks more fun? They look to be doing about the same amount of work, and both are basically full body each day.
  6. Gainsdalf's Workout Log

    There was lifting 4 days last week, internet was downa t work, will try to remember to log it at some point though. Today I deadlifted 495x8, 6, 5, 5 with reps in the tank on the last 3 sets. The set of 8 projects to a 618 max, which would be a PR by almost 30 lb. Going to keep adding 10 lb a week until I'm down to triples or doubles before I test, so should be another 6 weeks or so before that happens.
  7. Broki's Frozen Blight - Warrior Mini Challenge

    I can almsot guarantee ahve those 500 once I record, will try to remember to get my notebook before I leave work.
  8. WE ARE THE WARRIORS We are the guild built for tanks, incredibly strong folks who opt to remain fit by pushing around the irons just lifting things up and putting them down again. But don't get us wrong, the Warriors also check their egos at the door and are always humbled by the friendly camaraderie and the limits the iron imposes. Generally big, bulky, and strong as an ox, Warriors constantly try to push themselves to be bigger, better, stronger. Eating and lifting are the only two things us Warriors worry about. You do NOT want to go punch for punch with a Warrior. You will get destroyed. Despite our rough exterior though, we Warriors are a super supportive and kindly bunch, constantly using the challenges to create friendly in-guild competition and bounce new ideas off of each other in our quests to be as strong as possible. We are comprised of highly knowledgeable long time lifters, as well as brand new folks looking to reap the benefits of lifting heavy things. Among our ranks, we utilize various programming methods, including: Starting Strength, Strong Lifts, New Rules of Lifting, Smolov, and more. Common Challenge Goals: Add x% to my deadlift/bench/squat worksetsIncrease my 1 rep max on deadlift/bench/squatLearn/improve an Olympic liftRehab injury by doing accessory workEat X grams of protein a dayGet to bed earlier/wake up earlier every weekdayLift weights X times per weekTrack intakeMobility work X times per weekSo, if you have any questions for us at all, ASK! We know that sometimes, the hardest part is figuring out where to start when hitting the weights, or needing help knowing how to do a movement correctly. We all love to help people with form check videos, or deciding how often to work our, or how best to recover and deal with the DOMS. We would love to have you join us before the Warrior's Forge, so ask away! Should you decide you want to join the Warriors, all you need to do is register for the next Six Week Challenge and select your guild on the sign-up form! From there, post a challenge thread in the Warriors section of that Six Week Challenge and you're one of us!
  9. Gainsdalf's Workout Log

    So here are my beginning shots: [ATTACH]1048[/ATTACH][ATTACH]1047[/ATTACH][ATTACH]1049[/ATTACH] Here I'm 251 lbs, Squating 170, Deadlifting 170, Benching 135, Overhead Pressing 75, and rowing 95 (all 5 sets of 5, except for deadlift which is 1x5). I'll add my measurements when I can grab them from home. My planned workout is 3x a week, switching between 2 workouts. Workout A is 5x5 Squats, 5x5 Bench, 5x5 Rows and workout B is 5x5 Squat, 5x5 Overhead Press, 5x1 Deadlift. I'll usually run or uphill walk on the treadmill 1-2 miles after these and run 2-3 miles on off days if I make it to the gym. I'll usually do that a few times a week as my wife likes to run every day during the week.