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  1. Nasty pictures in the spoiler below for those interested. Turns out the blood splatter and pumping from wounds that matches your heart beat that you see in horror movies are pretty accurate. One of my camp wizard shirts has a bit more character now. Again, warning about nasty wound pictures in the spoiler. Don’t click if you’re not ready to see that stuff.
  2. 3 meals a day, but it’s because I’m on a cut. If I ever start a bulking again, snacking will definitely be involved to fit the volume in. One hypothesis I read as far as protein goes is that even though plants don’t have a ton of protein, they have a bunch of free floating amino acids that your body uses similarly. That source proved to have a very poor basis in science as I read on, so I’m not sure how accurate that is. Logically it could make sense, all kinds of herbivores get big and strong off grasses. Anyway, this weekend went pretty well for IF and calories. My sleep got off track a hit the past two days catching up on home stuff that I fell behind on this weekend. That happened because I kinda took a chainsaw to the finger on Sunday... It’s still attached, may have some nerve damage as one side of the finger is numb, but won’t know if it’s permanent damage or just a bruise until a week or two of healing has taken place. Couldn’t get stitches because the gap was too wide, so I’m currently bandaged up and letting the wound fill in. I haven’t worked out because of it, but plan on doing some zombie squats and running tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. From the vegetarian diet in general, yes, but not from the black beans specifically. I have gas whether I have them or not. It’s starting to lessen, so something my body had to get used to via proper enzyme production and such maybe? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Got to sleep early last night and did great with IF, though I probably went a bit over calories. Still haven’t gotten around to reading about a athletic vegan diet, but with jumping to a full can of black beans for lunch, I’m hitting those protein macro goals. Yesterday’s workout: Mid bar Squat 135x8 185x5 235x3 275x3 Belt up 325x1 375x1 425x1 (10) this is too heavy, my form is slipping and I’m cutting depth. Can’t believe I squatted 500 at one point. 325x7(8.5),6(8.5),6(8) Erg, tabata, damper 6 1022m, 69kcal Started to lose vigor part way through round 5, but finished all 8 pretty strong. First time I broke 1000 meters during a tabata. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Better stretch/engagement from the increased range of motion. I’m supposed to put them back on for the higher rep work, but haven’t been worrying about it. I’ll do that again once I’m doing multiple volume sets post cut. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Nailed all 3 goals yesterday aside from actually researching vegan diets for athletes. My 5 year old made pizza bagels for dinner as she learned the recipe in her school’s cooking class. Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but I wanted to get in the gym and move, so I just took it easy(ish) Dips/decline sit ups 10/13 14/10 12/7 Tricep rope push down/standing dumbbell curls 70x15/40x18Rx18L 70x14/35x14Rx14L 70x16/30x17Rx17L Treadmill, 0.5° incline, 6.7 mph, 9 min (7.5) Treadmill, 15° incline, 3mph, 11 min (6-) Broke a 9 min mile pace on the treadmill, so that’s awesome. Let’s were feeling wobbly, definitely need a bit of a rest. Won’t be today, it’s squats and tabata rows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Anxiety blows. Finally getting a handle on mine for the most part, but alcohol and dark rooms are definitely helpful for low level self medicating. Watching you do this Coan program makes me shake my head with a smile on my face. Those speed DL days are so masochistic when you keep a rest timer, used to kick my rear in Juggernaut. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. That last post was supposed to be super long due to work it logging, but I decided to drop that in a second post. So, here’s the log since 2/14: 2/19 Mid bar squats 135x8 pauses 225x5 295x3 Belt up 365x1 415x1(9.5) 315x8(8.5),8(9),8,(8.5) Erg, damper 6, 4 min tabata Fried after 5 rounds, just surviving last 3 996 meters, 67kcal 2/21 Overhead Press 95x10 115x3 135x1 Belt up 155x1 175xF+3PP(9) 140x8(10) 130x8(10) 120x8(10) Deadlift 135x8 205x3 275x3 345x3 Belt up 415x1 Shoes off 485x1 545x1(10) 415x7(9.5) Treadmill, 0.5° incline 6.4 mph 0-12 min 6.5 mph 12-19 min 0-10(6),10-16(7),16-19(8) Back tweaked that night or the ends day, so took it easy for a few workouts as far as low back goes. 2/25 Bench 20 pushups 185x3 smith machine 225x3 265x1 300x1(10),1(10) Bench superset/neutral grip pull-ups 230x13(10)/5.5(10) 205x10(10)/5(10) 185x15(10)/exhausted Bench just felt terrible. Sleep was poor quality the night before due to upset daughter, and warmup was weird because of Dude on the bench who made it very obvious he didn’t want anyone to work in between avoiding eye contact and blaring headphones. Terrible bench workout. Treadmill, 0.5° incline 19 min 6.5 mph 0-6(7),6-17(8),17-19(9) 2/27 Midbar Squat 115x8x2 185x5 255x3 Belt up 325x1 375x1 425x1(10) accidental, meant to do 415 325x6(8),6(9),6(9) 2/28 Overhead Press 45x10 95x8 115x5 135x1 Belt up 155x1 165x1+F Overhead Press/neutral grip pull-up 140x5(10, lost balance)/6(9.5) 140x6(10)/5(10) 115x8(10)/stop Biceps were feeling nasty, stopped the pull-ups. They ended up feeling really strained during disc golf on 2/29 as well. Feel fine now on 3/3. I’ve dealt with bicep tendinitis before. It sucks, just needs rest and high rep curls. E-z preacher curls/tricep push down +30x20/70x14(10) +40x15/70x15(10) Treadmill, 0.5° incline 6.5 mph 0-17 min 6.6 mph 17-19 min 0-12(7),12-19(8) 3/1 Deadlift 135x10 185x5 225x3 275x2 345x1 (mixed from this set forward) Belt up, shoes off 415x1 485x1 555x1 (9.5) 415x8(8) These felt great Treadmill, 0° incline 7.8 mph .63 miles (8) 3 min walk at 3 mph 7.8 mph .63 miles (9) 3 min walk at 3 mph 7.8 mph .63 miles (9) 3/2 Bench 135x20 185x5 225x3 265x1 300x3(9.5) Bench/overhand pull-ups 240x15(10),5(9.5) 240x9(10),3.5(10) 215x13(10),4(9.5) Yeah, last week was just weird on bench Treadmill, 0.5° incline 19 min 6.6 mph 0-3.5(6),3.5-8(7),8-12(8),12-17(7),17-19(8) I expected this to be harder. Quickly closing in on my 27 min 5k pace (6.93 mph) goal for the year.
  9. Be a better faster: I’ve been doing great here during the week. I’m down to 251 as of today, so almost back to that 250 goal. Getting under 20 lb to finish a solid motivator. Getting through the 240s will be hard due to my next major milestone being 238 lb, my weight before my wedding. There’s nothing between now and there. Goal: all the days so far within an 8.5 hour window Be a better quasi-vegan: I haven’t read anything, I really need to get on that, but I’ve been doing great as far as keeping meat and cheese out of my diet most of the time. The only time I didn’t do so was at two parties the past few weeks, and those were mindful choices to do so as is been very successful leading up to them. I haven’t been tracking, I haven’t needed to because I haven’t been eating much once I get home. I’ll probably track once or twice this week. Whatever I’m doing is working weightless wise. I contribute this to running so much. Whenever running is a major part of my workout regimen, my hunger and craving levels drop and it’s easier to not eat as much. My only big concern right is protein levels. Pretty sure I’m not hitting those macros, I’m around 58g with the whey and half can of black beans today. I’ll be fine if I just up it to a full can of black beans every day in my salad vs half a can. Really need to get around to reading that book. Goal: read a vegan book on sports nutrition, no loge was Goal: Eat below 1300 non-dinner calories in the 163-195 g carb/ 29g fat/ 65-97g protein range every day going great, need to add a little more protein. Be a better sleeper: This has been going great. A few nights I’ve pushed 2200 a bit, but nothing terribly out of line. I am crashing hard Friday nights, which tells me I’m in a deficit sleep wise during the week. May have to early up the sleep time in a bit if I don’t adjust over the next few weeks. Goal: most nights during the week getting 7 hours of sleep
  10. I feel like I see you all the time because of your Instagram. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I survived my first boss fight doing exactly this, teleporting the boss to the far side of a burning oil patch to buy time to heal up. That comic hits home way too hard. Kids have been waking up a few minutes earlier each day due to the sun and cutting into my time. I’ve started getting them ready then letting them watch tv for 20 min while I finish up. I’m finally doing some quests and leveling. The stun mechanics currently seem abusive at times, then I remember I’m usually outnumbered 2 to 1. I’m currently rolling with the base two characters, the demon hunter mage, and just swapped out the thief guy for the older chick with the two handed sword. I’m hoping to get someone with a sword and shield at some point, my D&D roots really want me to have a true tank. Anyway, giant update incoming challenge wise. I’m tired of waiting for work computer to get fixed, just gonna do it from my phone. Gonna take me a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I only just got through the tutorial dungeon, but the combat interactions are incredibly intriguing. Different spells interact with one another, such as dropping a meteor then setting the oil patch it leaves on fire when you hit it or an enemy on it with a fire spell. You can also ignite poison clouds, or electrify steam. I haven’t gotten deep into it, have managed to wipe my party on accident a few times while experimenting, but it’s been great fun. Really looking forward to seeing all the different interactions. The combat itself is all the goodness of a tactical system that unlike. Moving and actions both take up AP, you choose how, and spacing is super important due to the aoe interactions. Only scratching the story and quest system, but it seems very classical DnDish, which I typically enjoy immensely despite the lack of originality. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I haven’t bailed out on here, my work computer bricked and formatting is a pain from my phone. I’ll update tomorrow challenge wise. Gamewise, I enjoyed it a lot more with the saw weapon and group to the dual wolves the other morning before accidentally pulling both. Tried to keep fighting, but need to learn to be conservative and bail and come back vs fighting in those situations. Giving it a break for now and started Divinity Orginal Sin Enhanced because I apparently bought that instead of II on accident. Planning to bounce between the two.
  14. As Grumble said, it can be scaled all the way back to body weight. When I say use any implement you want, I really do mean any implement. To experience the feel of the exercise, I’d suggest a broom stick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Oh yeah, great way to get nursemaid’s elbow. You could just go the full body bubble wrap route. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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