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  1. Gainsdalf the Whey

    Bodacious Beach Beasts 2018!

    Do you mean literally on your collar bone? If so, then you've got some set-up/form stuff to work on because it should be on the collar bone. They need to add to their database a little more, 1000-1600 is all adult male moose.
  2. Gainsdalf the Whey

    Bodacious Beach Beasts 2018!

    OHP and bench ahve too mcuh carryover, one would fatigue the other, and people who are strong in one are typically strong in the other if they train both. What I'd like to see is something that adds a 4th lift to powerlifting that tests upper body pull strength. Something like a max weighted pull up. Do it between squat and bench so grip recovers for deadlift.
  3. Gainsdalf the Whey

    Bodacious Beach Beasts 2018!

    Completed my lifts Friday. Squat I eased into a 315 lb single. Could have pushed for more but my left knee is still recovering and doesn't quite feel fully stable under loads at the bottom, so I didn't go further. Going to continue rehabbing it, its coming along really well and I think I'll be back to full squatting strength in 4-6 weeks. Bench I hit a 315 single, focusing on not leg driving at all and just using my upper body until I have more confidence in my knee. I probably could have just gone for broke and used my legs and been just fine. Was running out of time on deadlifts, so just knocked out 3 quick attempts. I could have done my 405 3rd attempt for plenty of reps. It was refreshign to be under heavyish weights again, and the results will feed into my rehab approach.
  4. Gainsdalf the Whey

    Bodacious Beach Beasts 2018!

    Participate! OR even if you don't wanna compete at your first one, volenteer as a loader or spotter, they're always in high demand. And yeah, food is allowed for sure. I've eaten solid meals while the other flight is lifting.
  5. Welcome to the long overdue virtual lifting competition, Bodacious Beach Beasts 2018! Awhile back, forum member Andy Gates came up with the idea that we do a virtual power lifting meet where everyone tests their 1 rep maxes in the big 3, and we compete for bragging rights. It was such fun that we decided to make in an official Nerd Fitness forum activity that we do every 4 months or so. I've been busy and haven't gotten around to running them of late, so this will be our first in a year! The competition will be held from July 28th through August 12th. During this time, test your 1RM in the powerlifting lifts (squat/bench/deadlift) and/or in the Olympic lifts (snatch/clean and jerk) and post them in the SCORING SPREADSHEET. The highest individual and total powerlifting Wilks scores and the highest individual and total Olympic Sinclair scores will receive championship titles to be defended during the next virtual competition . The powerlifting and weightlifting lifts may be done on different days so that people who want to participate in both can put their best foot forward each time, but all powerlifting lifts need to be done in a single session and all weightlifting lifts in a single session according to the rules below. Before you do your attempts, you may enter your name, gender, and an estimate of your body weight in order to sign up and declare your intent to compete. Do not enter any poundages for any lifts until you do them! This sheet is for results, not planning purposes. Just enter the 3 attempts in the attempts columns, not the "best" columns, placing an "x" next to any lifts you fail. The sheet will do the rest of the work. We're using kg, so just multiply by .454 if pounds are your arbitrary mass measurement unit of choice. The sheet includes calculations using the Wilks Formula for the powerlifting section, so we can judge across sex as well as weight. The intent of the Sinclair score the way we are using it is the same, but for weightlifting. Everyone is welcome here, of all classes, abilities, and levels of fitness. This is all for fun and the major reason we track it is so we have a record that you can come back and check your progress against later (ok, and bragging rights). Reporting is all on the honor system, but videos are encouraged! The Prizes: Each individual with the highest individual lift scores for their gender will receive a forum title declaring them as the champion of that lift, which must be defended at the next virtual meet in order to be kept. The individuals with the best powerlifting score (highest Wilks) in each gender will get a t-shirt from the NF store in addition to titles. Powerlifting Rules: The above link is for the Nerd Fitness specific Powerlifting rules. The document is a work in progress (will include weightlifting in the future for example). Please feel free to suggest additions and/or changes in this thread. Weightlifting Rules Weightlifting competition runs in the same fashion as a powerlifting competition. You get three attempts to establish a max snatch then three attempts to establish a max clean & jerk. Again similar to powerlifting, the weight on the bar can not decrease but you can repeat a weight after a missed first or second attempt. All lifts must be performed from the ground - no hang or blocks - and the lifter must demonstrate control with the barbell fixed motionless overhead before safely dropping the barbell. Some of the other rules directly correlate to executing the lifts safely so here's a few automatic "red lights". No part of the lifter, other than their feet, can come into contact with the platform at any time. The bar can not make any contact with the head or neck (other than the front rack during the clean). See also: no egregious press outs. During the clean the elbows may not contact the lifters knees or legs. Costume rules should follow the raw powerlifting guidelines. Complete weightlifting rules can be found HERE. Tips & FAQ: This will be updated as questions are asked USE A SPOTTER AND OTHER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS- We don't want anyone getting hurt. Use a spotter, preferably 2 (one on the each end of the bar) and safety bars on squats and a spotter on bench. Take long breaks between attempts of the same lift so that you take each lift fresh. Lift order for powerlifting is squat attempt 1, squat attempt 2, squat attempt 3, bench attempt 1, bench attempt 2, bench attempt 3, DL attempt 1, DL attempt 2, DL attempt 3 Lift order for weightlifting is snatch 1, snatch 2, snatch 3, clean & jerk 1, clean & jerk 2, clean & jerk 3. Take a weight on the 1st attempt on each lift as something you know you can get, such as what you can typically do for 3. and go from there to ensure you post a total. Especially if this is your first time, chose weights you are confident in and try to complete all 9 attempts. This will help build confidence for future lifts and competitions. If you participate in an organized competition within 2 weeks of either end of the competition dates, we will generally let you count those weights for this competition.
  6. Gainsdalf the Whey

    Beard appreciation thread

    It was pointed out in the man thread that this didn't exist yet. That is a travesty. Post all things beard here: pictures of your beard, pictures of beards you enjoy, beard memes, beard t-shirts, beard anything. Just no razors! I'll start. Here's me for a week a few years ago. I had to shave for some reason (there is no reason good enough, I did not know this yet), so I had some fun first.