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  1. Have not had a lot of time to read or post lately. Just checking in to say I'm not gone, and I'm still tracking my progress. I'll report back when I come up for air.
  2. It's been a rollercoaster of a few days. First, on race day, I weighed in before the race and had actually put on 0.5kg over the previous week -- the second week in a row that it had been an increase. I was pretty pissed about that, but had decided that I'd weigh in on Monday (recovery day) this week instead. I was carbing up on Saturday to prepare for the race. I ran the race and put in a very good time. I was happy about that. But then I completely destroyed the benefit of that running by consuming an entire pizza by myself for dinner. I ate more than 4,000 calories on the day. Boo. Monday was a recovery day -- I took the day off work, which was awesome, but led me into paying for it the rest of the week. For those of you who don't know, I'm a software test manager -- I manage a group of software testers, farming them out to do the actual work. It my job to (a) ensure that all the work gets done, ( define the test strategy for our platform, © estimate for future work, and (d) make sure that the work is progressing well enough to mee the delivery timelines of our business partners. I have a team of about 5 long-term workers, and 5 short-term contractors which roll on and roll off as work demand peaks and troughs. Lately, projects have been drip-feeding us funding for work, which means I'm doing an extraordinary amount of resource planning and project planning and tracking. Suffice to say that it's been intense, and I'd been working late more of the week than not. I barely made it to my boot camp sessions this week -- I managed to get there Wed and Thurs, but I was a bit late to both classes because I'm not getting enough sleep. At least I still made it. Physically, it's been hard as well. Sunday was race day, and walking was a challenge afterward. I was still stiff and sore on Tuesday (thank you, DOMS), when my wife got a late meeting request at work and asked me to take my oldest to his soccer practice -- last practice session of the season. The coach was organising a game "parents vs children." So I got there, and my oldest yells out "Oh, no my dad's playing! He's the best! No one can beat him!" I couldn't lave him to be a liar, so I spent the next 90 minutes running around playing against a pack of 8-year olds. Then boot camp Wed and Thurs. Friday I had to take my car in for a service, so it was a walk-to-the-train-station and a walk-home day. My legs are still a bit sore. So... what am I doing about all of this? I'm armouring up and preparing for battle with the most fearsome foe I have ever faced -- an unholy demon who says it's okay to swing by the convenience store on the way home and get a chocolate bar. Who says I deserve it after the day I've had and the arseholes I've had to put up with. This same demon tempts me away from my bed at night by pointing out the work I have to do and the deadline to get it done, and then lays atop me while I sleep so I don't get up with my alarm. So I'm taking the fight to him. I'm armoured, and my will is sharpened to a keen razor edge. I've adjusted my daily caloric goal to aim for a 1.0 Kg loss for the next four weeks. I might not make it, but if it helps me to reverse the upward trend, I'll be happy with that. I'm aware this is not a sustainable goal, and I'm not intending to sustain it -- it's a temporary, hard push for a defined period. I can do this for 4 weeks (so far, it seems to be working). I'm doing enough work each day to take me slightly closer to where we should be. If I get 6 pieces in one day, I do 7 pieces of work (to use an oversimplified analogy), and I focus on that net gain rather than the work outstanding. (Thanks, Mitch!). When I have boot camp the next morning, I'm being hyper vigilant of the time and my fatigue levels. If I'm tired and I don't have anything which needs to be done right away, I'm going to bed. This is a very new approach for me. It seems too simple, but maybe that just because I've never done it before. We'll see. Oh yes.... Day 17 update: Get Lean: Weight Loss: +0.6 / 3Kg lostGet Strong: Boot Camps: 5 of 12 doneLead the Pack: Proactive Fitness: 2 / 6 done Cross your territory: 2:02:54 (h:mm:ss) Keep Your Gear Clean: Dishes (17/42) Rubbish (17/42) Laundry (1/6) Today's Motivation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3FcZNvzaOs Excerpts I'm taking away: "I have something more important than courage. I have patience. I will become... who I know I am." "Pain is temporary. It may last a minute. It may last an hour, a day, a week, a year. But it will subside, and it will be replaced with something more. It is when you give it the power over you -- when you allow it to make you quit -- that's when it becomes permanent." "Success is, and always has been, defined as getting up one more time than you've been knocked down. Just one."
  3. It's because you are a beast, my friend. Keep with it -- I speak from experience in saying that you will have more experiences like that. You can't predict when they'll come, but they will come, and each one will be just as sweet as this first. Love that picture, too. That's my thinking behind the half-marathon I'm eyeing for next year... FYI... your final mile was faster than my whole City2Surf run pace (~14:01 per mile).
  4. Sounds intense, brother. I like how you're tracking things, and it sounds like you're adapting to changing circumstances well. Stay strong!
  5. Wow AB! Sounds like it's been an intense week. Hang in there! We're cheering for you!
  6. It's worth pointing out... 244 / 534 = 46% -- you're in the top 46%!!! And 1455 / 2705 = 53%!! Those are not figures to sneeze at. At least you look properly orcish in your pictures... the later ones, mind you. I think I saw some villagers screaming and running away from you in that second shot, coming out of the mudhole.
  7. Just the biggest thing to piss me off about comics since they put Wolverine's adamantium back into his body in Wolverine #145 (Dec 1999)... I can't wait for this storyline to be resolved. I totally get the spending too much money on comics. I literally work above a comic shop -- it's very dangerous to my bank balance.
  8. Good onya. It's important to recognise when you've bitten off too much and adapt accordingly. Learn the lesson and carry it forward -- that's probably why they're not allowing anyone who's not Level 3 to do any side quests.
  9. Whew! Finished (Some time ago, actually.) I won't know my official time until all the results are calculated and processed, but I'll let you know as soon as I know. Runkeeper tell me that my time was 2h 10m 20s, but that's a bald-faced lie! No, seriously. I started Runkeeper tracking when me section began to move after our starting gun. It was at least another 20 minutes before I crossed the Start Line. Thanks to Runkeeper's auto-pause, I think only 5m 56s were calculated on my time before I crossed -- I had a furious cycle of "Activity Paused, Activity Resumed" prompts in my ear before then. So if I take the 5m56s off my runkeeper time, this gives me 2h 4m 24s -- which would certainly be enough to be a new personal best. I think I did a bit better than that though, and amd really hoping for a sub-120m result. From about the 10.5km mark, the dreaded calf cramps started hitting again. From there I switched to walking and running. I'd run until I cramped, then walk for a few minutes, then run until I cramped enough to was forced to walk. What really gets me is the way Sydney pulls together for this event every year. This year we had a record 85,000+ participants, but I get why they were there. What gets me is why the other people are there. Seriously, people come out of their houses and sit on the front veranda and watch the race outside their house. Pub bands set up on the balconies of their pubs and play for the runners. Small children come out with trestle tables, pitchers of cold water and plastic cups -- even though there are drink stations all along the route. I'll stop there because I think that's the most amazing thing. I see inspiring stuff every time I run this race: Blind runners with Guide Runners (saw this my first year, and this year)Make-a-wish foundation kids being carried on beds by teams of runners. Those kids have the biggest smiles on their faces and get the biggest cheers. (First year)Last year, a one-legged runner flew by me. Seriously, this guys was moving fast.A wheelchair-bound runner with a partner -- when he started flagging, his partner grabbed the handles behind and started to push. Update: My official time was 2h 2m 54s. New Personal Best! And a Photo at the finish line...
  10. That's awesome. I hope I have the same effect on my RPG players.
  11. Dude! How did I not find your thread before now?! (You know me better as patchwolf.) Instant subbing, and I'm going to be checking back in with you regularly now. I have my suspicions about the good news, and if so, well done.
  12. When it rains, it freezes. Otherwise, Winter is a time alternating sunny days and freezing cold winds. Australia's a funny place, but it's totally awesome. You should come and visit. You all should. Australia should be on everyone's bucket list.
  13. Ummmm, you might want to check your definition of plateau... Seriously.... I'd do strange and unnatural things to "plateau" like that.
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