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  1. Hey Scouts! I am back after a very long break. I just finished reading Steve Kamb's book and have completely changed my perspective on life. If you haven't read it yet, I would highly suggest it. Anyways, I am excited to be back and am working on my challenge.
  2. I haven't done anything since Saturday. I'm feeling pretty lazy. I did reward myself with a new wetsuit after the last challenge.
  3. Well, Here I am back for my 3rd challenge. After successfully completing my Triathlon on 7/25. I am looking for the next challenge. I have already decided I am back in for the Spudman Tri next year. I would also like to do a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder next year. But that is all 2016. There are 2 or 3 5k races that I want to do before the end of the year. For my next couple of challenges, I want to focus on improving my running pace and doing some body weight workouts. Quest 1: Improve my Running Pace A - 5+ Workout days each week (3x Pace Improve, 2x Recovery) (30+ workouts) (+2 DEX, +
  4. I thought I would share my success Triathlon from last weekend. Felt great to finish!
  5. Well I'm back from vacation and entering race week. I finished up Friday and Today with PRs on my 10k run and 40k bike. It feels good going into my TRI Saturday. Tomorrow is my off day and then I start tapering down to Saturday. How has everyone handled taper weeks before? I am wondering if I should train normal Monday and Tuesday then start tapering Wednesday or start tapering Monday. I am looking for suggestions.
  6. Ugh. I'm back for an update. It has been a tough week at work. Too much going on and I go home exhausted at night. Work has really impacted my workouts in the last week. Sleep has been more important than exercise. Maybe I need that right now and I'm not going to get discouraged. Next week will be better. Water is still going well. I keep trucking along. I will be offline on vacation for a week. Hiking, walking and having fun! Have a good week everyone!
  7. I'm back checking in again. Last week was great I got 6 workouts in. 20.5 miles of running. My goal is only 15 miles.22 miles of biking. My goal is 20 miles.1 hour of swim (1500 M)My average step count per day last week was over 10000 steps.Water was good. I got my water goal in each day. I have been over 100oz of water per day for several weeks now. I am starting to feel when I am dehydrated. It helps me get my water in better knowing when I am starting to feel dehydrated. I need to do better on my check-ins. My days get really busy. I would like to come and update everyone and be accoun
  8. It has been a week since my last post. Last week was really busy but I need to do better on being accountable by posting updates. My workout goals have been doing well. I got in a run 4 times last week, 2 swims and 1 bike ride. The bike ride was nice, it was a cool Saturday morning and the hill climb got my HR up. I hope to do it again this weekend. I have been doing pretty well with my water goals. Unless I do something stupid, I get my 3 water bottles in easily right now. I hope to keep that up. I have been enjoying HabitRPG. It is less of a commitment than MyFitnessPal but I enjoy the
  9. Just sub'd. I love your enthusiasm! Question.. What is the definition of your Yearly Bug Count that is in your signature?
  10. Is it just me or is this challenge flying by? We are already into week 2! This week has been a struggle from the exercise prospective. My body feel tired and it makes it hard to want to get out and do stuff... I am hitting the pool tonight and need to go run tomorrow morning. I am only 5 weeks until my Tri and a tired body is not what I need right now. Just need to keep pushing through this wall I have hit and I will feel better on the other side? Anyone have any ideas for pushing through a plateau or wall? On the water side, I am doing really well. I feel like it is becoming a habit to kee
  11. Well we have made it to day 4. Woke up with a 4 mile run but kept my HR in the 140s instead of the 150s. Was much easier to keep going but my time was slow. I actually enjoyed today's run more than I have other runs. Maybe I need to rethink my strategy. Its not all about the time, its more about the journey!
  12. Well day one in the books! I did really well on the water. I actually got 4 water bottles in by the end of the day. For training I did 2 loops around a little lake that is close to home. Each loop is a 5k. First loop went great but the last loop was a struggle. I made it though and that is what counts!
  13. I think I have my challenge ready to go. Monday is around the corner!
  14. I hadnt heard of HabitRPG or Mixxer before. I am giving HabitRPG a go this time around. I am also learning ASL and wonder if Mixxer has any ASL people on it.
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