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  1. Also, at least for myself, I try to take small steps and build upon my small successes. For example, in my first week, I focus on changing only ONE thing about my diet and then the second week I focus on another thing while continuing with my first week commitment. There's two way you can change: one, dramatically (which usually need a HUGE amount of willpower, and I can't do it, lol); two, change bit by bit. The change may look slow but if you are consistent, like anything, the effects will start to snowball and you will see the difference. Cheers, Yoot
  2. Thanks Bear!! I'm now researching for the right Paleo Diet for myself and the link is very very helpful!!
  3. I saw Steve's post mentioning about some of the books you should read if you want to start on Paleo Diet...here's his post... http://nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/10/04/the-beginners-guide-to-the-paleo-diet/ There are several books he mentioned. I'm going to start a Paleo Diet soon too let's do it!! XD
  4. Has anyone tried Kendo?? Just want to know what you will learn in Kendo... I'm thinking about either Aikido or Kendo or maybe Judo....
  5. Hey everyone, I'm Yoot and I'm from Thailand. I'm 21 and I'm in college. The truth is that fitness and healthy lifestyle has always been my passion. I studied and learned a lot about it. And I can proudly say I have a healthy lifestyle, working out at least 3 times a week, having a well-balanced diet, etc. However, It's been a lonely walk (lol, well not that much ;P ). I accidentally found nerdfitness by just searching around health-related blog posts. And I have to say I'm really lucky to find this place! It's been a great place to visit so far. And I have to say that Steve's philos
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