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  1. Nice! I'm planning to just be able to go out and shoot targets and enjoy myself. Maybe get a little competitive. So far this week I've managed to journal 2 of the 3 days (might have gotten distracted by a Fractured But Whole lol) and got a decent upper arm workout in last night. Caught a couple people's threads and on a side note, got a few letters off to places that will hopefully help me get some of my financial situations under my control again.
  2. Looks like things are progressing despite the illness. This season has been unusually nuts when it comes to viruses. Fluids will help shorten the duration of most of what's out there right now. Keep up the progress and feel better!
  3. Day One and Early Day Two Status My mystic side is starting to show! I'm getting a little more wise though we're working on the physical part of the process. Missed my journal Sunday but got it done last night, caught a few people's updates and had a relatively relaxing day off work. Today has been a pretty recently good morning with a work conference call I knew about, workload is going alright, mindset is happy and I've got three letters in the car to be sent off after my shift ends at 2pm to get more of my finances under my control. All in all a great start. I want to ask my pharmacist
  4. I would think of going a little French and saying Hotel de Vries. RoV looks adorable in that hoodie. Looks like you've got the beginning of Week One on the right track!
  5. Take every success as just that, take the shortcomings as just another chance to get even better! As a fan of audiobooks, curious as to which series you're listening to?
  6. Week Zero Days Five And Six Update The final days of Week Zero have arrived and I think that I've got a good bead on things! As of tonight I've gotten in two bouts of exercise, tonight's involving some core work with a medicine ball. I've been writing in my journal every night, not a lot, just a few sentences to remind me of what kind of day I was feeling. I'm also starting to get some notes together so I can (FINALLY!) start recording episodes of the podcast so I can get it polished, posted and hopefully out there. I haven't kept up with a lot of progress during Week Zero for my f
  7. I'll post another two day catchup tomorrow but before I forget again I wanted to post the pic of the journal. I'd love to find more like this.
  8. Sometimes some self-care is absolutely necessary! I'm very much of the mindset of going into work unless I'm seriously on my deathbed but there are days that you just have to let your body rest. Plus, I think Netflix was made for mediocre comedies I'm actually watching old 70s sci-fi on it right as I'm typing this. Hopefully this bug or sickness has abated and you're feeling much better today.
  9. Week Zero Days Three & Four Yesterday (Wednesday) was kind of a rough day on me. I woke alright but the moment I got to work it's like I couldn't get my footing and just kept slipping and slipping until I just fell down exhausted. No one ever said that being on medication for your emotions would make every day a paradise. Sometimes you will still have a poor day, sometimes your day will be magnificent. It's just a matter of making the best of the bad days and enjoying the really good ones. Went out to see Captain Marvel after my shift, it was a good movie for an origin story. G
  10. Not a Dragon but still awesome, powerful and cute in their own way. I'm here!
  11. Looks like a very good cake and Happy Birthday!!! I'm totally in for seeing all your success and your wedding prep.
  12. I'm in, I'm so in. But seriously, will they make an anime for everything?! Not a bad thing.
  13. Week Zero Days One & Two The first couple of days of Week Zero have been a little troubling but not uneventful. Work of course takes up most of my time at the beginning of the week but I've been able to get a journal in each night so far. Not much, just some general notes and thoughts about my day. No workouts as of yet but I went to Darebee and got some ideas for some workouts. Over 40 degrees here today with a possibility into the 60s on Thursday could lead to an actual outdoor sojourn. I really do want to get the new podcast off the ground and that's needing to start this we
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