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  1. Calibre

    Calibre Goes Into The Mystic Realm

    Nice! I'm planning to just be able to go out and shoot targets and enjoy myself. Maybe get a little competitive. So far this week I've managed to journal 2 of the 3 days (might have gotten distracted by a Fractured But Whole lol) and got a decent upper arm workout in last night. Caught a couple people's threads and on a side note, got a few letters off to places that will hopefully help me get some of my financial situations under my control again.
  2. Calibre

    Nic Goes Beast Mode: the OCS Prep Edition

    Looks like things are progressing despite the illness. This season has been unusually nuts when it comes to viruses. Fluids will help shorten the duration of most of what's out there right now. Keep up the progress and feel better!
  3. Calibre

    Calibre Goes Into The Mystic Realm

    So my last challenge kinda fell off the rails and getting back has been highly difficult. It's been at least a week since I've checked my weight (I usually check a couple times a week to check trends) and I know I've probably gone over my start weight for the year of 322. I've been having some outside forces pushing their opinions and motivations on me. Time to think a little grander and get down to action and there's no one that I know of that is grander and more knowledgeable than the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange! Time to focus on some goals and fight the demons that are both inside and outside. Doctor Strange has had centuries of study and practice to learn his craft so hopefully I can start to learn by his example. He has also had the assistance of certain arcane implements that I'll try to wield in my quest: The Cloak of Levitation -- The Cloak of Levitation is not just a stylish piece of his ensemble but something that has helped the good doctor on many occasions as a second set of hands and allows him to fly. I need something to help me move more and be more useful in a fight and that really (seriously) needs to be workouts. It is nearly mid-March and honestly the weather reports for the upcoming week here in Michigan is looking good so getting out to do workouts as well as indoor work must be done. 3 workouts per week (one of which will be a walking or running workout) will be done. I don't want to set a minimum time on any workout because I feel like that gets into my thinking and stops me. So 3 workouts it is! The Eye of Agamotto -- The Eye of Agamotto is one of the Doctor's most important items in which it allows him to detect deception and lies and is a powerful force in its own right. It is said that the light from the Eye could destroy an being if used as a weapon. The Eye makes me think that I need to look out for the deception and lies within my own life, especially the voices inside and out, that would be there to stop me from my goals. I think this needs to be done by noting what is working for me, what isn't working for me, and keeping an eye on my state of mind. An Eye can also be out there to look at things too so I will also be keeping my eye on things and others to support. With this goal I will be making journal notations daily and keeping up with other Rebels as much as possible. This is the most basic of sets of goals that I want to hit and with Week Zero upon us, any additional goals can still be added because there is LOTS that can still be worked on. So, put on the Cloak, get your Eye ready and have your spells ready because we are out there to defeat the dark forces!