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  1. So I think I'm going to change.... going to go looking around Morag or Xandar for The Power Stone! I think that I know where it is, I just really need to be able to use its power (see what I did there LOL) So the goal will be there: Power myself with better nutrition! Specifics - I need to put more effort in eating more vegetables and especially fruit so I need to go into a store at least twice a week to get proper produce for my meals. Better, more detailed plans to come. At least today I had soup for lunch so that's good since it was good, sp
  2. Geeeezz! You definitely don't do anything halfway! Sheesh, I'm sorry about the rib. The house, that's amazing! This market right now is just so nuts and I'm super excited about the sale. Hopefully something will come to market in the ATL that will be right up both your alleys. Please tell us that you're looking in the suburbs, I can't imagine how much it would cost to live in the city. I have family that live out in Alpharetta, beautiful area. Keep up on the success!
  3. These Infinity Stones are sometimes more difficult to discover than one would realize. The biggest thing is to just keep searching. On that note: midweek update. The Time Stone - With a minor, varying schedule I've really got to get myself a better plan for this one. Exercise just always eludes me and that's definitely a deficiency on my part. If I'm spending 1/4 to 1/3 of my day sleeping, I can't see why I can't spend 1/48th of it doing something I NEED to do for my health. I know this goal allows for 4 times in a week but I don't want to get into that "safe mode" wher
  4. Sounds like progress is being made well so far. Sometimes the best advice is just seeing other people's experiences and it looks like you've picked up a few things that way and that is great. Naps are awesome by the way LOL my mother used to take naps sometimes after she'd be home from teaching and she's like me, a notorious morning person. even 30 mins to an hour is just enough to give your system a nice, quick charge. Keep it up!
  5. Looks like a really good start so far. Hopefully the ankle doesn't continue to be an issue. My knees sometimes hinder me from wanting to do things but that's a mental thing. Care for that ankle and it'll take care of you!
  6. Oy vey! I hope the conditions there improve and hopefully you can have a somewhat normal challenge. Make the best of everything that you've got going on.
  7. So, first day over with and got some movement going on. Time - Minor extra effort of exercise but nothing significant for points Reality - Started getting a couple of general toolboxes reorganized. One is now for just electronics repairs, other is more organized for general purpose. Not scoring points yet on that. Soul - Full weekend was a little chaotic but did have some downtime playing Marvel's Avengers. No points on that. 5 days of work upcoming which is good because maybe I'll finally pull the trigger on getting the wellness center member
  8. I've been watching. Some of the sports now in the Olympics do make me wonder who's making these decisions nowadays lol
  9. Day 1 Early Morning So the other morning the wife brought up a thought about having us both ready for my parents' anniversary cruise and that's to do a 50k..... in the form of 1 mile of walking daily all month. That is definitely a great idea for a start on that daily activity goal. Haven't done it yet but that's to be done. Weighed myself and I'm officially at 325.2 lbs. I want to make sure that I'm a good weight to be more mobile and able to enjoy that cruise so bull's eye goal total between now and January is 55.2 lbs. Not an easy task but nothing rewarding was every
  10. Something to quench this thirst and get me back in action after the Rip Van Winkle impression!
  11. Great looking goals! Every previous adventure and challenge can lead to newly learned avenues to success. You got this and I'm in!
  12. Looks like you've got a good plan in the works! I too am returning after too long, especially since I need to really work on my health. I'm in for the adventure. LinkdIn, not all too familiar but I know a few things.
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