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  1. Monday: Japanese goal, 1 hr Zelda etc, scrubbed the kitchen walls and mopped, baked, hydrated + used face serum. Slept in 2 hours late. Brainzaps kept me up.
  2. Oh if only the outside were covered in stone! There is a large cemetary only half a mile away.
  3. Hi Nerds! I'm Merrin. I haven't done a proper challenge for over a year at least. It may look like I have a lot of goals, but all of these fall in line with my daily schedule. I was going to Culinary school but had to withdraw last April. I need structure to thrive, so putting my goals down along with writing a daily schedule with my partner is really going to be good for me. We just bought a house! We drove 1100 miles across the country to move into a house built in 1900 (yes it's 120 years old) and used to be a funeral parlor! It's old and spooky and sometimes bats get in. It ne
  4. In for this. 2020 goal is 4 books per month. I've got all of Sandman to read, plus almost a dozen novels to start.
  5. 2019 Shows! Natura Obscura, The Illusionists, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Camp Christmas. Nice balance of classic vs immersive.
  6. Unlike a pirate who doesn't do anything, I have now officially been to Boston in the fall. The colors through the mountains were incredible. I hiked across a campsite and walked through the woods at midnight.
  7. The three I've got are a moth, a constellation, and a song lyric. The next few will be a tree, a Shakespeare quote, and maybe a fox.
  8. I've never been to the botanical gardens despite living here my entire life. Check off another item for the Backyard. It was lovely.
  9. ~ Like a fire, always burning, I'll be here for you ~ Time to throw this back to the pre-camp challenge from so long ago. I won't lie, I remain disappointed that the idea of Camp never came to greater fruition, that I might never see some of those folx again, that my cosplay class wouldn't get to see a second run. I worried that I wouldn't find such an uplifting, positive community again. And then, on a whim, I went to a LARP this past Yule season. And I had an amazing, magical, absurd, story-filled time. But! I was not prepared for the emotional
  10. I'm honestly depressed today. It's that sort of blues/blasé/gloomy feeling. I want to be convinced that everyone here must hate me, based on just a few people being so consistently disrespectful. It honestly feels just a little bit Triggering, and I know exactly why: this sort of joke-y, 'take it easy', faultless type of caustic attitude reminds me a LOT of my ex-in-laws. They would say horrible things to me and then act like I had no sense of humor for responding defensively. Same thing with my OM just now, and the CD the other day. If I stick up for myself, I'm told my boundaries are wrong o
  11. Potentially Good Thing: my OM tells me that he left me something in the drawer marked 'Personal-Do Not Open' so marked that people don't open it looking for office supplies when my bag/lunch are in there. The something was a bag of chocolates with a nice sticky note. Immediately Not Good Thing: within an hour of my thanking him for the chocolates, he then reaches into that same drawer, y'know, 'Personal Do Not Open' because by now, all my sh*t for the day is in there, to then TAKE one of the chocolates he just??? GAVE ME??? I try to joke it off 'You just gave me chocolates and now
  12. Today's gratitude list. 1. My job that not only let me come in late and leave early yesterday from a migraine, but also allowed for my leaving early today to take Duncan to the doctor. (It's also worth noting that this migraine came from a plant protein product similar to the product that made me sick and gave me a migraine last month. I need to stop taking those items from the pantry. ) 2. When i had used my last spoon to go and heat up some food, and then couldn't stand what it was... (Weird pasta bake from the food pantry with a weird sauce and cheap mea
  13. It's important to recognize how easily the migraines affect my overall emotional health. I made it in to work, determined to do the reports that are my main responsibility. I was an hour and a half late and playing catch up. Two instructors began to have a conversation across my desk, with one of them in front of me, and one of them behind me, inside my work space, literally talking over my head. I had written on my white board 'Shh-Very Bad Migraine'. I point to this and politely ask them to not talk so loudly/over me. "Your chair has wheels." This is the response from
  14. On a day that started with nonsense and stress, it seems like a good time to start a Gratitude list. So, for today: 1. I am grateful for a team that makes me feel appreciated and valued, and constantly says kind and uplifting things to me. I was out sick yesterday, and a staffer said they missed me. I found resources for a teacher, and they told me that I'm 'just the best human'. (Gender Feels for the win right here.) And I was messaging some things to another staff member, who simply told me 'I appreciate you!'. 2. I am grateful that my partner stays at home and is thu
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