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  1. Hey Guys, Is this still on? i would love to come down for a bit. Simon
  2. I can't see a thread with any replies about this or past books?
  3. Its only a few days in and I am already finding this harder than i expected. My brain doesn't like being told what it can't have so wants me to go our gorging on junk food to prove a point. Hopefully meditation will ease the path
  4. Hey Guys, This is my first time in the challenge and didn't see an area for Recruits as written about. Diet/Fitness Keep under 100 grams of carbs per day. Reach thirty days consistent meditation (currently @ 10). Remove Alcohol intake for the 30 day period. Level up Get to 100 subscribers in my email list. From what i understand this is all that is required but please let me know and I will add to it. Also I really appreciate any support you can give and expect to check in weekly. Thanks
  5. Where are these virtual lifting competitions you refer to? it sounds like something i would be into.
  6. Hey guys, I had this yesterday. After taking 2 weeks off for vacation I went to lift my old weight today and could get halfway. I realise failure is a part of the process so am feeling confidant. My real failure is going to be with my diet. I am feeling good about Intermittent Fasting but realise I will fall down at some point. Here's to failure (pirate chorus arghhh)
  7. Thanks Iryan. A friend has had me start doing this so good to hear you do it to ☺
  8. Hey guys, Simon from Sydney here joining up for the first time. I already do a Stronglifts 5x5 routine so have established a gym routine but think my diet is going to be my greatest challenge. A friend of mine wants to help me with a juice fast which i am willing to give a go so we will see how that works out. I am very new to exercise and nutrition but see it as an exciting adventure to join you on. Thanks and have a great day
  9. Hey guys, I think this answers my beginner questions. FYI I am 84kg and 178cm tall so not obese. I am also not super concerned with getting huge so think I should opt for a calorie deficit knowing it's going to effect my lifting. Thanks @retxab, @tanuki @rookiebeotch
  10. Hey Guys, I am really new to fitness and nutrition so my brain has a muddle of ideas that need sorting out. So far I have been using the Stronglifts workout and been successful in forming a gym habit. Now i need to sort out my diet but am having trouble resolving conflicting messages. Basically i want to lose belly fat but also fuel my lifting. The prevailing wisdom is that i should eat less calories but when reading about weightlifting they talk about eating more calories. This has me confused about what my primary metric to focus on. Should i be focussing on reducing my calories or m
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