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  1. Well, I guess you'll just have to learn me some cooking tricks and I can take photos of your delicious food in return ;)

  2. LOL, that's all good, I know whos the better cook.... :)

  3. I do you have a good camera, you're right. And I guess I have a bit of an eye for composition, but I still need to work on photography skills too. Didn't mean to put you to shame ;)

  4. Those pics show you have two things i don't. Skill, and a good camera lol. They look awesome!!

    As for me, well I'm getting there lol.

  5. Traditionally used in tea ceremonies if I remember rightly. It is a lil bit different, but quite tasty and can also be used as a smoking flavour if your into smoking your own food. It's also quite nice in a cream or white chocolate based dessert for a different flavour.
  6. Aforementioned food pictures: http://floundergirlphotography.smugmug.com/Food/Food-Stuffs/21878711_zL5Dkg#!i=1744472020&k=rzSG5xh

    How's it going? Haven't seen you around in a few days.

  7. Thrillho, nothing but respect for you bro But, Go MOM!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the input, had thought about the 12 kg to start with but wasn't sure....
  9. You should come to New Zealand, I've known quite a few like that in my time. Provided you don't mind the boon docs of course.... I can so relate to the lone wolf thing though, I've shifted so many times in the last 5 years that friends are a concept I'm not sure I can wrap my head around anymore. And apart from people on this site, I don't really meet people that can list interests as diverse as quantum physics and close quater combatives in the same sentence.
  10. Welcome aboard You may find further defining your goals will help you to better achieve them. For example, is there a body fat percentage you would like to get too? Or do you have a certain amount of weight you would like to be able to deadlift, or do a certain number of push-ups in a row? Setting the master goal then breaking it down into smaller goals as stepping stones is a very useful aid in achieving what you want. With the grain thing, I think primarily if you cut out gluten (which can also occur in vinegars and things like soy sauce etc) then your going to be giving your body a brea
  11. I've got a little of his stuff, really good but doesn't seem so geared towards beginners.
  12. I'd love it more if I could spell it properly.....
  13. yeah it's probably one of them that I've heard of, but it does ring a bell. Problem is so much in MA sounds the same with the names they call them these days....
  14. I'd probably wear just dark clothing, baggy enough to allow freedom of movement in a scrap And the power of sound, be the life and soul of the party and play your own theme music as you wade into battle before blasting your opponents with sound waves lol I could be called cacophany......
  15. You've got some serious skills there bro....
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