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  1. Fire breath is quick, but mindful breaths. It's imagining you're drawing your navel towards your spine quickly when you exhale so you end up focusing on the exhales and you inhale naturally. It's quick breathing for energizing yourself and you end up low key working your abs. It's interesting!
  2. Thank you!! Well. This has been an eventful long weekend. I helped a family member move and it made me sore for three days. I mostly met my goals last week, but the weirdness of the moving threw me off a bit. I won't make my Korean this week, but I'm not giving up! I'm seriously considering applying to teach in Korea later this year so I gotta do my lessons! Gotta speak the language and I enjoy it so let's get it! Not a big update. but I'm sticking with it! Every day is the longest I've ever gone in a challenge so every day is its own success. Today's
  3. WOOOWWW!! I feel good!! -insert "I Got You" here- The beginning of this week was anxiety ridden for me at work, but things are looking up! Things got resolved at work and I'm seeing improvement in my yoga already! So! Proper update! Goal #1: I've been mostly sticking to my diet! I've eaten some junk stuff like BBQ potato chips or completely garbage (health wise) store bought biscuits over the weekend, but other than that, I've stuck to it! Also, flatbread (crust bought from Publix) with chopped vegan Italian sausage and mushrooms is awesome for cold nig
  4. I have tried Larabars and I can't stand the texture. It's like grainy paste. 😜 Awww κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ λ‚΄ 친ꡬ! ν™”νŒ…!! I'll have to look into that! Thank you! I've heard Target might have some good ones too... Update!! I made it through one week! *Hallelujah chorus* This week was... ugh. Going back to work after a holiday off is difficult. I had many days where my brain was just not having it. But!! I did almost all of my goals this week! I did my Korean lessons every week day like I wanted and I largely stayed with my diet! I only exer
  5. Another update incoming! I think I'm about to start doing smoothies in the mornings. But not quite yet. I have a roommate coming later in the month who makes smoothies. ν™”μ΄νŒ…!! I haven't really found a granola bar that agrees with my taste buds and isn't made of sugar. πŸ˜‚ Or crumbles into a bazillion pieces on my desk at work. 😜 Goal #1 - Sticking with my diet! I ate more carbs today than I probably should have, but I think I still did well. I made a flatbread with good store bought crust (Publix is the beeeest) with mushrooms and vegan sausage and
  6. Update!! I know this is technically the second day, but I really started the challenge today. Goal #1 - I kept to my diet! I had an apple and almonds and olives for lunch. I skipped breakfast, but because I'm 100% a night owl, I value sleep over food in the morning so I often skip breakfast before going to work. I know that's not ideal and I'm working on it. πŸ˜† Anyone have any quick vegan or vegetarian breakfast ideas? Just no cheese, can't stand the stuff. 🀣 I had a salad with a lovely avocado for dinner. The only thing I didn't do right was finish off some mini K
  7. Heya! I always feel honored when you post on my challenges. I gotta rewatch AoT as well since the fourth season is starting to air. Time to fit it in on weekends! I'm hoping I do well with the vegan diet. My weakness is carbs of any kind and savory junk food. 🀣 μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” μ•„λ―Έ!! (Yes, I downloaded a Korean keyboard 🀣) I'll be including Bangtan whenever possible. πŸ˜„ Thank you bb!!
  8. Yay my challenge buddy is back!! I'm here for encouragement and the Lord of the Rings goodness. I have also downloaded that app for my own walking! Let's see who gets to Mordor first... 😏 We got this!!
  9. All is quiet. A soft wind rustles the leaves of the forest. A young woman is crouched high in a tree, wrapped in a green cloak. Her eyes are trained on her target, several yards away. She grips the handles of her swords as her pointer and middle fingers poise themselves on the triggers of the ODM gear. The cloak stirs slightly with her breaths. They are even. She's working hard to keep them that way. The time has come. She takes a deep breath and leaps from the branch, hooks shooting from the holsters on her waist. They bury themselves deep in the wood of an adjacent tree and she swi
  10. So. Here I am. Respawning... Again. The last time I posted on here was almost exactly a year ago. December 31, 2019. Another respawn. I was about to start a new job, I was committed to getting healthy and I thought I'd follow through this time. I was excited. Determined. Obviously that didn't happen. Boo hoo. Why, oh why, am I not surprised? This has been my pattern for years. I start something and never finish. Big whoop. This'll sound exactly the same, I'm going to start over and commit, blah blah blah. So why should I even bother? I
  11. Somewhere, on a far away world, a young woman sits near a riverbank. Her eyes are closed, her mind ignoring what's around her. She doesn't pay attention to the soft lapping of the water or the leaves rustling in the breeze. All she cares about is the task at hand; a task she hasn't been able to do in a long time. She feels an energy run through her and her breath catches. She holds out her hand, fingers outstretched, hoping that something will happen. But nothing does. The energy comes and goes, disappearing without warning. The woman huffs, her eyes nearly opening. She wonders why no
  12. Thank you everyone for your advice and input! It's very much appreciated! I know that you don't necessarily need to be a part of a guild, but I like having some form a framework to work off of. After much deliberation, I have decided to be... *drumroll*... a Ranger! I knew that I wanted a mixture of strength training and endurance and that's almost exactly what the Rangers are, so I will become a Ranger after my first challenge! Fitnessgurl, your post was the second or third mention of C25K that I've seen and I had no idea what it was. I looked it up and I have also
  13. Hello Everyone! I'm one of those users who pops up every two years or so trying to fully get into Nerd Fitness, but never really commits. A big reason for this is probably because I simply can't decide on fitness and health goals and, therefore, can't settle on a guild. I have been an Assassin, a Ranger, a Monk and considered being a Druid at various points. Because I'm still very new to the whole realm of fitness and such, I would definitely appreciate some help really deciding on a guild and goals before the next challenge begins. Below are some facts about me that I think wi
  14. Day 4 So, the first four days have been pretty good. I didn't do my meditating yesterday or today because I finished the free trial of the app and I'm not willing to pay for any more of it. Does anyone have any meditation tips? Until I figure out how to alter my meditation routine, I'm only going to read my Bible every day for as long as I was meditating. Other than that, these have been a pretty good few days.
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