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  1. Thank you so much! I am going to give these exercises a go, and see how it plays out. It doesn't hurt all day long or anything, but I can certainly tell when I move the wrong way. I don't know how to describe the pain, it still feels strong, but when i do hurt it, it's kind of deep and stabby.
  2. Okay, I know nobody here is a doctor, but wondering if anyone can give me some insight. I have shoulder pain, and I don't think it's a rotator cuff thing, when I read up on it, it said you would have trouble lifting above your head, or reaching up, not the case. I can lift a barbell easily, shoulder press is not a major problem...but I can't do a push up unless I tuck my arms in tight to my sides. I also could not do a lateral raise, that hurts like the dickens. I am wondering if some basic rehab is all I need, but I wish I knew exactly what it was that was hurt. The shoulder seems to h
  3. the one I bought had nothing else in it, but citric acid, which I'm guessing does something important. It took a bit to find out that didn't have a whole list of weirdness in it. The one I picked was a back of the shelf asian thing. Anyhoo, reason I ask is becuase of the saturated fat content, which i thought we'd all gotten over, and that coconut mlik/cream/oil etc, was actually a good fat now?
  4. An interesting article, but skipping breakfast and eating a half a bar of dark chocolate doesn't sound anything like what the article is getting at.
  5. Okay, what are people's thoughts on coconut cream? - the raw stuff, not the added sugar weird shit, just the stuff from the can when separated from the watery part. There seems to be a lot of outdated info on the google.
  6. Nevermind kids. I think i figured it out. Whey isolates are best choice. http://www.supplementscanada.com/iso_sensation_93_ultimate_nutrition_6.6lb.html
  7. Can someone recommend a good dairy free protien powder that I can buy at http://www.supplementscanada.com I use the powder for breafkast shakes, and post workout...
  8. get a thermapen. http://www.thermoworks.com/products/thermapen/ boom!
  9. Why would they say white rice is good, but quinoa is borderline toxic? Seems kind of ghey to me.
  10. Yum, yum and YUM! http://cavemengourmet.com/2010/07/20/chia-pudding/
  11. And it's ramping up again! aaaaallll over my facebook, the new you get fit 2014 30 day challenge! sign up now! DEAR GOD.
  12. When I stopped drinking milk, my breakouts became a lot more manageable.
  13. yeah, my gut is telling me a short, slow 1k around the block could do some good. I think i will give it a go. Besides, runners fix most things with duck tape no? sigh, could be worse, I could be benched with a fracture. focus on the positive!
  14. I made these last night! I ground the oats in a coffee grinder first, added some milled flax seed, + a bit of greek yogurt. I did a tsp of cinnamon, because it's awesome. Voila! perfection. My 7 year old LOVED them. how odd is that!
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