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  1. the one I bought had nothing else in it, but citric acid, which I'm guessing does something important. It took a bit to find out that didn't have a whole list of weirdness in it. The one I picked was a back of the shelf asian thing. Anyhoo, reason I ask is becuase of the saturated fat content, which i thought we'd all gotten over, and that coconut mlik/cream/oil etc, was actually a good fat now?
  2. An interesting article, but skipping breakfast and eating a half a bar of dark chocolate doesn't sound anything like what the article is getting at.
  3. Okay, what are people's thoughts on coconut cream? - the raw stuff, not the added sugar weird shit, just the stuff from the can when separated from the watery part. There seems to be a lot of outdated info on the google.
  4. get a thermapen. http://www.thermoworks.com/products/thermapen/ boom!
  5. Why would they say white rice is good, but quinoa is borderline toxic? Seems kind of ghey to me.
  6. Yum, yum and YUM! http://cavemengourmet.com/2010/07/20/chia-pudding/
  7. I made these last night! I ground the oats in a coffee grinder first, added some milled flax seed, + a bit of greek yogurt. I did a tsp of cinnamon, because it's awesome. Voila! perfection. My 7 year old LOVED them. how odd is that!
  8. spatzcat

    flax seeds

    I pulse, and only grind what i need, i also keep them in the freezer as whole seeds, and take them out as needed. make sense?
  9. spatzcat

    flax seeds

    the box was already ground too, so that's something else I guess you are paying for. meh! I'm buying bulk and taking the risk.
  10. spatzcat

    flax seeds

    Okay, I just to make sure I'm not mental. I buy flax seeds in bulk, and grind them in a coffee grinder, add to shakes. I got 400 million lbs for 98 cents. (exaggeration, but pretty close). The box of organic flax seeds, comparable in amount, is $10.99. Is the bulk just as good? the price difference is INSANE.
  11. What are your intervals like? do you go full out, sprint like your life depends on it sort of thing? if that's the case, 3x a week may be too much. Sprints KILL me, i ache down to my bone marrow, but that's where I like to be, lol. I think I am the only person that likes DOMS. Bit of a nut case there.
  12. it's good to know it can be done and not take all the Tylenol the next day!
  13. i need to switch my sprints to lifting days. I feel like I'm going to DIE. how may days to get over sprints? 4 days. i think 4 days.
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