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  1. Chilled out for a week after the last challenge. Still managed to hit the gym 3x for my exercises, but skipped cardio-thursday out of convenience and skipped saturdays yoga because me and my love went out for a weekend away. Didn't really keep an eye on the calorie intake (for the first time in 9 weeks) and it shows. I gained 8 ounces, but nothing to panic. This week I'll pick it up where I left it and I'm all inspired for this new challenge. Here are my weigh-in stats and measurements for this challenge. I'll update these results every week to keep you guys in the loop and I'm looking forward to another successful challenge! Good luck to all!
  2. Little later as promised due to a weekend away with my love, but here's fridays footage. I see some improvement, but seems like my shoulders are sticking a little out, which causes my posture to be round still. Input please!
  3. Thanks guys! I'll go for a "take two" tomorrow morning, in the hope of implementing as much of your tips as possible! Stay tuned, hopefully I'll be able to show some improvement in my next video. For convenience I'll just post it in this topic.
  4. Correct! Although some trainers adviced me and my girlfriend to actually perform the deadlift with a hollow back. I think it's safe to say we're not aiming for that posture. Straight back is what I'm hoping and aiming for!
  5. Thank you so so much, this reply is exactly what I need! Regarding point 1: I'm planning to tape a stick to my back and feel when it hits the back of my head. Suppose that's the time to keep my posture in a straight line. Regarding point 2: The initial positioning (before the roll) is correct, yes? Or is the positioning _after_ the roll correct? (I believe it's the first, but just checking for safety) Regarding point 3: I'll give this a shot this friday, when I'm back at the gym! Thank you so much for your reply as well! In attempt to 'hollow my back' I try to look up in the hope of creating a more hollow back position by doing that. I agree it looks slightly dramatic. I have a natural tendency to round my back, especially while leaning forward (f.ex while picking something up). And thanks to you also! I've read that before! No clue why I'm doing a repeated rep on this video, guess to underline my weaker point, if that makes sense at all. I'll get back to doing 5x1, rather than 1x5. I'm unsure of what you mean by this. Would you be able to explain into a little more detail? Do you mean I should put a few books or whatever under the weights/bar, so it gets slightly higher from the ground?
  6. Requested dead lift form check in preperation of my 5x5 kickoff next monday...
  7. You know that moment where you are 100% sure you are doing something wrong, but not being able to put your finger on the weak spot? 9 weeks ago - when all of this started - I wasn't able to bend at my waist forward or backwards. I've sort of semi-fixed that by now, but I'm messing up the last part of my deadlift. So, instead of messing onwards (or worse: increasing weights), I felt I should hit the forums and ask the pro's (yes, that's you). In response I'm hoping for comments other than: "You suck!" or "Your posture sucks!", which both might be valid points, but won't help me out much Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks sofar, Kzacher! I might interrogate you later regarding your training schedules, but I have all the time in the world. I've just a few more days before I have to improve my form on the deadlift, just so I can start the 5x5 training with confidence. Tick... Tack...
  9. Would love to hear about your nutrition plans, training schedules, preperations pre-fight, gear, etc etc. I'm needy, sorry!
  10. Every insight is more then welcome for me!
  11. Care to share the bits and pieces? Sure I will lack some (or practically all) of the equipment, but still interested!
  12. @miss america: what does your training schedule look like at the moment?
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