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  1. Got sick, really sick. Still have a heavy cough. Going to have to hit the re-do button as soon as I shake this.
  2. Got through the first meal out unscathed. Tracking going well and I have a workout planned for tomorrow morning. So far, no stress eating either. I think I’m keeping myself busy enough so that helps. Also don’t have binge-type foods around.
  3. Totally forgot when I set up this challenge that I had an Anime Convention to go to. We didn't cosplay this year so, it was not on my radar like it had been past years. So, I didn't get in anymore workouts but I did okay with tracking. Sunday was a complete rest day. I napped twice and order delivery. I must have needed it because I still got 8 hours of sleep last night even with all the naps. My Week One Recap: 2 out of 3 Dancing workouts B- for Tracking Weight within half a pound of goal ..... Week 2 Goals/Plans Worked out this morning to make sure I started the week off right. I did planks, curls, deep squats, wall sits and lunges. Finished with hip stretches. I kept the music quiet today since I wasn't up for bouncing around. Wanted to be more focused on form. I have two planned meals out of the house this week. I've been doing pretty good with eating out. If I want to indulge I just focus on lean protein and vegetables throughout the day and then let myself have what I want. Also have a stressful medical test this Friday. I'm going to monitor my emotions and make a real effort not to stress eat the day before.
  4. Hi! Great job with the meditation! 10 days in a row makes me think you've turned it into a habit.
  5. Maybe next month we can do a burpee Accountability challenge? I bet you were just as thrilled! That is fantastic! Good Job Rocco!!!
  6. My Week 1 Days 1-3 Dancing: Two (2) fun workouts so far. I just danced and did cardio kickboxing one day and then the second day started on the indoor bike but I decided to do some bodyweight work and dance in between sets. Tracking: Much better. I've made a good grocery list for the rest of the week and have some healthy snack options already prepared. That always makes it easier. I got on the scale today because I could tell that the water weight was gone. I'm down 1.5 pounds just from getting the sugar back under control. Honestly, I feel like I'll be back to my goal weight by next week. I'll be really proud of myself if I can get back on track so quickly because I really went off the rails for 2 weeks.
  7. Thank you! I fell in love with the spirals right away.
  8. @ElizeElvinFoxRyder 2 new rings from the Irish Festival. Couldn’t help myself. And look, I still have decent fingernails!
  9. Starting late! I wasn’t sure I wanted to do one because of the timing of other things in my life. Then one of those “things”, the Irish Festival, gave me inspiration. I was dancing and bouncing around while watching some of my favorite Irish a Fest bands and my friend mentioned what a great workout we were getting. I think we say that to each other every year, but I never put the thought to good use. So this challenge is about music and dance. I am going to use music that motivates me to move and then just go with it. I may dance, do jumping jacks, pushups, etc. Whatever I’m inspired to do I will do for my exercise that week. I got sloppy with my food during the festival and never and never got back on track. So I’m also going to monitor my food with my weight watchers app. I want to be down 3 pounds by the end of the challenge. I may add a weekly adulting challenge here and there, but that is basically it for the next 4 weeks.
  10. Got sick. About halfway through my shift at work I felt it coming on. Finished my day then I was down for the rest of the weekend. Last night I was able to eat again, which was lovely. So, not the ending I wanted but overall I’m happy with the challenge. Don’t know if I’ll do the next challenge. I need to decide if this format still provides the extra push I’m looking for. If I do decide to join the next one I know it will be late since I have a big family weekend coming up. I’ll figure it out next week. Best if luck to everyone one in their next endeavor!
  11. Tracking: Strict tracking is becoming mindful eating. I’m not sure why but I feel like I’m managing it well. I’ve been eating freely, weighing myself to stay accountable and tracking a couple days a week for further accountability.  Exercise 3x a week: 1 decent workout. Going to ride my bike today.  Medicine/Supplements: Good here. Missed one day.  Stop biting my nails: Fantastic!  Floor sitting: Meh. I’m doing okay but let this slip. Working on it as I type this.  Mind Palace: Pretty good here. When I shelve books or straighten up I’m trying to make a mental picture of where certain subjects are located. Also took some pictures so I can remind myself what call number goes with the topic I’m working on.
  12. Sorry I’ve been absent and missed so much. I’m glad you are safe and that your Angel was watching over you.
  13. Now I get it... I've been stressed about my daughter's health. Won't go into specifics because she is an adult and I don't want to share her story. But, it all came to the surface yesterday and I ended up binge-eating like it was my job. Even though eating to cope with stress is not a habit I want to indulge I also knew exactly what I was doing and just let it go. I feel SO much better today and ready to shake off the stress and just get on with things.
  14. Week 3 Day 3-5  Strict Tracking: Shark Week. I always give myself a day or two off when it comes to food. Went back to tracking yesterday.  Exercise 3x a week: DH and I traded in our fancy, but oldish, bikes for new ones. Took a ride today.  Medicine/Supplements: Good.  Stop biting my nails: Good.  Floor sitting: Lots!  Mind Palace: Not much. I lost momentum on this. I’ll look to finish strong week 4.
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