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  1. I will be out till Monday. Visiting my daughter and future son in law. NOS on.
  2. Mar 28 Wt ??? Forgot to weigh in Day 6 of Nos KH's always result in other unintended changes. I've seen 3 so far do to NOS. 1) Been taking walks 2*/day at work. During morning break and lunch, I go for a walk around perimeter of building. Takes about 6min and I carry a small hand wt in each hand while doing it. 2) No McD's. Unconsciously, or maybe conconsciously, my trips to McD's for lunch gave me time for 2 cigarettes. Since I quit, there is no reason to go for the drive. 3) Been sleeping later. I would go to work extra early so I had time to tak
  3. Oh no, does that mean I might have to start washing my gym clothes more frequently?
  4. Mar 27 Wt 177.2 Day 5 of Nos Day 5 completed. Theres always a period of depression when quitting smoking. Not a deep depression, but it is natural to miss something that is as deeply ingrained as smoking. You try to focus on the positives but the money spent was not a large part of my daily expenditure, the health benefits are long term, etc. But hey, thats why I'm here. Another light w/o. The purpose of my workouts right now is just so that I keep going to the gym and keep the w/o habit intact. I'm adding a little at a time back, but I don't have the moj
  5. Net sounds like it could get really complicated.
  6. Uh, you were 202 at home on the 17th. You are 196 at home today. You are getting 12K in per day. I haven't seen much credit given to yourself during this period. I really want to make a joke here, but seriously, what does straight vs net carbs mean.
  7. SPOILER ALERT - I DID NOT EAT THE SAME THING TODAY AS I HAVE EVERY OTHER DAY THIS YEAR. Mar 26 Wt 176.6 Day 4 of Nos Day 4 of Nos was doable. Mind is operating at around 85%, which is kind of scary driving. Reflexes are slower, concentration requires greater effort, not the best for driving. But I successfuly navigated w/o injury. So had to make changes at work. Normally I smoke 5 times while at work. Two 5min breaks before lunch, one each on way to and from McD's, and one break after lunch. When quitting a habit, it's important to have strategies for replacin
  8. Your hobbies are starting to make me nervous. lol Impressive looking. Can't wait to see where all this goes.
  9. End of NOS day 3. Success. Although now that my stomach flu is subsiding and I've been getting off the couch for reasons other than visiting the bathroom, I'm feeling the dizziness effect of nicotene depletion. I did placeholder w/o 's the last 3 days. Yesterday I consciously did one arm curls w/ nothing in my hand in between whiny moans. The moans are because, well, thats just what men do when they are sick. They lie and moan. And I am a very manly man when it comes to being sick. I also unfollowed my BIL on FB (I do that about twice a year, hoping each time I start to follo
  10. Accept the power of a habit my friend. Everyday. Something. No exceptions. And you have already completed day 1 of the habit.
  11. Start of NOS day 3. My stomach flu appears to be going away. After eating just 4 pieces of toast and a few jelly beans yesterday, I woke up this morning and felt like eating oatmeal and toast. So far so good. I've been surfing around on the computer this morning wasting time. Why? Because my brain does not know how to start the day. It's habit it always to get up, get ready, and leave the house all within about 20min time. I then have a cig on the way to either work or whereever else I am going. Now part of the brain (the will power section) is telling the habits (automatic reactions
  12. Great news. I still have stomach flu. Multiple trips to bathroom during the night. Why is that great? Cause its the best time for quitting smoking. You don't exactly crave nicotene when you already feel sick and know smoke will make you feel sicker. I highly recommend the stomach flu for anyone trying to quit. It makes the 1st 3 days much easier. 99.99% of nicotene (statistic I've read) is depleted in the body in about 3 days. That is the physical withdraw period. After that, its all about the psychological addiction. Oh, and another great thing about the stomach flu. I weig
  13. My excitement for gardening has waned over the years. I'm down to just a couple tomato plants. Regardless of how much prep work you do, they are still work.
  14. Actually, it's beautiful timing. The sicker you are, the less you want a cigarette. Halfway thru day one.
  15. Mar 22 NOS minus 1. Tomorrow I engage. And I have a stomach bug or flu or something that started as soon as I woke up today. Sucks.
  16. Just wanted to say hey. Do you w/o in a gym or at home?
  17. Mar 21 Wt 178.8 Was my day a success? Yes. Workout was great. Did my cardio/core w/o which I really like. Tonight I bought a couple cheap videos (Rocky Horror and Wolf of Wall Street, my head is in the gutter) and a bag of cookies. Haven't had cookies this year. Looking forward to it. Nos minus 2 and counting. Workout - Cardio/core Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - McD's Dinner - Beef stew. Snacks - Cookies 1 soda Solidworks - 0
  18. Have you got a new challenge up? Couldn't find you.
  19. Mar 20 Wt 178.8 Was my day a success? Yes. I kept all KH's. Decided I'm going to continue w/ the high cardio/core intensity and lower on strength w/o's this month. NOS minus 3 and counting. Workout - Back focus Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - McD's Dinner - Salad and chicken Snacks - Maybe an icecream bar later. But it's the "SkinnyCow" brand so it must be OK. lol 1 soda Solidworks - 0
  20. You pegged it. I've been sniffing marker fumes. Quite the buzz. lol
  21. A very impressive month in my opinion. When you got behind, you did not call it quits. You pushed on. You are the high atmospheric pressure below my wings working in conjunction w/ the low pressure above my wings causing me to rise.
  22. Mar 19 Wt 178.5 Was my day a success? Yes. I kept all KH's. Workout - Cardio/core Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - McD's Dinner - Salad and chicken Snacks - 1 pear 1 soda Solidworks - 0
  23. Last month's focus was on daily exercise w/ a goal of losing 5lbs. Results: Keystone Habit development- Continued exercising everyday. Goal 1- Drop wt 5lbs. Only dropped from 181.0 to 178.5. FAIL (It's only pass/fail for me, even if it's a step in the right direction) Goal 2- Complete 4 SolidWorks training videos- Changed target but feel it was the right choice. I felt I was completing videos faster than I could remember the skills I was learning, so I shifted gears and spend a solid 10+ hrs on weekends building some complicated parts and assemblies. Very happy w/ my progress.
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