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  1. Mar 28

    Wt ??? Forgot to weigh in

    Day 6 of Nos


    KH's always result in other unintended changes.  I've seen 3 so far do to NOS.

    1)  Been taking walks 2*/day at work.  During morning break and lunch, I go for a walk around perimeter of building.  Takes about 6min and I carry a small hand wt in each hand while doing it.

    2)  No McD's.  Unconsciously, or maybe conconsciously, my trips to McD's for lunch gave me time for 2 cigarettes.  Since I quit, there is no reason to go for the drive.

    3)  Been sleeping later.  I would go to work extra early so I had time to take a smoking break before the normal work day period started (smoking really runs your life)


    My mind is still functioning at only 80%.  Thats not unusual.  Annoying though.


    Need to give some thought as to where I want to go focus-wise.  What further improvements do I want (habit changes), and what should my general focus be.


    What do I want for me:

    1)  Lean body (about 165lbs)

    2)  High degree of flexibility

    3)  Endurance (ability to exert my body for short periods w/o being winded)

    4)  High energy

    5) General strength (ability to use muscles to perform tasks relative to the sports I enjoy)


    What do I want my life to look like in a years time:

    1)  Highly active in a variety of sports and physical activities.  I want to be that person who is always trying exotic physical things simply because he has the ability to do so and has the heart of a child.  Today during one of my walks at work outside, I was stepping up on rocks and taking small hops over things.  It was fun.  

    2)  I also want to be very good at Autocad and SolidWorks.


    One thing I notice when I w/o is that over time, I always seem to start wanting to lift more, even though strength is a low priority.  I simply have no need to lift large amounts of wt.  Now lifting heavy is good for the body, but I can't maximize effort on all the things I want and really need to keep the wt lifting at an intensity that only fills my needs.  Leave the energy for other types of w/o's like my cardio core routines.


    So what should I start striving for (at least at this point in time, could change later)

    1) High intensity cardio/core

    2)  Low intensity strength nights

    3)  Variety by trying to add something different such as hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, etc at least once/wk


    What other areas should I work on:

    1)  Adequate sleep (quitting smoking has helped with this, but I want to maintain that)

    2)  Drink more water.  I currently drink none.  Just adding 2 bottles/day would probably be a major improvement.


    Well, thats my babbling for now.  Purpose was just to give my mind some things to start unconsiously dwell on.


    Workout - Slow walk on a short trail


    Breakfast - Raisan bran

    Lunch - Chick/egg salad + chips

    Dinner - Small amount of chicken.

    Snacks - Nibs, m&m's,  maybe an ice cream bar later, or some more raisan bran

    1 soda

    Solidworks - 0

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  2. Mar 27

    Wt 177.2

    Day 5 of Nos


    Day 5 completed.  Theres always a period of depression when quitting smoking.  Not a deep depression, but it is natural to miss something that is as deeply ingrained as smoking.  You try to focus on the positives but the money spent was not a large part of my daily expenditure, the health benefits are long term, etc.  But hey, thats why I'm here.


    Another light w/o. The purpose of my workouts right now is just so that I keep going to the gym and keep the w/o habit intact.  I'm adding a little at a time back, but I don't have the mojo for hi intensity.  Hopefully some of that is also due to the flu I seem to be getting over.  I'm seriously thinking I'm a bit dehydrated and am going to add a bottle of H2O into my diet.  One for starters.   I'm sure more would be better, but one is better than none.


    Workout - Tread + stretching and a couple strength sets just for the movement


    Breakfast - Raisan bran

    Lunch - Chick/egg salad + chips

    Dinner - Small amount of chicken, made a salad but it tasted nasty.  Not sure if the lettuce got old or if my tastebuds are out of wack or both.

    Snacks - Nibs, maybe an ice cream bar later, or some more raisan bran

    1 soda

    Solidworks - 0

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  3. 10 hours ago, Urgan said:

    I think it's gross vs net carbs we're talking about, which is to say does one off-set to account for exercise done or no? Personally I count gross because no way to know for sure how much I am burning while training. Alternative food offsets involve not counting say, the sugar in certain desirable whole foods like fruit in the event of a limiting sugar goal. 

    Net sounds like it could get really complicated.

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  4. 10 hours ago, Cataleya said:


    So yeah. Down 3lbs in the last week, to 195.8lbs this morning.


    Uh, you were 202 at home on the 17th.  You are 196 at home today.  You are getting 12K in per day.  I haven't seen much credit given to yourself during this period.

    On 3/17/2018 at 10:40 AM, Cataleya said:

     Should I care about straight carbs or net carbs? This is what I've been thinking about for the past week.

    I really want to make a joke here, but seriously, what does straight vs net carbs mean.

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    Mar 26

    Wt 176.6

    Day 4 of Nos


    Day 4 of Nos was doable.  Mind is operating at around 85%, which is kind of scary driving.  Reflexes are slower, concentration requires greater effort, not the best for driving.  But I successfuly navigated w/o injury.  So had to make changes at work.  Normally I smoke 5 times while at work.  Two 5min breaks before lunch, one each on way to and from McD's, and one break after lunch.  When quitting a habit, it's important to have strategies for replacing the current routines.  So I started the walks I've been wanting to get going during work.  Once around the outside of the plant during morning and afternoon breaks, as well as lunch.  Nothing intense for now, just needed something to replace the cigarette with and I've been wanting to start getting some exercise in at work anyway.  Unfortunately, I sit at my computer most of the day.


    Went to the gym tonight.  More changes as I would normally smoke once on the way and once on the way back home.  Since I am coming off 3 days straight of placeholder w/o's due to the stomach flu, and I feel abit dizzy anyway from the Nos, I kept it light and just did 5min tread + stretching.  Did not feel like going to gym, but placeholders only work very briefly in keeping the mind programmed.  Trust me, I know from last year.  You get sick, you use them while actually sick, then when you aren't really sick but your body is still rebuilding its strength you decide to wait until you feel more recuperated.  It just gets easier and easier to push it off and then you realize you've quit again.  Much better to go do whatever your normal exercise routine is, just do less while your body recuperates. 


    I have changed my soda at work to a Mt Dew and am allowing myself a candy at work.  Need some stimulants to offset the effects of no nicotene for a while.  Considering the loss in cals from not eating at McD's, and I should be able to afford the extra cals from the Dew and candy bar.  I only hoped to maintain my wt this month, NOS is the focus.  


    Anyhoo, enough whining.  It was a great day because of NOS.


    Workout - Tread + stretching


    Breakfast - Cereal w/ banana

    Lunch - Chick/egg salad + chips

    Dinner - spaghetti and small amount of chicken

    Snacks - Nibs

    1 soda

    Solidworks - 0

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  6. End of NOS day 3.  Success.  Although now that my stomach flu is subsiding and I've been getting off the couch for reasons other than visiting the bathroom, I'm feeling the dizziness effect of nicotene depletion.  

    I did placeholder w/o 's the last 3 days.  Yesterday I consciously did one arm curls w/ nothing in my hand in between whiny moans.  The moans are because, well, thats just what men do when they are sick.  They lie and moan.  And I am a very manly man when it comes to being sick.

    I also unfollowed my BIL on FB (I do that about twice a year, hoping each time I start to follow him again maybe this time he'll have something to post about his life).  I swear, its like he has nothing else in his life but hatetread for anything that does not fully support Trump.  Just gif after gif of outlandish political crap.  I love discussing politics w/ those who can have intelligent conversations and communicate in a grownup manner, but he's ridiculous w/ his postings.  My BIL cheated on his wife, got divorced due to that, and has also declared bancruptcy.  But he's the first to point out how the left has no values or morals and that Obama wasn't Christian, he was Muslim.  I really can't understand his level of hatread so I just decided not to follow him anymore.  Fortunately he lives out of state so I don't have to see him much either.

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  7. 41 minutes ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

    I’m really ticked at myself for not taking care of myself. Which, honestly, is a big step up from not giving a fuck about it. Now I need to take another step and actually start doing something. 


    Enough moaning...


    Today I Shovelgloved. 

    Accept the power of a habit my friend.  Everyday. Something. No exceptions.  And you have already completed day 1 of the habit.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Hazard said:

    Having gotten my calorie intake back under control, and consistent, now I need to get my mileage back up.  This previous week I only averaged 6.3 miles per day.  Much lower than I had been doing.  In order to ensure I beat a 37.25 inch waist for next Sunday's report, I'll need to keep my feet moving.


    Thanks for reading.  :)





    Still following for the table.  Glad you are still dropping.

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  9. Start of NOS day 3.  My stomach flu appears to be going away.  After eating just 4 pieces of toast and a few jelly beans yesterday, I woke up this morning and felt like eating oatmeal and toast.  So far so good.  I've been surfing around on the computer this morning wasting time.  Why?  Because my brain does not know how to start the day.  It's habit it always to get up, get ready, and leave the house all within about 20min time.  I then have a cig on the way to either work or whereever else I am going.  Now part of the brain (the will power section) is telling the habits (automatic reactions and processes section) that we don't smoke anymore.  The body craves the instant chemical gratification it always gets each morning.  Well, I have to do something today, so I am going to go the the gas station and purchase my daily polar pop from the BP gas station.  Another habit I have but not one I have any real desire to give up.


    After that, I am going to come home and do my sons taxes.  ROTC is paying for his college but he got a tuition statement form 1098-T for the entire amount.  Nervous as to whether we have to pay tax on that.  Hopefully Taxact.com will let me know.

  10. Great news. I still have stomach flu.  Multiple trips to bathroom during the night.

    Why is that great?  Cause its the best time for quitting smoking.  You don't exactly crave nicotene when you already feel sick and know smoke will make you feel sicker.  I highly recommend the stomach flu for anyone trying to quit.  It makes the 1st 3 days much easier.  99.99% of nicotene (statistic I've read) is depleted in the body in about 3 days.  That is the physical withdraw period.  After that, its all about the psychological addiction.

    Oh, and another great thing about the stomach flu.  I weighed 175.8 this morning, a major two day wt drop from 178.6.  Of course my stomach is wiped out and I'm probably dehydrated as hell, but might as well find something to smile about when you have the flu.

  11. On 3/14/2018 at 12:24 PM, Manarelle said:

    The troublemaker is gardening. Gardening takes a lot of time, and is entirely dependent on the weather, making it difficult to plan ahead. I have put several limitations on the garden this year: not starting seeds indoors, buying plants rather than seeds if I'll just have a few plants, a strict "follow the plan" policy to avoid last-minute additions and chaos, and outlining the projects I want to complete this year. Even with these efforts to cut chaos, there's still just a lot of work that goes into a garden. Fun, productive, and calming work, but still work that takes time. My preliminary plan is to only go out on weekends, since my days are pretty strictly scheduled with workouts. This might get tweaked as things progress. 

    My excitement for gardening has waned over the years.  I'm down to just a couple tomato plants.  Regardless of how much prep work you do, they are still work.


  12. 6 hours ago, Manarelle said:


    Crappy timing on the body's behalf. You got this. Beat it up and spit it out. 

    Actually, it's beautiful timing.  The sicker you are, the less you want a cigarette.  Halfway thru day one.

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  13. Mar 21

    Wt 178.8


    Was my day a success?  Yes.  Workout was great.  Did my cardio/core w/o which I really like.  Tonight I bought a couple cheap videos (Rocky Horror and Wolf of Wall Street, my head is in the gutter) and a bag of cookies.  Haven't had cookies this year.  Looking forward to it. Nos minus 2 and counting.


    Workout - Cardio/core


    Breakfast - Protein shake

    Lunch - McD's

    Dinner - Beef stew.

    Snacks - Cookies

    1 soda

    Solidworks - 0

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  14. Mar 20

    Wt 178.8


    Was my day a success?  Yes.  I kept all KH's.  Decided I'm going to continue w/ the high cardio/core intensity and lower on strength w/o's this month. NOS minus 3 and counting.


    Workout - Back focus


    Breakfast - Protein shake

    Lunch - McD's

    Dinner - Salad and chicken

    Snacks - Maybe an icecream bar later.  But it's the "SkinnyCow" brand so it must be OK. lol

    1 soda

    Solidworks - 0

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  15. On 3/12/2018 at 6:54 PM, Xena said:

    Challenge wrap-up

    Progress on specific goals:

    10 pushups every day (on average). Yes...I actually did this. It got a little ugly making up the deficit last weekend, but I did it.

    Breaking trail: The short version is “explore a new bit of trail every week.” Yes, definitely did this. Only got lost once or twice. And I love that I spent the last day of the challenge running 3 significant stretches of unfamiliar trail. This was fun.


    South of the border. Re-read 2 spanish novels, listen to 8 Spanish podcasts and watch 2 hours of Spanish language tv. This took more time than I thought it would, but I got it done. I was even able to send the novels to a fellow nerd! I finished the tv watching by watching some kind of trashy historical telenovela set in the Babylonian empire. It was pretty kooky.


    Monday boost: Do some kind of cross-training after my Monday 2-mile run. I found some good simple “yoga for runners” videos to do. This seems like a good addition to my Monday routine.  

    Thanks for following! I'm gonna read through all y'all's threads and then set up my next challenge!



    A very impressive month in my opinion.  When you got behind, you did not call it quits.  You pushed on. You are the high atmospheric pressure below my wings working in conjunction w/ the low pressure above my wings causing me to rise.  

  16. Mar 19

    Wt 178.5


    Was my day a success?  Yes.  I kept all KH's.


    Workout - Cardio/core


    Breakfast - Protein shake

    Lunch - McD's

    Dinner - Salad and chicken

    Snacks - 1 pear

    1 soda

    Solidworks - 0

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  17. Last month's focus was on daily exercise w/ a goal of losing 5lbs.
    Keystone Habit development- Continued exercising everyday.

    Goal 1- Drop wt 5lbs.  Only dropped from 181.0 to 178.5. FAIL (It's only pass/fail for me, even if it's a step in the right direction)

    Goal 2- Complete 4 SolidWorks training videos- Changed target but feel it was the right choice.  I felt I was completing videos faster than I could remember the skills I was learning, so I shifted gears and spend a solid 10+ hrs on weekends building some complicated parts and assemblies.  Very happy w/ my progress.



    Keystone Habit changes this year:
    KH1)  No M (That is a private one, and no, it's not meth) - 0 occurences since Nov 1, 2017

    KH2) Daily exercise (Some form of exercise daily, cannot include home projects, Placeholder w/o acceptable as needed) - Kept since Jan 1, 2018.

    KH3)  Salad minimum of 5 days/wk (I count wraps and BLT's as a salad since I pile on the romaine, spinach, and tomato) - Kept since Jan 1, 2018


    This challenge:

    KH4) NOS (no smoking)- Those who have followed me for any length of time know this is my Kryptonite.  I normally never announce a change until after I've followed if for 3-5 days as I believe it's better to give your self a reward to look forward to (attaboy's) than to get your pat on the back before you start.  However, I've been trying to start NOS for about a month w/o success so I'm going to go on record stating that Thur night will be my quit date.  And you know I hate to lose anything other than wt.  Why Thur?  Cause I only want 1 day at work of being disoriented and totally unmotivated out of the 3 days it takes for nicotene to leave the system.  So Friday I have to log in and say I finished 1 day or look foolish.  You can send me all the applause and even some gif's then if you want.  Even a cute kitty gif if you feel so inclined.  However, my tastes lean more towards the fast and the furious than kitty's.


    Goal 1 - Losing wt and quitting smoking don't go together well, so I'm just going to shoot for breaking even on the wt.  Well worth the tradeoff.

    Goal 2 - Complete 1 Solid Works training module.  Thats in addition to the other time I spend using the skills I've learned to build parts and assemblies.


    Of course, keeping my first 3 KH's goes w/o saying.  


    And now, here it is:
    Image result for fast and furious nos quote

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