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  1. 1/3 Wt: 189.4 Was my day a success? Yes. No McD's again for lunch. Just salad and burger (no bun). Noticed myself actually being hungry w/ slight belly rumble. Thats a good sign as it means my body will have to burn a little fat for energy rather than using fast acting carbs. I've noticed it takes about 3 days for the stomach to empty out from its normally stuffed condition. That would explain why my wt has dropped from 191.6 to 189.4 in less than 3 days. Definitely not fat loss, just the stomach contents getting reduced. I did treat myself to a BLT w/ a few chips for supper. Chips not good, and I'm trying to reduce my bread intake, but I can lose wt w/o being 100% perfect. And a BLT is pretty healthy even w/ the bread. Meat and 2 vegys. Nice chest w/o tonight. Not sure if I mentioned before, but I was having some shoulder pain when I started back lifting in December. Bench press was one of my focus exercises on chest days. Took some advice from a couple people and switched to doing dumbell bench press and starting from an elbows in position. Seems to have worked, although the bench was more satisfying from a psychological standpoint as I can lift more on the bench than with dumbells. But if it prevents shoulder pain, I'll take the trade off. Workout: chest day. Eating: Protein shake Salad + burger BLT and chips Pear, maybe a slice of cheese later 1soda
  2. Times have changed. Just had to be breathing to be a scout master when I was young. Probably a good thing though.
  3. Glad to hear you are an "original" Conan fan. I kind of look like him, in that we both have 2 arms and 2 legs.
  4. 1/2 Wt: 190.6 Was my day a success? Yes. Today, instead of McD's for my work lunch which I've done for the last 6 months, I switched to salad and plain meat. My eating plan is going to revolve around a lot of salads (romaine, spinach, mandarin orange, 4 grapes, 4 cherry tomatos, cottage cheese) + a plain meat (like pork chops, chicken, steak, or burger cooked on grill over the weekend). I find the salads pretty filling and I actually like them. Gotta have meat too, but no buns. Great w/o today. On my "off strength" day, I do what I call cardio/core - 5 - 3 min treadmill powerwalks separated with crunches, incline situps, side twist machine, ab machine, then my patented plate lift/press/reverse curl/back to ground (10 reps each). No breaks at any time. I'm good and winded by the time I'm done. I follow this up with a stretching routine (as I do with my strength training routine). Whitewater kayaking requires a lot of sudden jerky power moves so flexibility is vital to reducing the chance for injury. All the core work is needed for bringing the body into position for rolling the boat upright. Workout: cardio/core. Eating: Protein shake Salad + chicken Salad + burger Banana, maybe a slice of cheese later 1soda
  5. 1/1 Wt: 191.6 Was my day a success? Yes, 2 workouts and great eating. Was going to movie when I thought "the popcorn and soda I will have will negate my entire hike today" so I turned around and went home. Workout: Strength training + 1.5 mi hike in the snow. Eating: Protein shake Soup Salad + meat + small helping potato's Pear 1soda
  6. Alive and more of me. Soon to be less of me. Hey, fancy new reaction things instead of just liking something, I can be descriptive of my emotions.
  7. peelout

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    Glad to see you are still here.
  8. Well, it's the start of 2018 and I'm at my heaviest ever (191.6). Focusing on creating habits will be my foundation, although I've learned that even habits kept for +6 months can unravel. No M has been the longest running habit I've kept (don't bother asking what that is) but even after a good year of No M, I fell off the wagon. However, I started No M again and its been 2 months as of Dec 31. I've been working out sporadically through Dec, so KH2 will be Daily Exercise. This one comes pretty easy for me, especially since white water kayaking season starts in about 4months and I need to be fit for that sport (especially at 57). So here is my plan for the year: Develop the following Keystone Habits: KH1: No M since Nov 1, 2017 KH2: Daily exercise - Start Jan 1 Future KH's: Quit Smoking, more to come Goals for the year: 1) Weigh 165 lbs 2) Press palms to the ground w/ knees locked 3) 4 pullups 4) 135 lb bench 10 times in perfect form 5) Complete all relevant Solid Works tutorials I will achieve success for the month if I: 1) Perform some type of exercise daily (including place holder workout) 2) Lose 5lbs 3) Complete 4 hours Solid Works training
  9. 2017/07/14 Wt 175.6 Day 6/365 Was my day a success? Yes. Real quick tonight. Did my placeholder work out. Busy.
  10. 2017/07/13 Wt 174.4 Day 5/365 Was my day a success? Yes. 5min tread and stretching. Very rushed on time tonight as I had to change my oil and workout before going to see Planet of the Apes III. It was awesome. Ate well although I went to McD's for lunch. No worries, this month is about getting moving again. Got some good news. Found out my insurance will pay for 1 free colonoscopy after 55 (must pay for any after that). Thats a huge savings. A very amazing person. 92 and still working on Habitat for Humanity homes. Quite a contrast from 99.9999% of todays politicians on both sides of the aisle. Not my favorite president, but definitely the most moral and decent politician I've ever seen. Washington (CNN)Former President Jimmy Carter became dehydrated and was admitted to a hospital in Winnipeg, Canada, while working on a Habitat for Humanity project on Thursday. Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford said in a statement that Carter, 92, grew dehydrated after "working in the hot sun." He added that the 39th president is "okay." Winnipeg Regional Health Authority spokesperson Anne Bennett told CNN Carter was admitted to St. Boniface Hospital. The Carter Center said he was taken to the hospital as a precaution and former first lady Rosalynn Carter is with him. "President Carter was dehydrated working in the hot sun. President Carter told us he is okay and is being taken offsite for observation. He encourages everyone to stay hydrated and keep building," Reckford said. Workout: Strength and 1.5mi hike Food: Breakfast- protein shake Lunch- McD's. no worries Dinner- salad and hamburger, no bun Snack- soda, peach, couple nut clusters
  11. You nailed it. Mud Wrestling. Thanks. Glad to be losing the wt and getting back into fitness. Smoking quit will come soon enough. You back into challenges or battle logs?
  12. I used to keep a spending record. Did if for a couple years. Really forces you to look at whats coming in and what/where it's going out. If your credit will handle it, consider playing the credit card game. I've made a couple thousand over the years signing up for cc's w/ cash introductory offers. Chase finally cut me off this year saying I opened and closed too many (probably at least 10 w/ them). My favorite are the free $150 for spending $500 in 3 months. Eazy peazy money.
  13. 2017/07/12 Wt 174.6 Day 4/365 Was my day a success? Yes. Do to airport lateness, I was going to have to go get my sons luggage at the airport tonight. So I went to gym for a shortened strength w/o. Since it had to be shorter, I mostly did overhead pulldowns and bench. Increased sets, lowered reps, and increased wts. Felt good. Got done w/ my w/o and my life had left a message that the plane was delayed further. So, decided to go hike a trail. Very hot, extremely humid, and the flies decided to torture me the whole time. But I feel great for getting the hike in. Ate well, the same boring food i always have when I'm trying to eat healthy. Only 361days left to reach my goals. Workout: Strength and 1.5mi hike Food: Breakfast- protein shake Lunch- chicken/egg salad sandwich, vegys, small amount of chips Dinner- salad and hamburger, no bun Snack- soda, peach, couple nut clusters Yes, I eat about the same thing all the time.
  14. 2017/07/11 Wt 174.0 Day 3/365 Was my day a success? Yes, dropped 2 more lbs. Scale is either qwerky or my stomach was really full Sun morning. 5min cardio and stretching today. Good to be moving again. Called my insurance co today. They said a colonoscopy is covered, after my deductable. Since I'm on a high deductable, that means out of pocket 2500-4000$. Yuck. It's only $150 US in India though. Maybe I should fly there? Workout: 5min tread, 10 walkdowns or whatever they're called w/ pushups at the end, stretching. Food: Breakfast- protein shake Lunch- chicken/egg salad sandwich, vegys, small amount of chips Dinner- salad and hamburger, no bun Snack- soda, peach, couple nut clusters
  15. Missed following my favorite grape colored warrior.
  16. Following one of my fave's.
  17. 2017/07/10 Wt 176.0 Day 2/365 Was my day a success? Yes, dropped 2lbs. Chalk it up to eating less yesterday. Just my stomach emptying out. Strength training today. Keeping it light, just going for movement. Ate well. Got blood taken in prep for my annual physical. Need to schedule a colonoscopy. My cousin had one earlier this year and the removed a growth. Recently got diagnosed w/ stage 4 non-small cell cancer. Not expected to make it. It's got me worried. Still smoking, but planning to stop again. Probably in about a month. Dumb. Workout: Strength training Food: Breakfast- protein shake Lunch- chicken/egg salad sandwich, vegys, small amount of chips Dinner- salad and hamburger, no bun Snack- soda, peach, couple nut clusters
  18. 2017/07/09 Wt 178.0 Day 1/365 Was my day a success? Yes, Started my Movement challenge. Went for 2mi trail walk w/ wife. Avoided the trails w/ inclines. Breathing harder these days. Not sure if its due to being at my highest wt (plus not buying new pants which means my old pants are fitting very tight at the waist) or something more serious. Did well eating. Workout: Trail walking Food: Breakfast- protein shake Lunch- salad Dinner- salad and hamburger, no bun Snack- soda, peach, couple nut clusters
  19. After a minor crisis around Feb, then starting a new very challenging job, I’ve really let myself go. Although I’ve kept exercising daily, it was a bare minimum effort consisting mostly of slow, short walks. My eating has been horrible and I started smoking again. This has resulted in allowing myself to reach my lifetime highest wt of 188lb (my ideal is around 165). Overall healthwise, I currently feel shittier than at any time in my life. I am still going to focus on building habits, however, I think I need to add some focus on a one year goal to keep my interest up. My 1 yr goals: 1) Bench 135lbs 10 times in perfect form. 07/09/17 – 2 reps 2) 3 full lower pull-ups. 07/09/17 – 0 reps 3) Touch palms to floor w/ knees locked. 07/09/17 – 6in from floor 4) Able to jog ½ mile. 07/09/17 – ½ block leaves me gasping 5) Stop smoking. 07/09/17 – 3/4 pack daily 6) Complete 52 hrs of software training (especially Autocad and Solidworks, some VBA). 07/09/17 – starting. This months challenge will be as follows: 1) Rebuild the 7 day/wk exercise habit – can be any activity outside normal job and home maintenance requirements. Generally I will be lifting wts, power walking, stretching, whitewater kayaking, etc. As always, a placeholder w/o of 1 set of 10 squats can be included as needed. This month is just about getting back into the groove of daily exercise so there is no intensity requirement or focus.
  20. HaHa. I'm still around and doing well. Just had a few small crisis to attend to. Appreciate you checking in on me.
  21. I don't usually like theme based challenges, but this one intrigues me.
  22. tom?????????????????????? It's not like you have something major like a "man-cold" which is a debilitative virus causing complete bodily shutsdown w/ the exception of the vocal cords used to whine.
  23. Thanks, I needed a kick in the azz. I could see you with that coffee cup.
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