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  1. lmao over your description. Obviously a Tone Loc fan. (for those old enough to remember)
  2. Well, KH2 No M does mean No Murdering. Indeed a killer habit. lol Don't know if you read this, but the "Keystone" in Keystone Habit means it is a habit that affects your life in a big way. Because it is large, it has secondary effects. Take exercise. If someone asks me how to lose wt, I would tell them the first thing they should start doing is to start exercising a small amount everyday. I suggest exercise first even though I realize diet (proper eating) is the biggest part of the battle and you can't exercise past a bad diet. But if a person makes a habit of exercising daily, there will be many secondary effects such as: Increased PMA resulting in more short term will power, a more fitness related mindset, and the mind will start looking for ways to improve diet without even focusing on it. So Keystone Habits are so powerful because they not only affect the intended habit, but have many secondary affects as well.
  3. I wonder that every time I see a no sugar challenge. Are you going to forgo cake at a childs b-day party, wedding, etc for the rest of your life? However the brain crazes sugar, give it some and it wants more. Doesn't sound like you were that bad in the first place other than the occassional binge. Started your next challenge yet?
  4. What I say to my brains many suggestions for smoking:
  5. I don't know if I had seen that picture. When was it taken if I may ask.
  6. Now get off your azz and get moving. You didn't expect a pat on the head from me for discovering colors did you?
  7. Duhigg's habit formation process has been working extremely well for me. So far, I have achieved: KH1: Exercise 7 days/wk. Never missed a day since 11/17/16 KH2: No M (Something private). Kept everyday since 12/28/16 KH3: No RR (road rage). Kept everyday since 02/07/17 Although the above habits were difficult and all required a lot of effort, they pale in difficulty next to my biggest demon, which is smoking. KH4 will be the keystone habit of NOS (no smoking). I quit smoking on Mar 7, 2017 and I will be using this challenge to keep my focus on ensuring that I do not start again. With smoking, its all or nothing, and smoking once is total failure. Keystone Habit Development KH4 - NOS: No Smoking Secondary Goals Although the Keystone Habit development process mandates working on only 1 major change at a time, I will be including some low effort secondary goals as part of my challenge. These are either past KH's that I just want to monitor as a way to continue embedding the habits in my mind, or shorter term projects that I have already been doing for some time. KH1 - Daily exercise KH2 - No M KH3 - No RR Salads 5/wk min (low effort, I already eat more than this, just want to make sure I don't slip off) Night time crap - No goal, just log result here regarding how many nights/wk I do not eat crap. Just doing this to get the subconscious working on this issue. VBA - Spend at least 5min 5days/wk learning VBA coding In order to avoid confusion, please note. For changing lifestyle habits, I strongly believe in working on only 1 major focus at a time. The secondary goals included above are designed to be very low effort. The first 3 are previous KH's that I have already worked on for between 1 month for the most recent to 4 months for the oldest. However, in order for a habit to become as automatic as brushing your teeth every morning, it can requires months of monitoring to ensure the habit becomes a fully embedded routine in the brain.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Yesterday I did a ton of small jobs at home, mostly paperwork, financial record keeping, etc. As the evening came around, I was ready to stop working and relax, but I actually feared it. My mind had a hard time contemplating how I was supposed to spend 4 hrs not doing anything vital w/o having a smoke. It's crazy, but I have to "relearn" how to do things like that. Any way, today starts Day 7. Day 7 is one of those arbitrary numbers we assign as a hurdle. That in itself can add stress. Need to get my new challenge up and going. Work on that today.
  9. Having some smoking cravings today. And M raised its demon head a couple times today which hasn't happened for quite some time. I knew S kept M at bay and that as long as I did S, it would make M easier to quit. Now w/o out the S, M wants to crawl back into my life. It's still better than if I had tried to quit both simultaneously, but the cravings have been a bit stronger and higher in frequency today. Can not let 6 days of NOS be wasted.
  10. I must say I'm surprised at the results of your sugar challenge. The average of the people I've seen for these is 1wk at best. I don't think I've ever seen anyone go past a month before. And don't forget that you might have been negative from where you started if you had not joined and been working on improvement. So your amount of change is actually the difference between where you are now and where you might have been had you not joined. Looking fwd to your next challenge.
  11. I'm pretty confident Hormel pigs and Tyson chickens are all raised free range. So thats a plus. lol Amazingly, I have taken many road trips from Illinois into Iowa. Wild parties and ex-girlfriend in Fort Dodge, "special" entertainment bars in Waterloo, whitewater kayaking in Elkader, CharlesCity, and Manchester, a really neat cave park in Maquoketa, and Sundown ski-resort. In your tie-dye shirt and sandles no doubt? For some reason, I actually find this interesting. Guess its due to my trying to learn VBA.
  12. I read your challenge and was so worn out I had to take a nap. Following.
  13. Impressive and straight forward plan. Bonus points for using the phrase "get's shit done". And we need more goat gifs and less cat gifs. Definitely following.
  14. peelout

    Spezzy Heals.

    I'm here cause I like "shit gets done" sites.
  15. Great job stepping up and taking a leadership role. Carpe Diem! I will follow dispite the cat gif hell that will be inflicted upon me. lol
  16. One study showed that people who post cat gif's lose wt 30% slower than people who don't. lol
  17. Challenge Summary I kept all my KH's and goals, with the exception of the VBA coding requirement which I decided to drop in favor of more CREO practice. Big news is that I started KH4 - NOS (No Smoking). I quit smoking 5 days ago and am ecstatic over this. I have gained a couple pounds during those 5 days as I put diet on the backburner. I'm fine with that tradeoff and will be back to controlling eating and losing wt for the next challenge. Using Duhiggs habit formation process, so far I have completed: KH1 - Exercise everyday. Kept everyday since 11/17/16 KH2 - No M (private mind addiction). Kept everday since 12/28/16 KH3- No RR (road rage). Kept everyday since 02/07/17 Looking forward to the next challenge which I will post here as soon as I get it written. Obviously it will focus on NOS.
  18. Definitely a "gets shit done" worthy challenge.
  19. This is my ribbon. Not sure why yours does not have as much stuff on it. Probably better that you don't. I've seen what you do when you have access to color.
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