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  1. Hmmm? Probably McD's adds 1000cal per lunch (minus the 400 from my bring to work lunch for a net of about 600cals). Workouts probably a change of maybe 50-100 cals max. I'm gonna go w/ McD's though I'd rather blame it on the grapes or pear I eat in the late evening.
  2. Feb 22 Wt 179.8 Was today a success? Yes. I had a good w/o. But I'm going to have get down on myself. I started this challenge on Feb 5 at 181.0. Today on the 22nd, I'm barely hitting under 180. Over 2 wks and I have only 1lb of loss to show for it. With my genetics and ability, that is pathetic. Basically it comes down to one thing, McD's at lunch. But there are some other small tweaks I could make as well. So next week I'm going brutal with the following: No McD's. No bread. Extra intensity on w/o's (increase tread from 4.5 to 4.6 on cardio/core and increase wt's on strength nights. No placeholders or double up on the next w/o if I have to. Bed by 9:15 so I get an extra 15-30min sleep to compensate. More if needed. I'm not happy. I will extend it if I haven't hit below 178.0 by next Sat morning. Shit hits the fan starting Sat morning. Workout - Cardio/core + stretching Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - 2 slices pizza (someone was leaving our company so we had pizza) Dinner - Chicken and salad Snacks - Probably a piece of cheese and grapes later 1 soda Solidworks - 30min
  3. Feb 21 Wt 180.0 Was today a success? Yes. Tonight was chest focus. Was feeling somewhat upbeat and increased some wts, even though I'm trying to keep my strength focus nights low intensity. I always buy my wife some "Girls gone wild" resteraunt gift cards for Xmas that she can only use taking friends out to eat. She took someone out to Texas Roadhouse last night, and since she doesn't eat much meat, she brought the steak home. So I got to have steak w/ tonights salad. I was thinking what one piece of advice I would give someone on NF who asked. Since no one asked, I'll share it here. Focus on one thing at a time. Make that one thing your entire definition of success. If you did it or kept it, you were successful. Will power is a muscle. Try to use it on too many things at once and you will wear it out quick. This doesn't mean you can't try to improve any other area you want. Just don't think of those things in terms of your success. The one focus should be your total definition of success. Live or die each day for that one thing. I guess my addendum to this would be that the one focus should not be something huge. I'm going to cut all sugar out of my life as a goal succeeds maybe .5% of the time. Make the focus 1 small step, like "I'm going to eat one salad per day" or "I'm going to eat one fruit per day". Then have a back up plan of eating just 1 grape if need be. Plan for success. Workout - Chest/focus + stretching Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - McD's Dinner - Steak and salad Snacks - Probably a piece of cheese and grapes later 1 soda Solidworks - 30min ToDo: 1) HSA record keeping
  4. Thanks for sharing that. I like a good study, although far too many articles say "Studies show" w/o backing up there statements of which studies they are referring to. It seems that most people can lose wt following the simple "Eat a lot less crap" diet.
  5. lmao: One of the most interesting discussions I've read on here. I smoked some about 2 yrs ago on a kayak trip. First time in about 25yrs. Seriously, I don't think the brain handles it the same when we are older as when we are younger. I think it was pretty good stuff caused I pretty much zoned out. I also had a slight headache and couldn't sleep. 1 joint is actually a pretty good amount for 1 person to smoke entirely, depending on the quality and quantity. I took a single hit of Tae Stick (sp?) once when I was younger and had affects that were almost as bad as mushrooms. But I've also passed bongs multiple times and just gotten mellow. Quality varies a lot. I have no desire to do it again though. I don't even drink more than a couple beers a year anymore. Whats the legal age there?
  6. Don't have time to tackle another sport, but following cause I think this sport is cool as hell. Brings out all the fun that being a kid was just running, climbing, getting dirty, etc. Who knows, over time I may just engage.
  7. I have them to, but remember success in the consistency, not the individual highs. View it as I felt like sh@t but I still did a w/o. Success.
  8. I find treadmills extremely boring as well, but better than stationary bikes, and infinitely less annoying that stair step machines. Thats why I like my cardio/core routine. I do 3min tread, then get off and do a core exercise, then repeat for 6 full intervals of tread and core. I find 3min doesn't give my brain time to get bored, but the entire routine leaves me winded and sweating. No rest at any time.
  9. Feb 17-20 Wt 180.2 Update or 17-18 were placeholders, partly because I went in to work on the weekend (my days off) for about 9hrs each day, partly laziness as I could have brought myself to the gym. But mojo was low, so I wimped out. Still did the placeholders, must keep the mind creating the habit. 19th did my back focus w/o. Still going less intensity on strength training as my focus this month is cardio/core. Today, the 20th, did my cardio/core. Chest still partially congested, but it cleared up after about 2 intervals, and I kicked azz on the w/o. Part of me wants to kick up the treadmill a notch, another part says watch out for burnout. Not sure which will win. Still eating McD's for lunch. Have to tackle that eventually, but for now it stays. If my wt stops dropping, it has to go. Workout - Back/focus + stretching Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - McD's Dinner - Chicken and salad Snacks - Probably a piece of cheese and grapes 1 soda Solidworks - 30min ToDo: 1) HSA record keeping
  10. You are both so pathetically weak. Says the guy who keeps McD's in business for lunch.
  11. No guns, his weapon of choice, of course, it the Machete. And although gruesome, it's far from realistic. Let me know if you see Black Panther and what you think. You might like it even though it did not meet my high standards, lol. Oh wait, they showed it at the theater. So it did meet my standards.
  12. Sloth, Have you ever watched the Machete movies? I think you would enjoy them. They are kind of a bad-azz comedy action movie series of 3 movies. They star Danny Trejo. Totally absurd, gratuitous killing, little plot and that is exactly what they were intended to be. I had not seen the 1st and watched it last night. The later ones were better kind of how Terminator 2 was better than 1. You definitely should see them if you haven't already.
  13. On the advice of my attorney, I can not provide that information.
  14. Feb 16 Wt 180.2 Was my day a success? Yes. But I'm having a low mojo period. I have a slight cold and have been feeling a little yucky in the tummy the last few days. Today I used my placeholder w/o of just 10 free body squats (I use that once or twice a month when I can't bring myself to do anything else). So yes, my day was a success. My only measure of success right now is keeping daily exercise, regardless of intensity. Oh, and I went and saw "Black Panther" tonight. I really wanted to walk out part way through, but couldn't bring myself to do it since I paid for it. I thought it was boring, corny, and poor special effects. And stupid. I would rank it up there with the new movie "Fifty shades of dumber", which I will not be going to. The first was OK, typical shy girl meets rich guy, falls in love, starts intense bondage, love story. Not great buy an original twist. The second was no longer original so it was pointless. Having a 3rd sequel is just stupid. Oh, and somebody dared to park their pickup about 10 spots from the movie theater entrance doors and parked not only at an angle, but managed to cross into the spots on the other side, effectively taking up 4 spots. I'm not sure if they did that because they don't like door dingys or if they were just obnoxious. Either way, I enjoyed doing what I did and they are going to be unhappy. Workout - Placeholder w/o. Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - McD's Dinner - Small amount of chicken cause I knew I would be having popcorn at the movie. Snacks - Fudge 1 soda Solidworks - 30min ToDo: 1) HSA record keeping
  15. Wish I had something brilliant to change things, but we all lose our mojo. I'm not sure if its just correlation or causation, but I tend to lose it after I've gotten on a super high and having kick azz after kick azz workouts, constantly pushing myself. Best I can offer is to move to Plan B (or C or Q or wherever you are at). Cut back and regroup. Focus on doing and not on how much. Half intensity and make success depend on only one thing, getting the w/o in. When you lose your mojo, you are running on will power. Will power is like any other muscle, it gets worn out, especially when trying to juggle many goals/requirements at once. I ask my self each log "Was my day a success?". Since I only have 1 major focus each challenge, I only have to do that one thing to say yes. I could eat like a pig and still say my day was a success as long as I got my w/o in (even if its my placeholder w/o or just my stretching routine). I try to do other things, but my 1 focus right now is embedding the habit of daily exercise. Come hell or high water, I keep that. Even though I'm still eating at McD's most work days at lunch, I don't get down cause lunch is not measure of success right now. Only the one thing. So I guess my 2 cents worth of advice is cut back and focus on keeping just one thing. Make it your entire definition of success. And I agree with you regarding body weight exercises. I think they are much harder than wt lifting. Regardless of how I feel, if pushups or pullups are part of my routine, I pretty much have to lift the same body wt everytime over the short term. I can't just unload 10lbs of my fat. But with wts, I can adjust to how I feel at the particular moment in time. And being overweight makes it that much harder.
  16. Because then we would all be as boring as me. Although I try to remove feelings from the equation through the use of habits and planning, even I am only half vulcan. The human half insists on needing constant signs of success to keep me motivated and even that can't control primal urges. Try to mitigate these encounters through proper planning. For instance on movie night, I know I'm going to have a small popcorn and drink part of a small soda. I mitigate that by having a very small supper, usually nothing more than a salad. For a pizza night when you know you will be a glutton, perhaps a very light lunch and then a large salad before you go eat just to try to fill the stomach before the pizza. Nothing wrong with an occassional food storm, Famous Dave's is my weakness. But I plan accordingly and follow the plan. Just mitigate, then enjoy.
  17. Yeah, more McD's! Lately I've been wondering about the difference between bad carbs and good carbs. Salad, fruits, and vegys are supposed to have lots of carbs, but people call them slow acting carbs. Seems like since I've been eating an abundance of these, I should be getting plenty of carbs. But sometimes I just start feeling the need for some greasy, starchy, crappy food like McD's. I will eat that for a few days for lunch, and start feeling better. I really don't think its an emotional thing, but my system needing something I'm getting from that crap. Not sure what the answer is, but as long as I keep losing wt and don't over do it, I don't have a problem with it.
  18. Feb 15 Wt 180.0 Was my day a success? Yes. Wt was higher than yesterday, but I ate more yesterday so it was to be expected. Plus, my wt is starting to average below 180.0. Now to get through the 170's. Awesome w/o today, did my cardio/core. I'm really liking this w/o. I'm up to 6 intervals now, up from 4 intervals when I started this near start of Jan. Did McD's again today. When I have a cold, I just don't feel like a healthy lunch. But for dinner I was back on my salad + meat mode. I think thats a great way to get full but keep the cal's down. Workout - Cardio/core + stretching. Diet Breakfast - Protein shake Lunch - McD's Dinner - Salad + chicken Snacks - Pear or something like that later. 1 soda Solidworks - 30min. Working on 2nd module again. Want to solidify what I've covered so far. ToDo: 1) HSA record keeping
  19. What distinguishes a good from a bad yoga instructor? Personality?
  20. That was one heck of a w/o. Great job.
  21. I googled it: Stage 1, insulin resistance: Blood sugar levels seem normal because the pancreas balances high blood sugar by releasing higher amounts of insulin. Stage 2, blood sugar levels rise (pre-diabetes): The pancreas has difficulty keeping up with the demand of producing more insulin to maintain normal levels of blood sugar. The pancreas becomes fatigued from overworking and it puts out less insulin, blood sugar levels begin to rise. Stage 3, high blood sugar levels (diabetes): Damage to the pancreas begins, insulin output cannot cover the rise in blood sugar levels rise more quickly. Stage 4, damage to the pancreas (diabetes): An elevation in blood sugar level is the result of years of the pancreas overworking. The pancreas works excessively to lower blood sugar. Stage 5, Failed pancreas (diabetes): The pancreas produces too little insulin, or none . Need insulin injections to survive. Differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes Type 1 diabetes Type 2 diabetes Symptoms usually start in childhood or young adulthood. People often seek medical help, because they are seriously ill from sudden symptoms of high blood sugar. The person may not have symptoms before diagnosis. Usually the disease is discovered in adulthood, but an increasing number of children are being diagnosed with the disease. Episodes of low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia) are common. There are no episodes of low blood sugar level, unless the person is taking insulin or certain diabetes medicines. It cannot be prevented. It can be prevented or delayed with a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a healthy weight, eating sensibly, and exercising regularly.
  22. I think I owned the same car. It had air, but I had to turn it off when going up a long hill or I couldn't get over about 30. Should have swapped out the engine w/ my lawn mower. But then the blade would probably stop in tall grass. I associate diabetes w/ being way overweight. Is this a fallacy? Is there none, some, or a lot of causation between excess wt and Diabetes. And what are the different stages? Never heard of that.
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